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Point and click adventure games sure seem to be making quite the comeback in today’s game market. Whether it’s remasters of old classics like Full Throttle Remastered, new takes on classic games like King’s Quest, or even brand new adventures such as Broken Age if you are a fan of this genre there is plenty to choose from. Pewter Games is a small team in Ireland that has now taken it upon themselves to put their own stamp on the genre with their new game The Little Acre. The game is immediately noticeable due to the animated art style but in certain other key areas it doesn’t quite match the all time greats.

the little acre

Much like the developers The Little Acre is based in Ireland at least at the beginning of the game. Set in the 1950’s you play as a man named Aidan as well as his daughter Lily. Aidan’s father, Arthur, ends up going missing at the start of the game and you have to set out to find him. This quest leads Aidan and Lily out of Ireland and to a fantasy like world called Clonfira. Here you meet new characters and enemies that will both help and hinder you on your journey. Now this is a point and click adventure game but one of the disappointing things about it is that it isn’t difficult at all. Now I’ve said in the past that I don’t find some of the old point and click adventure games that cause you to just bang your head against the wall in frustration very fun but I do like a little bit of thought and challenge in my games. The Little Acre doesn’t really challenge you the player at all as all of the puzzles usually only take a moment to figure out.

the little acre

I do think this might be intentional though as this game is clearly meant to appeal to younger gamers as well and you don’t want them getting frustrated. The game has a charming story to it that I won’t spoil but it has some darker parts as well. Nothing that is inappropriate for younger gamers but just worth mentioning so that you know everything isn’t cheery all the way through. Speaking of that another thing I was disappointed by is the length of the game. It’s only a couple hours long and once you finish it there isn’t much reason to go back to it. There is a good amount of trophies including a Platinum but you’ll probably end up getting most or all of them on your first time through as well. I enjoyed the game so much that I just wanted more time with these characters and this world and certain things in the story are never really touched upon enough. Maybe there will be a sequel one day but as it stands I can’t help feel this game was left a little unfinished.

the little acre

Another reason I loved my short time with The Little Acre so much is the gorgeous hand drawn animated art style that Pewter Games used here. They said they were inspired by some old time classic movies such as All Dogs go to Heaven and others and it clearly shows here. There really isn’t any other game in recent memory that has such a striking visual style to it and for that it’s almost worth playing alone. All of the characters are voice acted as well with great success and the soundtrack is great too. The game only costs $12 so even though it is short I do think it’s worth that price.

The Little Acre is a charming and beautiful point and click adventure game that is perfect for older gamers like me and those with kids as well. The difficulty in my opinion is catered too much towards letting everyone out there be able to finish it and the short run time is disappointing as well. However at the price point it’s at I think it is worth experiencing for the great animated art style and interesting characters and world. Now Pewter Games please make a sequel so I can play some more.

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The Little Acre





  • Beautiful Disney like hand drawn art style
  • Charming story that both older and younger gamers will enjoy
  • Great voice acting


  • Game is too short
  • Not enough challenge to the game
  • Certain story elements aren't touched upon enough
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