Should You Buy A PS4 Pro For Christmas, Or Save For A Nintendo Switch Next Year

The holiday season is upon us once again.  And like every industry, the video game industry will see its fair share of deals from now until well into the new year.  Everything from video games, to DLC, to consoles, to accessories, and everything in between.  There is usually a sale or deal out there for just about everyone.  However, this year, with all of the new hardware just released and those announced for next year, maybe the best option is to “switch” mindsets this holiday season and hold on to some of that hard earned money for later down the road.


Firstly, lets take a look at one of the biggest items to be announced just in time for the holiday season.  The people over at Sony just released only a couple short weeks ago, the new PlayStation 4 Pro.  This is Sony’s flagship console for the 4K gaming future.  We can all agree that the Xbox One and PS4 brought the gaming community out of this world graphics, but the PS4 Pro makes games even more stunning in 4K.  This console is by far the perfect choice for people who don’t currently own a PlayStation 4, to jump right into the most cutting edge technology currently available on console (of course provided that they have a 4K HDTV that can take advantage of this stunning technology).  Newcomers will get to experience everything that the PlayStation 4 system has to offer, from new VR technology to already stunning games such as The Witcher 3 and the Last of Us, all in glorious 4K!  If you are looking into getting a brand new PlayStation system for the first time, then look no further than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

For those of us that already have a PlayStation 4, perhaps it may not be a no-brainer decision to upgrade our consoles.  Currently everything the PS4 Pro can do, the current PS4 models can do.  Aside from 4K goodness, we can experience the new PlayStation VR technology, and thanks to a recent console update, we can even experience HDR as well.  Some users may not have a 4K capable TV yet, so jumping into a PS4 Pro may bring added costs of investing in a TV upgrade as well.


Even if current PS4 owners already have a 4K TV, and have the extra cash lying around to upgrade to the PS4 Pro, should they do so just yet?  The recent news of the Nintendo Switch is still fresh on everyone’s’ minds. And coming in January, the folks over at Nintendo will be bringing even more information about their new console, including price, release date, and even certain titles that will be available at launch. With that information in mind, perhaps it may be best to wait and see comes of the news on the Nintendo Switch.

Currently the only benefit from upgrading from a PS4 to a PS4 Pro is the addition of 4K gaming.  However, the investment into a Nintendo Switch offers new a chance at new technology.  The ability to take console quality games on the go is a very enticing option to have for gaming enthusiasts.  Not only is there the option of console quality gaming on the go, there is the whole new market of the always classic Nintendo games that will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.  The Switch will be the only place to take part in the latest journey of Link, Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong, and many other classic Nintendo characters.

In the end, this debate ultimately comes down to, would you rather spend your hard earned money on the same technology you can currently get at a cheaper price, but with 4K quality, or would you rather invest in a new piece of technology.  With all of the deals going on around, perhaps PS4 newcomers would get the best bang for their buck by starting with a regular PlayStation 4, and having some extra money to hang onto for the Nintendo Switch in the future.  Either way, there are great times ahead for gamers.  And as long as your having fun gaming, there is no bad decision!

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