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Leading up to the release Super Dungeon Bros seemed like a game I actually might really enjoy. A co-op dungeon crawler with a rocking soundtrack that I can play with up to 4 friends? That seemed like right up my alley but after playing the finished product I was very disappointed. While it has the co-op and the soundtrack partly it’s missing many of the other things that make for a truly great dungeon crawler.


The opening cutscene of the game introduces you to the four bros and then sets you off into the dungeons of Rockheim to do your killing and collecting. The entire game is procedually generated but the game still gets repetitive. None of the environments are anything special and you’ll frequently be traveling through many dungeons in a row that look alike. You’ll start the game out with a sword and bow neither of which is fun to use. The movement in the game is slow and you can’t attack while moving either. As you play through the levels you can gather different gems that you can use in the shop to buy new weapons and gear but that’s only if you stick with this game long enough to get that far.


The dungeons are full of traps as well that can either ruin your day or your enemies. You can easily exploit some of them and just stand there while your enemies fun into a spike trap over and over and die providing you with easy money. There are boss battles in the game but they too are simple and boring once you figure out their pattern. One of the things the game tries to be proud of is it’s soundtrack but it too isn’t very good. What is there doesn’t seem to fit the mood really and not only that but their are micro transactions in the game asking you to buy more soundtracks that probably should have been in the game in the first place.

Super Dungeon Bros tries to get you to laugh with it’s humor but it doesn’t do that well either. The main characters got on my nerves very early on as they repeat many of the same lines over and over. If you want a game to make you laugh you’re better off looking at some of the other games on the market that do it far better than this does. You can play the game by yourself if you don’t have any friends but the difficulty isn’t really tuned for that and you’ll find it’s neigh impossible to go alone. The game allows you to play co-op either locally or online but good luck finding online players if you don’t have local friends. The game is full of bugs and glitches as well such as invincible enemies and places you can get stuck in with no way to progress. Load times are also way too long to further add insult to injury.


The art style of the game looks alright at least as it uses a colorful color pallet for the characters and the world. There is a full set of trophies as well including a Platinum if you happen to enjoy the game enough to want to try and earn it. I know I have mostly been negative towards the game but if you can round up a couple friends who can ignore the problems there is some fun that could be had here. The random dungeons can keep you playing over and over and their are daily and weekly challenges as well to try and keep your interest. Or if you’re like me you’re probably going to find a better co-op game to play.


It really seemed like Super Dungeon Bros was going to turn out well but it just wasn’t to be. While patches could fix some of the technical issues such as the long loads or the bugs and glitches they probably won’t fix the overly boring and simple gameplay. The fact that it’s too difficult to play solo and the lack of an online community is going to hurt it as well. If you want a fun co-op romp for you and your friends then you are better off not introducing your bros to the Super Dungeon Bros.

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Super Dungeon Bros





  • Co-op with friends can be fun


  • Bad humor that trys way too hard
  • Cut soundtracks being sold as DLC
  • Difficulty too hard to go solo
  • Gameplay is slow and boring
  • Way too many glitches
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