Final Fantasy XV Huge Planned Updates Revealed, Includes Adjusting Chapter 13, Avatar System And More

Final Fantasy XV’s director Hajime Tabata, has revealed the planned updates for the game in the future, which he said are being done so players can keep on enjoying the game for a long time. We can reveal that these features are being planned for future updates

  • Adjusting chapter 13 to make it less frustrating and more balanced
  • Adding new cutscenes to explain the story better
  • Adding important characters as playable characters
  • An avatar system so you can create your own character
  • Increase text size
  • New game plus
  • Invincibility

What do you think of the planned content for future updates? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I’m glad I didn’t pre-order. This game will be better and less expensive in the future

  2. So basically FFXV is incomplete but they released it anyway to cash in and now trying to add the missing parts.

    • At least it’s an update and not DLC.

      • Which is nice.

    • My first thoughts too.

  3. Funnily I bought a PS4 for FFXV but the games I’ve been playing for the past weeks are Gravity Rush and Doom but glad I didn’t touch FFXV yet considering all the upcoming updates. I bought a Pro, so I’ve been waiting for the patch that will supposedly make the game run at 60fps or at least fix the frame-pacing issues.

  4. I totally get the points of view who are glad they waited but this is a delicious fruit topping on the already amazing pancakes situation we have here. If they add NG+ I’m going to look at all the tweaks and add like its a “directors cut” type situation that enriches the 2nd go around to what is already an amazingly fun and well crafted game.

    One request. More dialogue options for characters when responding to Ignus figuring out a new recipe and for that time Noct is suffering from the Headaches early in the game.

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