Vicarious Visions Discuss Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy At PSX 2016; “We Have To Do This Right”

Dan Tanguay and Kara Massie from Vicarious Visions talked about Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy during the PSX 2016 day two live stream. When asked what it was like to be working on such a big series, they said it was an amazing opportunity to work on such an iconic series. They also admitted it was a scary opportunity because of how beloved the series is.

They explained how when rumors first popped up that they were checking around forums to see what people wanted in the game. Vicarious Visions knew from the start of the project that they had to get the trilogy right because it’s such a beloved series for PlayStation fans. Due to the trilogy being so precious to fans, they explained the team would have had to get it spot on.

Vicarious Visions are approaching it as they would with a brand new title, and are calling Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy an AAA remaster rather than just a simple remaster. It was also confirmed that all the voice actors from the original games will be returning to record news lines for the remastered trilogy.

They explained how they’ve made it easier for new fans to pick up and play also. This has been done by adding checkpoints, as well as working on the controls of the game. It was made clear however that they still want that challenge there along with going back through levels to do more, and make it replayable.

When asked whether Vicarious Visions would be interested in remastering Crash team racing in the future, there didn’t seem to be as much interest, but they said it’s still “a good idea” and “would take a note of it.” They couldn’t however outright confirm if it would be possible or not, and wanted to focus on this trilogy first. A new Crash game is something they hear from the fans a lot, and Kara Massie said the team “would love to do it” as they are all such big fans of the series.

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