Dead Rising 4’s True Ending Is Paid Story DLC

Note: There’s no spoilers about Dead Rising 4’s ending within this article.

In an extremely questionable decision (well Dead Rising 4 has had a lot of them) the actual ending for Dead Rising 4 can only be seen if you play through the paid DLC which is coming out next year. If you’re a fan of the old Dead Rising games, you’ll remember that there was an “overtime” mode, which was always unlocked after you got the best possible ending in the base game, well it seems that Dead Rising 4’s “overtime” mode is behind a paywall.

This news has caused a lot of outrage towards the game, and it just adds up towards the many complaints about Dead Rising 4 from the hardcore fans of the series. Many fans were upset that Dead Rising’s core features were removed like the timer, and Frank West’s voice actor being changed. This paid overtime mode DLC on the otherhand has caused more anger than any other news about the game.

We do hope there’s some kind of word from Capcom about this, as it’s an awful practice to put a once free unlockable mode, as a paid DLC for the fans who have already been screwed out of a true Dead Rising game.

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  1. Absolutely unacceptable, really no way to defend this nonsense.

  2. Capcom is right, of course. If you dont want the game, just dont buy it. Are you r or what? Buying something just to be a whiny b afterwards is what makes no sense. Be smarter next time. Make your vote count.

    • Kill yourself

      • Eat shit asshole.

        • Great response bruh

    • holy shit are you retarded

    • hes right though if enough people just didn’t buy it how could they keep making games with people not buying their product? buy it and stfu.

  3. I never considered the original game added game play, after getting 100%, the actual ending. Just considered it myself as an alternate ending that you could play. Little different then me going to a movie theater and seeing one ending and then buying the DVD version and seeing alternate versions on it.

  4. LOOK PEOPLE THERE IS A REAL EASY FIX FOR THIS — If you don’t like the way Capcom does business top buying their games.

    You don’t need to be a cry baby, you don’t need to whine. You can simply VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS. Capcom will listen to a lack of revenues WAY FASTER than a bunch of belly aching cry baby gamers on Twitter and Facebook.


  5. just go to youtube and watch it, i did that for Arkham Knight instead of doing all those stupid riddler puzzles

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