Phil Spencer Thinks Consoles Wars Are Not The Real Battle; Console Growth Is

Phil Spencer continued to share his thoughts with his followers on Twitter today and talked about the struggles with fans battling between their platforms of choice. He went on to explain that console growth is that actual battle, and not console wars.

He also doesn’t sound like a fan of the “we have more exclusives than you” argument, and explains that his job is to make gaming relevant and keep it growing.

Here’s Phil’s tweets were he explains how console growth is the real battle.


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  1. then you lose phil.50m ps4’s to25m xbox ones?if its about growth then you

  2. Easy to say when you’re loosing horribly

  3. Growth isn’t the real battle. That’s a side battle, honestly.

    The console war is where you create the lasting impression of your product. It’s what spurs your competitors to do better.

    THAT drives growth. It’s a side effect of waging an effective, productive console war.

  4. So, according to his own logic, growth means a game ecosystem that is constantly supplied with good quality games which includes exclusives or first party IP. Then he goes on to say ‘having more exclusives’ is a meaningless argument. Let’s remember that Microsoft was hellbent on starting this ‘exclusives’ war at the Xbox 360 era by just ravenously purchasing a lot of software companies such as Rareware and such.

    Now because you’re about 30 million consoles behind in sales and no new IP coming for xbox, suddenly ‘console wars’ and ‘exclusivity’ doesn’t matter?

    So laughable.

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