New UIR Gears of War 4 Packs Pricing Is Absurd, Fans Are Furious Over It

Gears of War 4 has had a bit of a rocky start in the eyes of hardcore Gears of War fans like myself and for good reason. Matchmaking issues, rotating maps in and out, a campaign that wasn’t very impressive and of course the in game economy. Well in regards to that last issue I listed it’s getting even worse. Today The Coalition released a new in game pack called the UIR pack which contains weapons and skins from the UIR faction in the game.

The issue is that the pack is priced at $10 or 4400 in game credits. For comparison some other packs like the Holiday or Carmine packs only cost around 200 or 400 credits. There are a total of 30 UIR cards and you get 5 per pack with only 3 of those 5 being guaranteed to be UIR cards. The other 2 could be from the other base game set. To make matters worse the pack is only available for 24 hours so if you don’t have the credits for it yet then you really aren’t going to have any time to earn any. As some fans have pointed out you would have to play for the next 24 hours straight just to be able to afford a few packs. Also there is that whole issue about where you can get duplicates from the packs as well so you aren’t even guaranteed to get what you might be looking for in time. The whole issue is a mess and the price of this pack is clearly way overpriced both in real money and in game currency.

Fans aren’t too happy about this as you can see from some of their replies to Rod Fergusson on Twitter below.

Some harsh comments indeed but as a huge fan of the franchise myself I have to agree with most of the fan comments. The way the in game economy has been handled by The Coalition is insulting and is in dire need of fixing. Other games like Microsoft’s own Halo franchise seemed to have handled this better so hopefully things will improve. What is your take on this UIR pack in Gears of War 4? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Yeah fuk this. Everyone knows it was a money grab for a holiday bonus. Give us “meh” skins in a christmas pack so we burn all our credits, then unexpectedly release a pack that has a lot more desirable content, put a 24 hour limit on it and a 4400 credit/$10 sticker. Congrats you just made at least $10 from almost everyone desperate enough to get those skins.

    It’s sad really. They fukt the playerbase not only on price, but on timing, duration, and content with only 3/5 being actual UIR skins.

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