Final Fantasy XV Update 1.02 Is Live Now, Patch Notes Revealed

The latest update for Final Fantasy XV has gone live for early players on PS4, the following patch notes can be revealed.

  • Various bug fixes
  • Deeper game mechanics
  • New cutscenes
  • Cutscene adjustments

The new patch comes in at 8GB, so that means day one players will have a 16GB+ patch to download before they can play the game.

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  1. wow i’m 21 hours in, I’m hoping I didn’t miss any really good cutscenes but I assume I did, I do see a few changes already though after only playing a few minutes since installing the patch

    • Are you near the end? Is it really as short as people say?

      • some people do not know how to be fully immersed in the game , after chapter 10 the story gets linear , but you can go back to the open world map and do alot of side quests and dungeons which is rewarding , but people are teased about the story so they advance further , its not 40 hours , probably 25 , ive finished it and its sooo beautiful

        • 25 is pretty short. I mean if compared to other FF games, they all have 40+ hours just for the main quest. But of course cant judge whether the game’s good or not based on that.

          I read and seen 4 reviews so far and the highest was 10/10 and the lowest was 8/10 so the game’s probably nothing less than good.

          • Every AAA game released going back to September has been received an average review of about 9 or a 4 out of 5 from sites similar to the one we are now. Its stupid. Dishonored, Battlefield, Infinite Warfare, Titanfall, Watch Dogs. Totally skewed. I will say Battlefield overcame my expectations and deserved it. Hopefully Final Fantasy does it too. But if you can give Infinite Warfare a 9 then it shouldn’t be hard for FF to do it if reviewers are being honest. Infinite Warfare is an embarrassment of a game that just rips off the alternatives both mechanically and artistically, and its a game that lacks purpose or principle. Its made by a studio that isn’t even the original Infinity Ward and consists of random people just taking a pre-existing game and copying and pasting it with the tiniest adjustments. So yeah, don’t trust most reviews. I was pleasantly surprised that IGN gave it a 7-point something. Too bad real gamers on sites like this are more interested in trying to win access to events with free travel and hotel than actually giving honest reviews.

          • No no, all the reviews I’ve seen and read are small time independent youtubers and reviewers. All the major outlets haven’t release their review scores yet because of the embargo.

            I dont depend on one reviewer only and I read/listen on the reviews and think for myself before making my decision.

      • How short is short?

  2. What the hell are they storing in those patches? Nuclear launch codes?

    • And they delayed the game in Sept to prevent day one patch

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