More The Last Of Us Part II Details Revealed At PSX 2016, Details About Ellie Revealed

Neil Druckmann, the writer of The Last Of Us Part II, Ashley Johnson who plays Ellie, and Troy Baker who plays Joel sat down at PSX 2016 to talk more about the upcoming game. To start off the panel, the trailer was shown once again to the panel and to attendees.

Neil Druckmann revealed right after the trailer that you play as Ellie and not Joel in the game, with the theme being more about hate rather than the original theme of love between the characters. This means gameplay, music, story, interaction, and narrative will be more hateful in The Last Of Us II.

The game takes place a few years after the first game, and Ellie will be 19 in the game. The story is going to be much larger than the original Last Of Us game, with Neil Druckmann asking for the viewers trust with the game as some fans were worried how a Last Of Us part II would work.

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  1. I believe in Naughty Dog. Ellie is my favorite new character from the last generation, and I have no doubt TLOU Part II will be a story worthy of her incredible character.

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