Phil Spencer Answers To Fans Requests For A New Ryse Game; Talks New IP’s And Backwards Compatibility

Phil Spencer has been replying to many users on Twitter today, in which he discussed why there isn’t a new Ryse game along with discussing the importance of new IP’s and Backwards Compatibility.

From the way this tweet was done, it sounds like Phil isn’t putting Ryse in that old series for the core gamers but I totally agree, and I am very happy to hear that Xbox is looking to push more IP’s along with the usual Halo, Gears, Forza game per year/bi-yearly.

Phil even agreed with a follower who wanted to see a future with the new IP’s of the current generation.

Then Phil went on to give a lot of credit to Backwards Compatibility due to the nostalgia, not needing a big budget to bring it back and the gamers not having to re-pay for something they own.

What do you think of Phil Spencer’s thoughts in these tweets? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Fuck Phil Spencer!!! That what I think of his thoughts. This dude is not who everyone seems to think he is

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