The Last Guardian Review Embargo Date Revealed

It’s almost impossible to believe but we are only a week away from finally getting our hands on The Last Guardian for PlayStation 4. If you’ve been wondering how the game is going to turn out you don’t have to wait much longer as we now know the date and time that reviews for The Last Guardian will go up.

The official date and time for The Last Guardian review embargo is Monday, December 5 at 10am Eastern. That means reviews will be out around 14 hours before the game launches giving gamers plenty of time to make their final decision on whether they want the game or not.

The Last Guardian has been long in the works much like Final Fantasy 15 which launched today. After an almost 10 year wait we all will finally get to play it. Are you picking up The Last Guardian? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. If we, 500-999 million gamers worldwide, were respected and taken seriously, instead of being taken for some stupid fat no-life dudes,
    there would be several laws protecting us.
    Like a law to protect us against these embargo reviews scam.

    I mean, how can it be legal, setting a review embargo for a particular game, until ONE DAY BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE ?

    For 95% of buyers, specially parents, or young people, and for many many people, buying 1 or 2 games per year, for his kids, can be something really expensive (not everyone lives in a modern country and makes 3000 bucks per month), for those people, reading a few reviews is the only way to be sure a game is cool, and deserves their hard-earned money.

    How can these companies set 2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days, or even 24hour embargoes, and basically force people to buy a game, without knowing if the game is worth buying or not?

    just imagine you buy a house, and only once your credit got approved and you have signed all the papers, and you discover how your house is, ONLY a few minutes before you sign your paycheck. Crazy, huh?

    that’s what these embargoes are. Specially today, that we know most big titles get released FULL of bugs, unfinished, with 40% of the game content sold day-1 as dlc, with network issues, and come with dozens thousands of in-game purchases and other microtransactions crap.
    For these anti-consummer, anti-gamer reasons, alone, anything shorter than 7 days should be forbidden.

    specially with a title like the last guardian, in dev for over a decade, there is a risk some reviewers won’t be tender. If somehow the game is severely fked-up, and being a sony exclusive title, like it happened to The order:1886, Driveclub, NMS, etc etc, based on what has been shown, we already know the game is going to receive plenty of 6/10 reviews (i could be wrong, and it could end up being a masterpiece..but i highly doubt it)

    and guess what ? Will you set a review embargo, on a game like gta5, gta6, uncharted, god of war4, etc, knowing that game will get thousands of 10/10 scores, for sure? Of course not.

    but in a game like TLG, there surely are tons of things gamers would like to see/have, creating lots of expectations. And BECAUSE SONY already smells and feels some/many particular aspects of the game, gamers will hate, there comes the embargo.

    that way, they will be able to hide all the possible shiit inside the game, and without any reviews or previews, many ico/sotc fans, might blindly buy it. And sony doesn’t need another No mans sky fiasco, under the name of The Last Guardian. TLG is easily a title that could sell another 100’000 ps4 consoles, during Christmas. They don’t want the web to be full of 4/10 scores/reviews. Even if that means hidinf the shiit to gamers, by blocking all previews and reviews until a few days before release.

    clearly, this 2017-gaming-industry has no limits.
    What’s next ? Asking gamers to blindly spend 300 bucks on a ‘ultimate’ edition, with the game + season pass + day-1 dlcs ?

    • Review embargos are just agreements between the game publishers and game journalists. The game publishers give journalists early access, free swag, free trips, free merch, etc. if they comply with the embargo. If they break the embargo, the early access and free shit go away next time. This type of corruption is seen all the way up to the highest powers in government, so don’t be surprised that it happens in video games.

    • The solution is pretty simple: don’t buy games at launch. Just like there’s no real reason to preorder games; they try to incentivize you with DLC skins and other garbage, when it’s rarely worth it. Think about it the other way around, the game has been in development for so long that Sony needs to make that back on their investment. I understand where you’re coming from, but don’t buy it at launch if you feel that strongly. It’s called being a smart consumer.

      And developers are already asking their consumers to spend large amounts of money on a Season Pass and such before a game even launches. Good examples of this are Star Wars Battlefront and Arkham Knight. The former at least had a road map– learning what Rocksteady had planned for AK was a ridiculous wait and they seemed reluctant to detail what your extra $40 would even get you.

    • every Sony game has review embargos and no one needs to buy the game on Day One, can wait years if they wanted….its called self control…you’re literally ranting about peoples ability to not be dumb and do research before purchasing

  2. Eh, that’s standard, nothing really concerning. Would like it if it were earlier but ultimately it’s no skin off my bones.

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