Games With Gold Starts 2017 Off With A Whimper Rather Than A Bang

So the Xbox games with gold lineup for January has recently been announced and it is one of the worst lineups we have seen so far. If you don’t know already the games we will be receiving are, on the Xbox One, Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing (Jan 1-31) and Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition (Jan 16-Feb 15), and on the Xbox 360, The Cave (Jan 1-15) and Rayman Origins (Jan 16-31).

Now, there will be quite a few people who really like this lineup and can’t wait for some of these game, however, the majority are very disappointed with this. We can’t complain about receiving free games, but these games however are very poor. You would hope that Xbox would want to start the new year off with some amazing games, but these games don’t even hold much value, with 3 of the games having a value of around $15.

Even though the month of January won’t see us any arcade games, there were many more choices that Xbox could have made which would make January a much more spectacular month. Some suitable choices of games that they could have gave us is, Watch Dogs, or even maybes Dead Rising 3. These would have been suitable choices because the both have had recent sequels released. This would have been nice for people to have the previous games in that series. I think personally that games with gold in 2017 is starting off with a whimper, rather than a bang that it might need. Let us know in the comments down below what you think about the lineup we will be receiving in January 2017.

So the first game free Xbox One game we will start 2017 off with is Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing. This game is a tower defense game where the aim of the game is to build towers to complete the rounds. However, there’s a twist. As well as building towers and traps, you can also run around and kill the enemies yourself, Van Helsing style! The next game we will see for free on the Xbox One this month is Killer Instinct Season 2. This is more of a DLC than it is a game. However, Killer Instinct Season 2 offers you much more content such as more characters and more stages. If Killer Instinct (or fighting games) is what you like, then you should definitely check this out.

The first free game that will be offered to us on the Xbox 360 is The Cave. The cave is a platformer and is based off a “talking cave”. The aim of “the cave” is to lure people into it, so they can explore their darker personalities. The game features multiple puzzles and characters (a total of seven characters are in the game). Throughout the game, you will find that puzzles require that the three main characters work together, to try and complete the puzzles. At the start of the game, you will be required to choose three of the seven characters.

These characters you choose at the start of the game, you will be stuck with for the rest of the game, unless you restart however. The second game that will be offered for free on the Xbox 360 this month is Rayman Legends. Rayman Legends is another platformer game we will see this month. It is developed and published by Ubisoft and is a direct sequel to the prior game, Rayman Origins. It is the fifth main title that is in the Rayman series. The game takes place after the events that happened in Rayman Origins and a century after Rayman 2 and Rayman 3. Rayman Legends carries on the same style gameplay that was seen in Rayman Origins, and up to four players can play and take on the levels, simultaneously.

These games with gold are some of the worst that I have seen, and hopefully we won’t see anything worse than this lineup further into 2017. Let us know in the comments down below what you think about this lineup, and what games with gold will bring us in 2017!

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