Kojima and Hulst Discuss How Kojima Productions And Guerrilla Games Partnership Started At PSX 2016

During PSX 2016’s day 1 live stream, Hermen Hulst and Hideo Kojima discussed their partnership with the new Deciema engine and how it all started. Death Stranding was created with the concept of creating connections, which also expanded to the development of the game, says Hideo Kojima. The connection between Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games¬†started as a donation, and “very quickly the two teams hit it off” with a lot of “mutual friendships” being created now says Hulst.

Hulst continued to explain that every day there’s conference calls and forums, flights back and forth, with Guerrilla Games with them sharing their 15 years of knowledge back to Kojima Productions.¬†They are now taking it a step further by having their time on site. Hermen Hulst went on to explain that the reason for the partnership was so they could have an additional set of brains and to make the two teams better and stronger. He went on to call the partnership “exceptional” due to the two teams being from different backgrounds with completely different projects.

Kojima went on to explain that Hermen said during a meeting between the two that with the new engine we are going to create the future, and with that being said, Kojima felt if was necessary to make the big announcement.

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