Phil Spencer Makes It Clear That New Microsoft IP’s Need Good Sales And Room To Expand To Get Sequels

In the last of Phil Spencer’s Twitter replies to the Xbox community he replied to fans who complained about the lack of sequels for the Xbox One’s new IP’s, along with asking why they should invest in their characters if there is no chance of a sequel.

Here are Phil Spencer’s tweets on this subject.


What are your thoughts on Phil Spencer’s answers to the lack of Xbox One’s new IP’s not having sequels, please let us know in the comments section below. 

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  1. Well least hes honest

  2. new microsoft ip? lol he is joking.

  3. I will continue to question why Xbox fans continue to tweet Phil. He never gives a straight yes or no answer. Its always these vague “corporate” answers. He’s knows exactly what Xbox fans want. Be it specific answers to their questions or games they want released for the Xbox platform. My honest opinion…this dude is a fucking tap dancing douchebag

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