The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode Release Dates And More


Episode Release Dates (Updated) 

With both Episode 1 and 2 releasing on the same day, there’s only three other episodes which are.

Episode 3 – Above The Law – March 2017. No confirmed date yet.

Episode 4 – Thicker Than Water – Coming soon

Episode 5 – From the Gallows – Coming soon

Importing/Creating a story

In The Walking Dead: A New Frontier you can actually create your own path with the biggest choices if you don’t have a save to import, but played the previous two seasons. During this section, it will just simply ask you a question about a certain moment in Season 1/2 and what you did. If you’ve never played the games before, you can just ask for the previous choices to just be auto generated for you.

Here’s the questions you will get when creating your story from the choices in season 1 and 2. Warning: There will be Season 1 and 2 spoilers.

“In The Walking Dead Season 1, Clementine met Lee after she lost her family and home. He protected Clem and taught her the importance of…” 

The choices are

Community – The only hope people have for the future is to help each other.

Justice – Without a code, how can you trust anyone?

Survival – Even a child should be able to defend herself from danger.

Self-Reliance – In the end, the only one you can count on is yourself.

“Clem and Lee traveled to Savannah, where Lee sacrificed himself to save her. As he lay dying, Lee begged Clem to…”

Leave him to turn – A bullet might have been the most merciful, but Clem couldn’t bring herself to shoot her friend.

Shoot him – Although Lee was all Clem had left in the world, she summoned her resolve and ended his suffering

“After Lee’s death, Clem found more survivors. People who her, such as…”

Kenny – Kenny never gave up. His endless determination helped keep Clementine alive.

Luke -Luke always had a smile for Clementine. No matter what, his kindness persevered.

Jane – Jane showed Clementine that she had to make hard choices to put her own safety first.

” Choosing Kenny – Clementine remembered the joy she felt when she reunited with Kenny. He showed her that survival depended on…”

Honesty – Even when it didn’t help him, Kenny was honest. He always let you know where he stood.

Determination – Never surrender. No matter what the odds.

Family – Family isn’t always blood. But it’s the reason you keep going.

“Choosing Luke – In Luke, she found a new friend, who taught her the value of…” 

Compassion – Luke’s kindness saved Clem’s life more than once.

Cooperation – There is strength in numbers. Strength… and survival.

Trust – Trust is paramount in friendships, relationships, and survival.

“Choosing Jane – In Jane, Clementine found a mentor. Jane’s jaded perspective and sometimes ruthless behavior emphasized the importance of….”

Survival – If you’re not breathing, nothing else matters. Do what’s necessary. Stay alive.

Cunning – In a world of constant danger, don’t take anyone at their word. Nothing is as it seems.

Independence – Don’t rely on others. You need to get by on your own, because that’s probably how you’ll end up

“Thanks to her companions, Clem’s journey ultimately led her to….” 

Howe’s Hardware – Jane and Clem returned to the former location of Carver’s group

Wellington -Kenny and Clem went north. Somewhere cold enough to slow down the walkers.

Travel alone – The best way to keep AJ safe was to do it on her own.

“Choosing Howe’s Hardware – As they settled into Howe’s, Clem and Jane were approached by a starving family. Clem decided to… 

Turn them away – Trust isn’t something you can afford to give to strangers

Let them in – Walkers don’t have mercy, but people still should

“Choosing Wellington – At Wellington, the community would not allow Kenny in. Clem decided to…”

Leave with Kenny – Clem refused to enter without Kenny. They had been through far too much together.

Enter Wellington – Clem made the tough choice to stay in Wellington without Kenny. It was best for AJ, she told herself.

“Clem learned the hard way that survival depended on…” 

Resources – Food, water, ammo: without them, survival is impossible.

People – Thing can be replaced, People can’t.

“It never got any easier. Clem remembers how she stopped AJ’s dead mother from biting him during an ambush, but drawing her gun risked angering their attackers. Clem chose to…” 

Shoot – There’s no time to do anything else when a baby’s life is at stake.

Call For Help – Snap decisions are often a bad idea, especially during a tense standoff.

“Clem tried her best to manage conflicts with other armed survivors. Whenever possible, she would…”

Negotiate – People tend to listen when they may have something to gain.

Appeal to Humanity – Clem hoped that the presence of the baby would calm things down.

Ties That Bind Part One Choices

Coming soon

Ties That Bind Part Two Choices

Coming soon

Above The Law Choices

Coming soon

Thicker Than Water Choices

Coming soon

From The Gallows Choices

Coming soon

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