8 Things You Should Expect And Not Expect To See At PlayStation Experience 2016 Next Week

We are only a week away now from the final gaming convention of 2016. That of course being Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2016 event taking place in Anaheim, CA on Saturday and Sunday December 3-4. PlayStation Experience is a tribute to all things PlayStation where fans from all over the world travel to see and play recently released PlayStation games and upcoming ones. In years past we have gotten the announcement of Ni No Kuni 2, Ace Combat 7, Paragon, and more at this event as well as gameplay demos of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Uncharted 4.

With all of that said it’s time to make some final predictions as to what we can expect to see announced this year. All of these things I’m about to list have a very good chance of being announced at this event and while some things people were hoping to see won’t be there (Like the next Sucker Punch game) I believe it will still be a fun event with plenty of surprises. So on to those predictions!

1. Naughty Dog will Announce the Uncharted 4 Story DLC.


I’m pretty sure this one is a given seeing as how it’s the last gaming event of the year to announce it at. We have all been waiting all year to find out what the single player DLC for Uncharted 4 will be and a week from now I’m pretty sure Naughty Dog will take the stage to show just that. We’ve heard that it won’t focus on Sam but what else could it be? Could we see more of Elena and Sully? Maybe the return of Chloe? Whatever it is it should be exciting. We also know Naughty Dog will have their new co-op survival mode playable at the event but even after all of that there might be an even bigger surprise.

2. Naughty Dog will tease The Last of Us 2


That’s right while this one is still a HUGE maybe we have heard rumblings that The Last of Us 2 could be announced at this event. Now this would certainly be the biggest announcement in the history of PlayStation Experience and I’m still not sure if it will happen but Naughty Dog does have a track record of announcing their next game shortly after their previous one. The Last of Us was announced at the Game Awards in 2011 only a month after Uncharted 3 launched. While I would prefer them to wait to announce The Last of Us 2 for when they have some actual gameplay to show there is no denying that even a teaser trailer would rock the event.

3. First Party Games get more showtime and some release dates.


I fully expect to see yet another gameplay demo of Horizon: Zero Dawn at the event with some new impressive footage of more of that world. I also think unfortunately that the game will be delayed again. I’m not sure why but it just seems like it will get one final push to somewhere in May possibly. Another exclusive I expect to see more of is Gran Turismo Sport with more details on it as well as a new release date. Days Gone is another game I expect to see more of as I do think the game will launch in Fall 2017. Finally I expect Media Molecule to show up and show some more of Dreams off and give us a date for the Beta that was supposed to take place this year.

4. Some new digital games will be released during the press event

drawn to death

Following on from what we’ve seen in the past couple years at PlayStation Experience I expect to see several digital games get released during this event. In the past we saw the PS1 port of Final Fantasy VII released this way as well as Guns Up, Fat Princess Adventures, and Nuclear Throne last year. This year expect to see David Jaffe’s hand drawn shooter Drawn to Death released as well as the free to play game Let It Die. These two I feel really good about but there could be more as well.

5. Bungie will announce the next round of Destiny content


Yep expect the PlayStation/Bungie partnership to be on stage again showing what is coming next to the world of Destiny. I’m pretty sure the Sparrow Racing League will make it’s return during the event at least for PlayStation gamers. I also think you may hear more about some gameplay content that will be released in the Spring of 2017 to help give players something else to do in the lead up to Destiny 2 next fall. I don’t think Destiny 2 will be announced here but it very well could be teased as well.

6. Past PlayStation Experience game announcements show up again

final fantasy

For this one I expect to finally get some more information on some games that were announced here last year. Ace Combat 7 is already confirmed to be playable at the show this year so expect to see some gameplay of it on stage as well as how it works in PlayStation VR. Ni No Kuni 2 is another game I expect to get some more information about after it has been quiet all year. Final Fantasy VII Remake could get a new trailer as well along with a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3.

7. PSN ID Change finally arrives


This one is a bit crazy but I’ve heard some rumblings that the ability to change your PSN ID could finally be coming soon and this is the perfect place to announce it. I for one am happy with my PSN name but I know many out there have been asking since the PS3 days for the ability to change it. I’m curious to see how Sony handles this and what the requirement to do it is but if this is announced it will be one of the bigger announcements for sure.

8. What you won’t see.


For the last topic I just wanted to touch on some things that you most likely won’t see at the show this year. If you were hoping for more God of War you’ll have to wait longer as Cory Barlog has already said they will not be showing anything else from the game this year. That is fully understandable as I know the game is still most likely a 2018 title and they showed a good amount at E3 back in June. I also don’t expect to see anything more on Shenmue 3 here this year as I think that game is still a ways off and will ultimately miss it’s 2017 release window. I also don’t think you’ll see anything about Red Dead Redemption 2 either as Rockstar will show more of that themselves when they are ready.

So those are my final predictions as to what you will see at the PlayStation Experience 2016 press event next Saturday. It should be another good show and there will be some good things to come out of it as always. What do you hope to see at PSX 2016? Tell us in the comments.


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