More Death Stranding Details Revealed At PSX, How Mads & Guillermo Joined The Team, Female Characters

At PlayStation Experience 2016, Hideo Kojima talked to Geoff Keighley during the day 1 live stream to talk more about Death Stranding after the major impact of the second trailer at the video game awards earlier this week. A new version of the trailer that was revealed first at the VGA’s was shown first, it featured a new music track over the original trailer which was said by Kojima it would make the trailer feel much different.

Kojima went on to talk about how Mads Mikkelsen joined the project, with Kojima asking a close friend to get a contact for Mads, as Kojima as been a big fan of him. Guillermo Del Toro on the otherhand was already a close friend of his, so Kojima wanted to offer a spot in the game, rather than a writing role. Guillermo will only be scanned in the game, and will not be voice acted as he will be too busy to do it.

Mads and Norman Redus will be doing voiceover work for the game. When asked about female characters, Kojima said there will be female characters but nothing will be announced just yet. Mads character was also said to be the main antagonist in the game.


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  1. lol at asking for female characters, pathetic, how about black? white? yellow? brown? female with purple hair, red eyes and green skin, lmao

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