NES Mini Had A Major Restock In The UK, It Went Mostly Unnoticed Because It Sold Out So Quick

“The NES Mini had a major restock?” is something you might be wondering if you’re looking for NES Mini in the UK. It’s true, there was a major restock over the weekend, but the console is that popular, it went out of stock straight away.

UK retailer Argos, restocked the NES Mini to pretty much all of its store around the UK with absolutely no warning, but word spread quick that it was back in stock, and it wasn’t long until there was no stock left. There hasn’t been a restock this big since the console first released, but even with a major restock, it shows that this console is that popular.

Some other sites in the UK have restocked the NES Mini, but have been charging a premium price instead, which has angered many, who are looking to only pay the £49.99 retail price. Nintendo has made it clear recently that they are planning to try and keep up with demand for the rest of the year, and also early in 2017. It’s looking unlikely however that another major restock will happen in 2016, as this restock could’ve been the big restock that Nintendo was talking about for the end of 2016.

Keep checking back for more news on the NES Mini, and if you’re currently on the hunt for one at retail price, please let us know in the comment section below.

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