UltraDavid Calls Street Fighter V “The Worst Fighting Game Release In Modern History”

If you are well informed of the fighting game community then you probably have heard of David Graham or the name he is better known as “UltraDavid”. He is a well known commentator and in a recent interview UltraDavid had some tough words to say towards Capcom’s Street Fighter V game.

He said “Capcom built this game, Street Fighter V, with complete garbage other than the game play itself. Fantastic game play, love it. People who play competitively care about that..everything else is a pile of doo-doo.” He also called the Street Fighter V launch “the worst fighting game release in modern history.” You can watch that full interview below.

What do you think of UltraDavid’s comments towards Street Fighter V? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. “He also called the Street Fighter V launch “the worst fighting GAME RELEASE in modern history.”

    like how your title of the article fails to mention the part of “GAME RELEASE” which should have made it into the title. Still mad about SFV
    being on PS4, Justin? That’s why Capcom gave you the option to get it on PC, you fucking cunt!

    You’re a filthy piece of shit, and deserve to be raped and murdered, faggot!

    • Wow dude….just…wow….

      • with a username like that what do you expect?

  2. i couldn’t even be bothered buying it. i already thought sf4 was abysmal. multiplayer games, where other human beings are involved, i am not supporting with money. i want to have fun when gaming and not having to deal with dudes who are cheating just because.

  3. I agree with ultra. I don’t own it anymore so I can’t speak for how it is at this point in time. But that cash grab of a launch capcom aught to be ashamed of themselves though.

  4. I’d buy it today if they added a(free)arcade tour mode(which should really be the 1st thing developed for any fighting game)
    I doubt I’ll ever be buying this game though!!

  5. Meh.

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