Final Fantasy XV Review – A Disappointing Experience For A First Time Player (Xbox One)

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Final Fantasy XV is finally here after many years of waiting, for some it’s been ten long years of waiting. Now I want to make it clear to everyone reading this review that I have never played a Final Fantasy game before. This may make the review interesting for those looking for a genuine opinion from a first time Final Fantasy player, and that is what I will give you in this review.

In Final Fantasy XV, you take control of Prince Noctis of Lucis who at the start of the game is set to marry Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae as an agreement for a peace treaty between the battling nations of Lucis and Niflheim. The treaty however was a set up for an attack on Lucis by Niflheim. The attack takes place before Noctis and his three other companions in the game can get to location of where the wedding was set. The three other companions are Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto.

The relationship between Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto was something that impressed me early, and continued to do so throughout the game. It doesn’t take long before you get used to these four characters, and their incredible dialogue. The amount of lines between the four companions is quite impressive whether it was within or outside of main quests. There’s never much silence between the four of them, and even outside of missions, there was discussions about the fallout of past quests as well as upcoming quests. The range of dialogue also impressed me, whether it was just random banter between certain characters or if it was a serious moment in the story between Noctis and one of his companions. The only issue I had with dialogue in this game is that there’s a kind of useless dialogue wheel in the game that makes you think you have alternative choices but they always lead to the same conclusion.

What I also felt that Final Fantasy XV does well, is capturing that sense feeling of this story being a big adventure which is something I feel not many games can truly capture. There’s many examples I could pick from that really help make it feel like an adventure, with one being the optional choice of camping out or resting in a motel when day turns to night. Resting not only helps with upcoming battles, but it also cashes in your EXP which allows you to level up. You also have the car journeys, that I also have an issue with which I will talk about more later on in this review, but they do offer some great dialogue between the four characters. It really does feel like the classic adventure experience.

Getting back to an earlier point regarding the main quest line, I started to become quite tired of using the car during the early parts of the game. While there’s options to skip driving, there’s parts were it is mandatory to drive to a location without skipping. It doesn’t help that the car controls are useless as the car pretty much drives itself for you, and all you’re really doing is holding the accelerate button while the much more interesting dialogue is in the background. Don’t expect the same kind of car driving gameplay as other open word games like Watch Dogs or GTA V or you will be extremely disappointed with the strict limitations of what you can do when driving in the game. When driving sequences are forced in the main quest line, at least make it fun to drive the car rather than it becoming a 3 minute chore.

Don’t expect to have too much fun if you are the type of gamer who likes to complete side content, because Final Fantasy XV’s is mostly boring fetch quests were you are asked to find this item, and bring it back to the person who asked for that said item. Sure, there’s some good side content but there’s a lot of filler side quests that you’ll most likely want to avoid rather than complete.

For this review I used an Xbox One copy, and the performance of the game on the Xbox One is not that good. Actually I was quite disappointed that I didn’t secure a PS4 copy for the game to play it on the PS4 Pro, as it looks much better on there. On the Xbox One the textures look extremely blurry, the framerate drops noticeably, and the visuals look quite outdated compared to other video games releasing around this time. Oh, and the game completely froze during loading screens. Again, I wish I was able to review the game on the PS4 Pro as it seems to look and run much better on there. The Xbox One version is unfortunately not that good, performance wise.

“What about the combat?” you may be asking, as I’ve talked about pretty much everything other than that. I have to say that the combat is very enjoyable, and works well with the three additional characters. The unique to each character team up moves look great, and makes the combat even more enjoyable. I’m honestly not usually a fan of games that team you up with CPU NPC’s. However, I was fine with it in Final Fantasy XV, as they weren’t getting in the way of the fun along with them being fairly balanced, so you have to be the one to deal most of the damage rather than the other three characters doing the work.

The combat however is flawed for one major reason. The combat is way too easy even on the highest difficulty setting which is “normal” with no hard option being offered. After only a few chapters in, I felt much too overpowered for the enemies I was against who at times were even higher leveled than my character. Sure there’s a challenge when fighting much higher leveled monsters who can randomly appear during the night, but I had almost no issues throughout the main story line, and felt the game was too forgiving. I even tried the game on easy, and it’s so forgiving that you can’t actually die in combat on easy mode.

The Final Verdict

Final Fantasy XV wasn’t a bad game, but after all that hype, and being a first time player, I was disappointed with what was offered. There’s many features about the game that I can praise like the combat and dialogue, but there’s those negatives that makes it a disappointing first experience. I feel this is going to be a game with very mixed opinions, and I’m sure there’s many playing it early who think it’s a great game, but for me personally, this was a good yet disappointing game.

+ The characters and dialogue

+ Being able to capture that adventure feel

+/- The combat is fun, but too forgiving even on the hardest setting

– The main quests can drag with the early driving sections

– Side content is mostly not worth the time

– Xbox One’s bad performance

Final Score: 7/10

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  1. From the viewpoint of a pretty hardcore Final Fantasy fan, I completely respect your review. While I would rate it higher (I have a PS4 Pro and the game looks amazing!), and while I personally would not ding it on the things you did, I respect what you said. The key thing you did was emphasize that this was your first Final Fantasy; that was very important. Another thing you did was stating that you got the Xbox One version. As a longtime fan, I can say that most people will say that the Xbox versions of Final Fantasy titles tend to be inferior. One caveat…I do not own an Xbox, so I do not know if this is actually true. I do sincerely hope you give it another go after some patches, or that you try the PS4/PS4 Pro version (or PC, if and when that comes out). I wouldn’t be surprised if they improve the graphics like they are with PS4/PS4 Pro. Really and truly, I promise you that the series IS spectacular. Finally, you did one thing that a lot of reviewers don’t do…you explained your opinions and why you felt the way you did.

    Actually, one last thing…your review score. 7 out of 10 is still a very good score. I feel that this score reflects your concerns and criticisms while still acknowledging what the game, in your eyes, did right. If you had given it a ridiculously low score, say a 1 or a 2 or maybe even a 3, I might have questioned the legitimacy and integrity of your review then. Instead, you gave it a 7. I feel that based on the context of your experience and on this being your first Final Fantasy game, you were very, very fair.

    (FYI, I would’ve given it a score of 10. This being a comment section, I won’t go into details. Suffice it to say, though, I have very good reasons for wanting to give it such a high score.)

    You may or may not receive a lot of flak for this review; that is unfortunately the way people on the internet tend to act. I at least wanted to chime in and let you know that at least one hardcore fan can love the game but still respect your review and your opinions.

    • Seemed to me that he low balled it a little. Just based on his review. The positives that he offered were much stronger attributes than the negatives. Strong story with deeply immersive characters able to capture the grand sense of adventure that many games of its kind fall short of – plus enjoyable combat … versus occasional drags in gameplay, generally unexciting array of side quests, and low difficulty spike (oh, & technical complaints about xbox edition). Based on that, one would have to give the game an 8 overall, i feel. Or 8.5. But i thank him for his review! Which was, i feel, well written and genuine. Just the score i thought was a little low for what he highlighted.

      • “Strong story” is one thing I simply can’t agree with. This game’s story is a mess.

    • Suffice to say that you are a fucking blindfolded fanboy thats why you would give it a 10 and you and your kind are pathetic you are such a tool that you even bought a fucking ps4 pro like a retard, keep enforcing all those companies BS tool,

      • Your a nasty little cunt arn’t ya .. people are are putting opinions here but you have be insulting calling people all kinds of things. You actually like that in real life you low life fuck ?

        You start insults ..Let’s go with it . Hide behind your computer little girl. Talk to anyone like that in the street…And you would get fucking floored. It also shows signs of being abused as a kid…Were you abused to ? Bet you were..And bullied at school…So you take revenge by being a complete arsehole online…

        Coward…Absolute yellow bellied coward. Tell ya what …Let’s find out how tough… Let’s meet up …In real life..

        Bet ya don’t ! …But would be nice…Just for chat like ?. Will show you what a ‘tool’ is.

        …Little boy…..

  2. There will be a day one patch. Probably should’ve mentioned that. Bug fixes and extra content will be included. Also, how long did you play the game before your review?

    • Another NMS game huh. All these patches are sick joke as it shows that dev’s just like to chase that money & rush things…smh

      • What?….rush things?

        This game has been in the works for 10 years.

        • it seams that tis reviewer is a PlayStation fan boy because xbox one dose not have bad graphics at all in fact I think xbox one graphics are better in some way seeing that AMD chipset are in both systems (do some research) plus it seamed all this reviewer did is bash xbox one.!! anyone who reads this and dose not give game there own play through is a fool Mike K!!!!!!!

          • What, could please have the English version of that rant?

            And what does the AMD chipset matter? They’re completely different operating systems, GPU’s and optimisations. These factors alone differentiate the two systems astronomically.

          • Look I love my XBOX but seriously. The game is blurry as hell!!! Even the PS4 Pro version has sub par graphics. In this instance he’s right. He’s F’ing right!

    • Most of the things in the day one patch are already available in the review patch.

  3. Knew this would be over-rated.

    • because this shitty site said so ?

    • FF will never ever be the same anymore! The key people at SquareSoft (not Enix) left to form Monolith Soft which is why they haven’t been doing good. FF15 got delay again over the years because they needed to play the first XenoBlade game to see where to take their game in a new direction & they also bought into XcX so expect their next game to copy ideas from that.

      The only FF game that is king is FF6 on the SNES. So going foward, I only look forward to seeing what Monolith Soft has to offer because Square has to wait on them to see where they can take their next game behind MonoSoft.

      • Fucking idiots TRIED to copy Xenoblade but they failed misserably, that game is SO much better and released YEARS ago on the WII, XBCX not being as amazing as the original trashes this FF anyday.

        • Oh I know that. Thats why they stated they will pick up XCX when it came out. They will copy that game as well. But anyway XB2 is going to come out on the Switch this year!

  4. I wonder what he meant by outdated graphics on the Xbox one version. Ps4 and Xbox version will have same asset but resolution will be the major difference. I think the reviewer couldn’t get past the facts he was given the Xbox one version instead of the ps4 version he wanted for his shinning ps4 pro.

  5. I respect your review but you have to also remember you played it without the day one patch so you giving a incomplete review in a sense. The Day one patch is going to add/adjust/and fix alot of stuff for all consoles. Just because you get a early copy doesnt mean its the complete game. Patches do alot of behind the door stuff. And i will not refund my preorder based on one review either where there are other reviewers leaving positive reviews.

    • There’s already aspects of the Day One patch that’s available to download since last week. It’s for reviews build. You can’t say it’s an incomplete review.

      • There isnt update for the xbox one released yet. The update has been released for PS4 only early

        • I had two patches downloaded onto my PS4 Pro, and I still felt the graphics were decent but subpar, lacking like how the reviewer describes it. Especially when compared to other games being released.

          • Well your problem and many others is comparing the graphics to other games. FFXV has it’s moments where the graphics are at it’s highest, the difference is FFXV is a massive open world. There are certain places in the game that graphically look one of the best things we’ve seen and some are abit on the lower quality, open worlds kinda do that to you. Funny how this same reviewer praises Mafia 3 graphics and says it’s a GOTY contender, clearly he’s not very bright. Anyone calling Mafia 3 beautiful with that horrendous filter over the screen is pretty dumb.

            So yeah no way FFXV was gonna be the most beautiful game with that kind of world, it still has many moments where it’s great and got pretty damn good lighting and particle effects.

          • EXACTLY PS4 Has the updates not xbox one. So he playing a incomplete/updated game

  6. Seems to me like another fast travel instant gratification type player who wanted to start swinging the moment the game started. Maybe even wanted to find the first NPC and chop its head off like in Skyrim just to feel like a badass and when confronted with the fact that NO, FF IS NOT GTA, IS NOT SKYRIM, IS NOT THE WITCHER, he took a few points off the score.

    How a game like Skyrim, which is fun, don’t get me wrong, but has the most generic, rushed and simple storyline I’ve seen in an RPG in the past few years, which you could finish in about 40 minutes, keeps getting praise as such an incredible game and something like FFXV is seen as mediocre is something I will never understand. Then again, you do see more people listening to Miley Cyrus than classical music or jazz or nails on a chalkboard (all sound much better)

    I played FFXV and finished it, I got it on germany, it’s one of the most fulfilling games I have ever played but I had to sit down and play for a while to let it get to me. i let the game take me for a ride instead of trying to instantly steal a car, run over people, kill innocents and maybe when I have time, do the story quest.

    • gay life story bro

    • I think that what this reviewer thought he was getting something like skyrim and gta mixed when its not

    • I call bullshit on completing it already!!!! nice try looser

  7. Battle system is straight garbage,almost as bad as that slot machine cap in crysis core, and it sounds like there going to ruin FFVII remake using this BS

    FFX is still last decent game

    • FFXII

      • LOL no, FFXII Story and characters were utter trash.

        • This is 2 months old but sorry guys; you can subjectively hate the theme and characters– but objectively the gameplay is sick.

          Objectively the the game was the last good FF because the story was comprehensible, smart and the gameplay was solid.

      • FFX was a masterpiece.
        FFXII sucked.

      • FFXII is a great game. Sure Vaan and Penelo were thrown in my coporate bigwigs but it’s still a great game. Especially if you play international version. Anyone who says FFX is a masterpiece though…might actually be retarded.

  8. Considering the review embargo is still on i’m calling bullshit of this review as the reviewer has not played the complete game..

    • You’ll be calling a LOT of bullshit in 24 hours when you find every other reviewer giving similar scores. I watched the whole game. All of the specifics this reviewer has given I can concur are real. It just isn’t that great.

      • FF 14 Realm Reborn is pretty good, as well as World of Final Fantasy if you’re willing to give it a chance.

      • Watching =/= playing.

  9. As long as I like it, reviews and scores don’t matter to me

  10. Oops, failed.

  11. Im playing an early copy as its leaked in my country.
    Let me tell you this Longtime fans…you’re in for a amazing ride.
    Its been days and im still exploring the first few open world areas of the game lol.
    The combat is freakin amazing.
    Its like dmc and dragons dogma and kindom hearts had a love child.
    The story till now is brilliant and the music…oml the music is off the charts.
    Just wait a bit more youre in for a treat.
    Trust me.

    • Fucking fanboy lol.

      • better than being like you lol.
        a random internet douchebag

    • A return to FF? LMAO Except the story is mediocre to awful. Paper thin characterization within the game. Awful English dub minus a certain character. Awful open world (bunch of invisible walls, linear driving until you get the flying car) with terrible fetch quest side missions. Repetitive combat that is often mindless but still fun at times. Your standards clearly aren’t very high. Actually play anyone of those games before comparing them to FFXV. Music is subjective but it doesn’t have any standout tracks like the past titles.

      • While youre entitled to your opinion i still love the game.
        Dunno about my standards maybe im looking at it from rose tinted glasses…but those are still better than the Shit Stained glasses youre using.

        • OHHHH SICK BURN BRO. You rekt me good. 11/10

          • Not really but ok.


      • Not even the flying car is too open, it’s always changing direction when the game decides not to let you pass, and holy shit, never try landing at night, landing in daytime is difficult as it is.

    • Lol, they’re not “doing it wrong” by completing it in two days. It’s fine if you think everything about the game was 10/10, but a lot of people don’t and that’s fine. Negative feedback where it’s due.

    • If this a return, i want it gone.

  12. it’s a pity that the game runs so poorly on the xbox one. I got the Judgement demo and could see it for myself. In the previous demos it was MUCH worse but the improvement they made is still not good enough. I love FF but might not get this one since I won’t experience the true beauty of it on my console </3

    • The frame pacing was/is better on Xbox One than PS4. Lmao

  13. Wow look at all the #cooltohate comments here. A-m-a-z-i-n-g

  14. what a load of crap. you even call this a review, wow

  15. Xbox One sucks hard.

  16. Have tried it with the day one patch? on xbox1 jus wondering if there is any improvement.

  17. fake website owned by the Xbot Mart at Xbox Kings..disappointing end?? yea right you havent even played the game

  18. its a fake website everyone .lol. fake website owned by the Xbot Mart at Xbox Kings..disappointing end?? yea right you havent even played the game

  19. who the hack playing games on Xbox??

  20. The battle systems is good , but the story somehow make me disappoint . No stella , didn’t start with a fight scene in insomnia. But start with the car was down and don’t have enuf money to pay for a repair . And the open (empty) world. Only see Luna for about 5 min?

    • We knew that won’t happen since like 2 years. The opening segment with Insomnia’s invasion was in the Kingsglaive Movie.

  21. I went I’m ready to love this game, but I was very disappointing. Here’s the comment I made on YouTube:

    I’m pretty disappointed about this game hey. They make you go through sooo many annoying, uninteresting and tedious stuff.

    I – Why not kick off with something involving and exciting instead of making me push a car for 5 minutes? Why not introduce us to the story first? The political situation, the world…anything more than just the fact I’m marrying this annoying blonde wench…

    II – Why such an underwhelming score? At some points like when you’re in a restaurant or a gas station they play the worst elevator songs ever. I didn’t come here to feel like I’m on holidays in Hawaii. Put some decent action music please. “Stand by me?” Really? I got so annoyed with this I just put the whole music all the way down in the settings. I switch it back on when I leave these places.

    III – I feel like they made this game too…”cute”. This is annoying. I’m not a 13-year-old girl; I didn’t come here for cute stuff. I came here for action. Hell I know they’re Japanese, but I still feel like they could have made this way cooler and more true to the trailers. Sorta like Devil May Cry or Tekken. All those games insist in having “cute” stuff, but god at least not so much to the point I’m sick and intoxicated.

    IV – Why does the car drive soo slowly? Why do I gotta watch Ignis drive during daylight and not drive it myself? This is annoying! Also I’d appreciate to drive any car I want not just Regalia.

    V – Why can’t I use warp anywhere I want? This could have been the coolest thing ever. In FFXV you can only use this thing in very specific places, but it’s not like SE has me covered in any way; it’s not like they took their time to put these spots in the best places you could need, they only put the spots where they wanted to.

    VI – Free roam is the most boring thing ever. You run too slow! There’s too much land! You can only do certain things in combat. You’re just left wondering around with no point. Where’s Roach when you need him?

    VII – Can’t the main characters be more manly? Why do I have to sit through a camp? Why do I have to worry about what I’m eating? About how fresh the tomatoes are or if I have enough pepper in my sandwich? Does any of this matter? Who cares about this? Also, I’m worried about killing monsters here and Prompto is busy taking fucking pictures. I was out picking up ores in the mountains and you know what he said? “Rock n roll”. I literally gave up on life there.

    VIII – I feel grounded. I don’t feel free like I was in Wild Hunt or Skyrim. I feel like I’m being told where to go, when to go, and how fast to go. Is this even an RPG?

    IX – Lipsynching is horrible. I’m playing with Japanese audio and English subs.

    X – Why are they ao minimalist about everything? Why force me to park exactly in the parking lot, eat on time, sleep on time, obey all the rules etc etc They could have allowed us to get away with all this stuff.
    I’m not American you see? If they want to be minimalist about something give us each our own measurement systems (eg metres instead of feets).

    Finally, someone has to get sued for this. They made this game look like the coolest thing ever in the trailers, but you only sit back and watch things happening. I’ve got nothing to hold on to; I’m not any Hollie Bennett to feel avenged simply by the characters’ appearance. About how Ignis’s glasses or Nocta’s charmy hair look. It just doesn’t do anything to me.

    I also expected the graphics to be much better. This thing is honestly running in 30fps in the last quarter of 2016. Unbelievable! I better not see Hajime Tabata or I swear I’ll knock him out for this. I’m that angry! His team fucked up a lot more than they had to!

    • FUCKING FINALLY a person that is not a fucking fanboy.

    • Sounds like you just don’t like RPG’s brah. Go play a few good DnD sessions and you’ll learn to love shit like the “freshness of your tomatoes”.

    • I can agree to some of your points but most to me sounds like someone who doesn’t really understand how to compare between the Final Fantasy series and not other games.

      I – Did you watch the FFXV King’sglaive movie? That is where it starts! Not the pushing of Regalia… the game is basically a continuation of that movie.

      II – I don’t get why this is such a big deal

      III – What is so cute about the game? I didn’t see shit about being so “cute”

      IV – Please do not compare this game with GTA. Although they promise Open World, it’s an open world for a Final Fantasy series. You can’t expect Noctis and company to be able to do raids on people’s houses and rape ladies man..

      V – This i can’t argue, I kinda agree.. even some parts of the game where you can just jump but you can’t which is bullshit to me

      VI – That is why you need a Chocobo OMG you’re so annoying. Did you even play this game half way yet?

      VII – I don’t get this at all…


      IX – Oh well.. can’t complain there

      X – You don’t need to park exactly at a parking lot, you don’t need to sleep if you don’t want to.. admit it, you’re not even a quarter through the game.

      I love final fantasy but i sure as hell know when it’s a crappy game and when it’s not. FF12 was shit.. FFXV is something entirely new to the FF series, I love the new system. I just wish the story was longer.. The bounty hunts, the dungeons.. they were pretty good. I actually enjoy this game

  22. So far it’s been pretty damn good, no bugs or glitches like most games and the graphics are prime

  23. FFXV has easy , normal, and hard .. unless the Xbox one only has easy / normal. Mistake one: you ran it on the Xbox. It’s completely optimized for the PS4 and PS4 pro. The game was also never meant to be a driving game. The car is like a chocobo you can decorate. It really shouldn’t be much of a review factor. It’s just fast travel.

    Best solution: own Both.. then buy games suited best for each console.

    I do agree the game IS easier vs previous FF games. Easy is REALLY EASY. especially if you played the demo OR have a deluxe version as you get Carbuncle right off. On easy YOU CAN NEVER DIE if you have him. He will always cast ruby light and save you. On normal, he will only save you, randomly, about 25% of the time. On hard mode, as well as normal, having him will give you about 5 seconds to use a potion when you are at 0/0 Hps before you die.

    Hard mode is like normal on most FF games. The drop in difficulty is deliberate. On past FF games, even easy would be challenging and took HOURS of grinding. FFXV lets you outlevel the storyline, in any mode, if you take the time. This is also why some people may find things “easy
    ‘. Solution is simple. If you want a challenge: 1) run Hard mode. 2) combat wait off, 3) NEVER outlevel the main story quests more than 1-3 levels. FFXV was made to let the player 100% decide what to do. This is a major pro and a major con.

    People think the summoning system is broken, but it’s not. 1) it really won’t work well in easy mode. You get the light and prompt, but pressing and holding summons does nothing. If carbuncle jumps in, he has no graphics, and casts ruby light, your summons is canceled. So they work best on normal/hard. 2) summons almost ALWAYS fail if you have combat WAIT ON. anytime it “waits”, it will cancel a summons if you are in the process. With this on summoning is a PAIN. Even if it’s in the story that you summon, combat wait will cause you grief. So this could be buggy coding. 3) I do like the FFXV summoning. Many don’t. I do. In past FFs. Summons could be powered up and you could ace 95% of battles with them. In XV, they aren’t made to ace combat. They keep you from dying. Well try to help. 4) once you DO summon, you usually can’t again until you a) sleep, b) about 12-24 in game hrs pass.

    All in all, I liked the game. But they tried to make it WAY to much closer to fallout 4/skyrim type open world play..and that’s just not FF. It’d have been better to lock players into 40hrs of story. 20-40 hrs open world. 10-15 final story.. then 100+ hrs post/dlc.

    If ff X and XIII/2 were perfect 10s, I’d give XV a 7. I’d give them an 8 if they released a less buggy, more stable version. (And imo x-2 and 13-3 sucked)

    • Too easy can be said for skyrim/fallout 4. Why? They are almost completely open world from the start, just like FFXV, and you can outlevel the story. But that’s a players choice. If you want a challenge in the open world type games: stick to the main story. Do the side quests post game, then you will be challenged.

  24. Okay. This is my opinion, as someone who started on 8. Doesn’t mean I never played the earlier versions, When I was 8 or 9 is when I came across FF8 in a Blockbuster Video(Feel ancient now) I remember first hearing about XV like 5 years ago. Since I’m not a die hard fan boy it took a few years to hear about it. My overall rating would be 8/10. Can’t expect nonfinal fantasy players to get the concept of a FF game. That being said FF players discover a revamped yet familiar game. Most noted (that people like) is the bonding between the 4 main protagonist. I couldn’t remember a game that was so in depth with familiarizing you with its characters. I could talk about them like a buddy of mine, down to their favorite foods and dislikes. I kind of agree with the side quests. Some are fun, but they do feel repetitive over time like filler quests. I do like promptos photo taking. It’s nice to relive some of those moments. The combat system is a different approach for a FF series tho I do like the Active/wait options. Tho it feels very polished and smooth it kind of feels like it lacking. Over all the game is fun, and I wouldn’t say it was worth such a long wait but a great game none the less. Is it worth playing? Yes.
    -Fun Story, don’t need to watch kingsglaive either to understand it.
    – Watching kingsglaive and then playing is pretty cool cause they do tie in.
    – Faster paced combat & ability to switch combat to a slower strategic system.
    – Amazing characters that will keep you interested .
    – Funny FF inside jokes (I.e. Prompto singing the original victory theme randomly, nearly died laughing the first time)
    – Large open world with plenty to do and see.

    -Side content is lacking (no excuse, 10 years?)
    – Combat system is nice but could introduce harder settings to play on.
    – As nice of a car the Regalia is, shame you don’t get to have more fun with it.
    – Amazing graphics, tho I’ve seen better and expected more. Playing on PS so at least the performance is better.

  25. The fact that you gave the dialogue and characters a + is hilarious. Unless by characters you just mean personalities.

  26. Ok… I’m 43 played every ff game since my humble SNES .. average 8 hours gaming daily .. and have done for 37 years. RPG is my absolute favourite genre and ff7 and ffx my favourite ff. My no.1 RPG of all time is secret of mana SNES closely followed by secret of evermore on the same platform with elder Scrolls series from morrowind onwards as my favourite series as a whole.

    Quite simply put …Ffxv is a fucking masterpiece. The trouble with gaming now…Is everyone dissects games as if they were on an operating table. Just look at the whole sum of parts for a change…. I slot this game in between 7 and 10 …It’s the second best ff ever imho. 110 hours and once completed ..The sheer amount of end game content is incredible. Not forgetting there is more dlc and a level cap and ng+ coming.

    The musical score is outstanding …And on ps4 pro…The graphics are stunning. Best looking open world game ever.

    Just enjoy it ……

    • cool life story bro, battle system is still garbage

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