Rumor: Nintendo Switch Final Dev Kits Are Being Sent Out, Battery Life Has Improved

Known insider from NeoGaf “NateDrake” has uploaded a new video that shares some very interesting information regarding the Nintendo Switch. Here’s the video


In the video, he explains how the final dev kits for the Nintendo Switch have been sent out, but the most interesting piece of news from the video is the change in battery life. The battery life was first said to be around 3 hours long which was based on an old dev kit. However the battery life for the Switch looks to have been upgraded to 5-8 hours long depending on whether the Wi-Fi is being used, and the brightness of the screen.

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  1. Heard the Switch with the power off can last a full day.

    • Racist bitch

      • Need to lighten up, your virtue signaling means shit to me brah.

  2. Well if that’s suggesting a minimum 5 hour game time, I’d call that quite sufficient. I’d say minimum 3 hrs will be adequate. WiiU lasted bout 4 hours, only on huge games like ME3 and XenoChronX was I running short

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