Dead Rising 4 Is Only 7 Hours Long, Doesn’t Have Multiple Endings

The bad news keeps on coming from Dead Rising 4, as we can reveal that the game does not feature any multiple endings at all, and there’s only one ending you can get. Multiple endings was a major feature for the Dead Rising series, and as a fan of the series it’s extremely disappointing to see.

Along with no multiple ending’s, we can also reveal the game could be the shortest Dead Rising game to date with players being able to finish the main story in only 7 hours. We’ve heard that some players have even finished it within 6 hours, but with no actual proof we can’t confirm that. Dead Rising games including overtime mode were around 8 hours long due to timers, but with no timers in Dead Rising 4, there’s no reason why it’s a shorter game than the Dead Rising games with timers.


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