The Last Of Us Part II’s Ellie Model Is The Most Advanced Model Naughty Dog Has Done, Images Revealed

At the PSX Day 1 live stream a tech demo of Ellie’s character model was shown which compares the actual actress of Ellie, Ashley Johnson to the actual character of Ellie in The Last Of Us Part II. It was also called “The┬áMost Advanced Model Naughty Dog have ever done.”

Here’s a look at the comparison.

ash ellie

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  1. delayed until the ps5 just watch… ponies are lucky to get horizon zero dawn and god of war before the ps5 launches…lol

    believe me when i tell you when the xbox scoprio launches and destroys everything sony has how long do you tink it will take for the ps5 to guess is not long 2018 or 2019 for the ps5 so expext this to get delayed to the ps5….lmao

    • “delayed until the PS5” hahaha lmao

      • there is no release date on it and you know how much sony delays games that have a release daye…lol.they are going to milk it until the ps5…lmao

      • true isnt it…lmao

    • Too bad xboxone dont have any real exclusives, and all you guys have to look forward to is buying a console next september lol, and the same 3 games ms keeps adding sequels to. forza 80, halo 300, gears of war 50

      • we got em and we dont have to wait 10 years…lmao…poor ponies…lmao

  2. So good. The Last of Us debuted at the VGAs 2011 only a month after Uncharted 3 launched. Uncharted 4 was out 8 months when this got announced now. With Naughty Dog able to work the PS4 even better now, expect this to launch around mid 2018 then.
    Even the standard PS4 version of TLOU2 will easily DESTROY anything on the Scorpio that will sadly still have to share its game engines/tech with the incredibly weak ddr3 bottlenecked Xbone, just you see.

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