3 Of the Most Demanding PC Games On The Market Today

Ever since I started getting into gaming, it’s always been exciting to see the hardware behind PC gaming get better and better over time, and of course how the games themselves have become more sophisticated. Although modern gaming hardware is certainly impressive, there are still various games which will be a serious strain on your machine. Here are a few of the most demanding games on the market today.

Hitman (2016)


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This was the first Hitman title fans had been given in a long time, and the surrounding hype was well worth the finished result! Before I came over to the light side (sorry) I remember spending many happy hours on my trusty PS2, choking out chefs, delivery boys and so on, then stealing their clothes and using the disguise to infiltrate the home of some sinister higher-up. While the latest Hitman title probably won’t strain your hardware like some other games will, if you’re planning to crank your settings up to the higher end, then gameplay is certain to be a little choppy. Of course, with Hitman being a heavily stealth-orientated game, a slightly slower framerate may not be that much of a big deal to you. Still, it’s worth noting that a competent graphics card, along with a CPU with multiple cores is more or less a given.

GTA V (2015 remake)

With the teaser for Red Dead II blowing up our social media pages, Grand Theft Auto V feels like old news. However, because it’s so strenuous, and so incredibly fun, I thought it deserved a place in this list. If you’ve ever put your poor PC through running a GTA game before, then you’ll know just how much it strains usual performance. Well, V has the largest map that’s ever appeared in a Rockstar game, and the 2015 remake is packed with features that will make your CPU weep! Even with the best motherboard for gaming, a high-to-mid-range graphics card and a good CPU, you may experience difficulties if you’re planning to push this remake as far as it will go. When you enable PCSS (Percentage Closer Soft Shadows), you’re going to find your frame rate dropping significantly, and a few irksome glitches.

Battlefield 1 (2016)

Like many, you might have been pretty hyped for the Battlefield franchise’s latest installment. A lot of the FPS demographic were getting sick of an increasingly futuristic Call of Duty franchise, so the merciless fields of World War One probably felt like a breath of fresh air! However, if your hardware isn’t absolutely pristine, you may have a little difficulty experiencing all that the game was meant to be. True, this game looks more than passable on a lot of mid-range graphics cards and CPUs when you’re crunching through the single player campaign. Like many though, you may have only bought this FPS for the multiplayer, and that’s when things get a little more taxing. Your graphics card may hold up in smaller skirmishes, but in the throng of massive, 64-player battles, you’re going to see framerates drop well below 60 FPS.

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