Games With Gold January 2017 Predictions

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Well 2016 is quickly drawing to a close. That means that Games for Gold in 2016 is also near its end. The last two games, Outlast and Burnout Paradise are the last two offerings by Microsoft for the year.  However, with the end of 2016, the year 2017 is sure to bring in a whole slew of new video games for everyone to enjoy through the Games with Gold service.

It may be a bit early for anyone aside from Microsoft empolyees to know what games will be coming out, but why don’t we take a minute and think about the possibilities of what could be awaiting gamers in the new year. We can all agree that most likely there will be the same format for the following year, two Xbox One games, and two Xbox 360 games via backwards compatiblity.  Here are a few of my thoughts on what games could be offered up for gamers for the Games with Gold program.  Now they may not be even remotely close to being possible, but that’s part of the fun when it comes to making predictions.

First, lets tackle the two Xbox One games. One of the first interesting titles to be offered could be the original Watch Dogs. Now while that may not be a particularly standout title, it could make a little sense. Firstly it could tie in nicely with the Ubisoft promotion that has been running. There has been the 30 days of Ubisoft giveaways and the Ubi30. These giveaways are for the 30th anniversary of Ubisoft. So it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question for Ubisoft to have one last hurrah for their celebration and offer Watch Dogs. It will also have been a few months since the release of Watch Dogs 2, so it could bolster some post launch sales as well.

The next possible title for giveaway could be the HD remaster of Resident Evil. This release would tie in well with the launch of Resident Evil 7 later in the month of January. If they released it as the first title of the giveaway for the month of January it could promote a bit more excitment for the new title and drive in a few more preorders for the game before launch.

These two games could be pretty big for the Xbox One. They both tie in nicely to ongoing promotions or releases for new titles and could hep sales for other games in the franchise. While I doubt they will deliver two AAA titles, with their willing ess to usually always add an indie title to the giveaway, it still is a possibility.

Next up, lets tackle the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility games. The first one that comes to mine for me would be Sniper Elite V2. This would be a perfect launch for the later half of the month. It would lead nicely into the February release of the newest title in the Sniper Elite franchise.  It was a pretty popular title, especially with the bullet cam and bullet physics.  It would keep with the theme I have going of tieing in giveaways with the release of a new title.

For the second Xbox 360 Backwards Comaptible title a guess would be maybe another Assassin’s Creed title.  Perhaps Assasin’s Creed 3.  This would not only tie in with new movie release, but it would also tie  in well with the recebt release of the Assassin’s Creed trilogy release as well.  It would offer an opportunty for a game with the point of view other than Ezio.  I admit that this may be a rather weak pick, but if we’re being honest I had a hard time coming up with even this guess.

In the end we will just have to wait and see what Microsoff announces for their fresh start to 2017 with Games with Gold.  Let me know if you think my list is just nuts.  Also, let us know in the comments below what games you hope would be released as part of Games with Gold in January 2017.

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