Why Project Scorpio Is Going To Outsell The PS4 Pro

The new year is finally here.  Say goodbye to 2016 and hello to the year 2017.  Microsoft in particular is looking forward to this year.  With a new year comes a new console for the company in the name of Project Scorpio.  While Microsoft did release another console last year in the Xbox One S, it was more of a half step upgrade to the Xbox One, rather than a full step up as the PS4 Pro is for the PS4.  The PS4 Pro has made its debut and been out for awhile now and offers the only true viable 4K Gaming Experience, aside from PC Gaming that is.

While The Xbox One S can dabble in HDR Technology and has a 4K Blu-ray player, which is surprisingly missing from the PS4 Pro, it cannot achieve true 4K gaming.  Microsoft is looking to wrong that right with Project Scorpio.  It’s no secret wither that while sales of the Xbox One have indeed increased since their sluggish start, they still pale in comparison to the PS4, which had a very, very strong start.  Perhaps Microsoft is looking to take advantage of Sony rushing to be the first to offer a full fledged 4K, VR Compatible gaming console.


Rumors have been flying around about the system for awhile, as far as technical specifications, console abilities, release date, and pricing.  Lets start with what we do know, or what the accepted rumors are, about the system.  A handy comparison chart has been put together by the folks over at IGN.  First, it seems we have a potential release date, sometime in Holiday 2017.  Next, it is rumored that Project Scorpio boasts better technology than its Sony counterpart for a chage, which is indeed a good sign for Microsoft.  While they are keeping a few specifications about the processor hush hush, we do know that is an 8-core CPU.

What we do know for a fact is that the GPU for Project Scorpio will have a definite edge over the PS4 pro, provided it can be optimized properly.  Project Scorpio has a 6 teraflop GPU as opposed to Sony’s 4.2 teraflop GPU.  Again, provided optimization goes well, Project Scorpio gets the nod here.  Microsoft is also boasting that it will be VR Ready and more capable than it’s competitor.  Rumor is that Project Scorpio will somehow partner with Occulus to achieve this.  If all holds true, then Microsoft is able to offer a newer, more powerful machine that would supposedly perform better in areas where the PS4 Pro was marketed to be the best at.

One final piece if information that is somewhat new is the price point.  There have been a couple rumors flying around that the console will have a MSRP price of $399.99.   The PS4 Pro launched at this price as well, and eventually by the time Project Scorpio is released, it will no doubt see price drops.  Launching at the same price that the PS4 Pro came out at gives Microsoft the advantage it say that its consumers will be getting a more powerful machine for the same price as its competitors less powerful unit.  Plus launching with the holiday season and no doubt the bundles that are to come with it, Microsoft will be able to push more consoles out and hopefully close the gap if not overtake the title of total units sold from Sony.

All in all, regardless of what the system actually launches with, if it is able to introduce new and more powerful technology into the console market, and offer a smooth, easy to use, and fun gaming experience, no matter what back and forth go on between Microsoft and Sony in terms of competition, the winner is the gamer. Game On!

Let us know in the comments below if you are looking forward to Project Scorpio!

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  1. Scorpio outselling the Pro is unlikely….Sony has far too many quality exclusives coming that will push Pro’s out the door. Scorpio, depending on it’s price, may sell well, but where are the games??

    • Take a hike with that “too many quality exclusives” rhetoric bs! Further more, the PS4 exclusive list is piddly in reality. The only real meat in it’s whole lineup are JRPG’s! Yeah, weeaboo games that the majority of gamers don’t give 2 fuks for. It’s a miracle if most even sell more than 50k.

      “It’s usually the lowest spec that sets the bar” That’s hilarious! Moving the goal posts already, all that Xb1 bashing over it being the weaker console for the past 3 years and now the shoes on the other foot so it doesn’t matter anymore! Pathetic.

      Well dude nothing that Sony does after the Scorpio launches will matter. Micro’s new game machine will come with access to thousands of Xbox 360 games due to full backward compatibility, no technical wizardry and no permissions needed this time around. Just a mega ton of variety in all sorts of genre’s right outa the box! Mutliplats, exclusives and indies — everything!

      The Scorpio will be a beast of a console and unmatched in both power and total number of games. The PS4’s piddly lead in exclusives will be irrelevant. All of N4G will be an huge salt mine as Sony fanboys go into an epic meltdown that will last for months! lol

      • LOL…this poor sob thinks it needs a new console to play old games. Yes folks, they really are this miserable. Poor things.



        Case opened, case closed. Good luck with your delusions.

        • You’re the one who delusional, the PS4 doesn’t have this imaginary epic library of must have “quality” games!

          PS4 Pro sales will die out quickly and the Xb1 S will continue on topping NPD charts until Scorpio comes and then the PS4 Pro will become an ignored pile of dog $hit! The only reason most people bought PS4’s were because of it’s slight power advantage.

          • Go to bed, or take your meds. Your choice, but in the morning, seek help. Your delusions are killing you. Yoda says, “Bizarro world inhabitant, you are. Take your meds, you must.”

          • See this is a great example of what the Scorpio can do to a Sony fanboy, leave him with no counter argument so he’s left with just petty insults.

            You know damn well that backward compatibility with games in the thousands will matter to casuals and all those others who haven’t yet experienced console gaming. Throw in all of the Xb1’s console exclusives which includes all the new IP’s from 3 years ago up until now and the ones still yet to come with the ones yet to be announced, not too mention Xbox’s big 3 and that’s just ridiculous overkill!

          • Casuals will not buy the Scorpio, they will buy the cheapest thing around….

          • LOL…see here folks…this poor critter is one of the unfortunate’s who only games on one console. Son, let me break this down very simply for you…I game on pc, 360, ps3, ps4, nes, snes, and soon to be switch AND Scorpio. Good luck with your significant mental infirmities, and your lack of games, lol. Yeah, you’re done here.

          • Does the Xbox have an epic library of must have quality games?

            “the Xb1 S will continue on topping NPD charts”

            You are delusional, you do know the PS4 outsold the X1 in November and December right?

            And the idea that the Scorpio will be full BC with the 360 is wishful thinking. They will have to emulate it fully and won’t be able to guarantee all games will work, besides, they never once mentioned this anywhere, so yes, wishful thinking on your part.

            What Xbox fans like you seem to forget is that the Scorpio is just a beefed up Xbox One, yes, a beast of a machine, yadayada, but it’s still an X1. It will play any and all X1 game as well. It’s the same thing the Pro does. The differences between multiplat games for the Pro and the Scorpio will surely be noticeable, just as noticeable as the differences are now between the PS4 and the Xbox One are now and according to most Xbox fans that wasn’t really a big deal. Well, same goes for this difference. Am sure you won’t believe me, will say the power difference is bigger, blabla, but for 4k it has to push 4 times the pixels which many of you seem to forget.

            So multiplats will look better on the Scorpio, some people will make the switch because of that, am sure of it, too many would miss their friends to play with so they won’t, or there are other reasons they don’t make the switch. Why haven’t you switched to a PS4 or PS4 Pro since, afterall, according to the likes of you people tend to get the most powerful system, but you didn’t for some reason, so why didn’t you?

            Then add on the whole PlayAnywhere thing and people who are not afraid of gaming on PCs do not see a need either, multiplats look better on PC and the MS exclusives are being released for Win10 as well…

            So no, it’s highly, highly unlikely it will outsell the PS4 Pro. It will sell well tho, don’t worry about that, focus on that, it will do well!

      • http://gematsu.com/exclusives/xbox-one

        Yeah, only JRPGs and a piddly list in comparison, you’re totally right! /s

        I am sure the Scorpio will be a marvellous machine and will sell well to Xbox fans. It might even lure over the people who don’t care about trophies/achievements or play with their online friends on a particular brand or the graphic whores, but I really do not see it selling more than the PS4 Pro. The Pro has been around a yeah when the Scorpio releases, it’s a tough nut to crack to outsell it.

        The PS4 Pro outsold any Xbox One SKU in the US in 2016 while it was only available for slightly less than 2 months. If the X1S can’t outsell it at those bargain bin prices they were being sold at then I doubt a $400-500 costing fancier Xbox One can…

        As for me, I do have a huge fondness for the PlayStation brand since the PS1 but am still a gamer. If MS is going to make some awesome exclusive games AND the price of the Scorpio isn’t too high I might grab one for the exclusives. If it’s over €400 and the games will also use PlayAnywhere I will upgrade my PC and make sure I buy a long HDMI cable so I can game on the couch with it, perhaps with the new gaming mode of Win10 that might be a good idea anyways…

      • Huh? I can’t stand JRPG’s and my shelf is chock full of games I can’t get for my Xbox or PC

  2. Most powerful console and it’s only 399.99$ yeah like if that is believable it’s all about the price the ps4 will be cheaper this year with gigantic library of AAA games and a VR soo I don’t see it wining anything

  3. I don’t think it will be that cheap in fact I hope it is not there was a few est done on hard ware and price one was 399 if all current hardware was used and 800 of all the newest was used I am torn but I would rather the newer hardware more than having to pay less if it got me a console that gave all it promised

  4. yadda yadda… when there is no incentive for me to buy a xbone now there will be no incentive to buy a scorpio. it’s that simple. i really would like to own a box, but why? i got a highend pc and i got the ps4pro.. there are actually no games on xbox that would make me shell out money for another console. so, either you are already a fan of the box then you are going to buy a scorpio, of course. but if not, there is just no reason to do so. as long as they got no exclusives that are worth the while they can release all the power in the world but it’s just pointless.

  5. Lol at the damage control butthurt’s below.

  6. All of a sudden power doesn’t matter anymore to sony fanboys. You guys are exposed.

  7. LOL, deluded Xbots fanboys. Scorpio is DOA

    • Keep dreaming deadbeat. I hope u get cancer

  8. Not a chance, I would’ve bought one but Msoft convinced me I don’t need to(by bringing their exclusives to PC) I know a lot of other people thinking the same thing too

  9. Delusional rambling is what I call this. I can get that some fanboys could cook up something like this but reading your short bio and the fact that you write on/for this site should indicate that you can gather information like most.

    But I’m gonna humor you a little. First thing first. Saying the XBOS is around a half a system upgrade compared to PS4Pro being a full upgrade compared to the PS4 is a perfect showing of your lack of insight to these machines.

    Anyone with some technical interest knows that the PS4Pro is Sony’s answer to people with a 4K TV that want higher resolution when playing on a PlayStation. It’s not as you say the only true viable 4K gaming experience besides from PC as you write.

    Infact most games on the PS4Pro dont even run at native 4K. Most run at 1440p and some at 1800p with dynamic resolution. Meaning the game resolution changes depending on the load. And with the upscaler on the PS4Pro upscalling it from whatever the dynamic resolution might be to a full 4K.

    Not to be mistaken for native 4K. But in terms of image quality it can be damn close at times. That said the list of games able to run in native 4K is increasing. But it’s not the typical AAA game but more older or less demanding type of games.

    The XBOS however is a tiny insignificant upgrade in terms of actual gaming boost. Some games have a tiny fps boost that is in most cases already behind that of the original PS4. The benefit with the XBOS is it’s new design and internal PSU along with a 4K optical drive.

    Perhaps Microsoft is looking to take advantage of Sony rushing to be the first to offer a full fledged 4K, VR Compatible gaming console.

    Both the PS4 and the PS4Pro can already do VR. And the PS4Pro can do native 4K gaming. If you are meaning it will do 4K VR then you need a reality check. But I dont think you meant it like that.

    When it comes to the price and performance it’s clear that it will be a more powerful machine. We can expect to see more games in native 4K. But also many using the same dynamic resolution and upscaler in form of probably checkerboarding for games wanting to have a steady 60 fps.

    Phil Spencer has already said it will be a premium product priced higher then that of a launch Xbox One. Something that makes sense when we hear the amount of compute it will have.

    My guess is that when we get closer to the launch of Scorpio the price of PS4 and PS4Pro will be lowered to compete against what will be a much more expensive console. But a more powerful one at that.

    Seeing so many moan about not having a 4K TV and no plan to get one my guess is that both PS4Pro and Scorpio will take some time before making much of a significant sale boost for either companies. But this is the first step to cater the 4K owners today and to lure more over faster…

    • You’re a fkn loser

      • LOL, sure kiddo:)

  10. Scorpio has no price but we do have M$ saying it is a premium console, so we can assert not $399 and most likely not $499, the xbox one launch price. The GPU power (teraflops) in the scorpio is the same gap from the PS4 Pro as is the PS4 GPU power gap to the xbox one. Not that big of a difference and it has been dismissed the last 3 years as not a big deal, it isn’t. More RAM is costly and M$ is upping their game to much faster, more expensive chips (higher bandwidth for 4K, VR). Scorpio will be a beast but it will be a new generation with xbox one full backward support as M$ moves back to PC gaming as their focus. Money is in services NOT hardware for them imo.

  11. Interesting speculations. Looking forward to see what really happens.
    Even more interesting is the Xbox hate/PS love comments.
    PC master race!

  12. We accept to pay more for our mobile phones then gaming consoles. It sad really. They could make the consoles much more powerful then what they do. I`m dissapointed.

    • Then do something about it instead of being a whiny piece of garbage .ur mom gave birth to a turd. YOU

  13. What the hell do you mean by outselling the PS4 Pro??? Do you mean in general? So Scorpio is going to overtake the PS4 Pro’s install base in 11 months time the day it launches?? Or do you mean that it will slowly catch-up to the sales of the PS4 Pro in time, which the sales of an Xbox console have never done in history ever.

    It just makes no sense. You don’t even explain how this is humanly possible in the article.

    • I hope u get cancer u brainless retard.

  14. Pony’s go home. U are a disease

  15. Price will be the determiner. Those price conscious people couldn’t care less about the specifications.

    I own a Pro, and plan to own a Scorp, too(hey, I work for my money). But Microsoft will not catch up to Sony sales that easily. It will take Microsoft a couple years of solid sales to do that. Sony has been leading since 2013. One magical Scorpio year would have to bank off of the PS4 Pro not selling, at all, in order to make up all those numbers.

    Secondly, you can reach the same fidelity in graphics between the Scorp, and the Pro, in just the same fashion as you can the original Xbox One, and the PS4. If Sony took a stance and opted to not run at 4K, while Microsoft makes all games 4K, you have a chance to deliver Sony games at, say, 1440p, be above 1080p gaming, and still have all the same graphics quality as the Scorpio running in 4K. Pixels require a lot of power, which require a lot of sacrificing of graphics. Would you really want a 4K game equivalent to low or medium quality PC graphics? IF so, what’s the point in 4K? The point with 4K is to see additional detail, if here is no detail to show off in 4K, there’s no point. Better to have 1440p, and all the detail, a the best compromise. To run most games in 4K, on the Pro, would require dull textures, reduced draw distance, lower lighting/ shadowing effects, fewer colors displayed, fewer objects, and reduced physics that the GPU could normally, and otherwise assist the CPU with. Why not run at 1440p, match the Scorpio in fidelity, but at a lower resolution that would upscale beautifully to 4K, over 1080p?

    There’s also the fact that many do not own 4K TV’s. Consider, how long it took people just to adopt 720p and 1080p TVs. And most people only really started buying those TV’s in 2009, and likely still have them, and that’s only because there was the “cable scare.” If you didn’t upgrade, or buy some special box, you cannot receive cable service, as cable companies were going digital. Remember? That sent a lot of people griping, and bitching about having to upgrade TVs.

    • This guy dose not represent the majority on Xbox sorry but he needs help. I love games and on any platform PC, PS, Wii, or Xbox makes no difference. As for if he is an Xbox gamer or not remands to be seen or if it is just a gamer making fun of Xbox gamers, the later is most likely it because any real Xbox site would of banned him, and if they did not they should of. Gamers should work together we all get what we are given and pay for it none the less. If we worked together we could get what we want and sooner not next year or the year after that but voices can be heard look at titanfall it was an Xbox exclusive and other games wanted it and got Titanfall 2 good for them but it should not end with a single game keep working together no matter what system your on. Cooperation beats competition every time, if all we do is look out for ourselves then when we cant who will. Games are meant to be fun but why should the fun stop when the game is off and you go to a forum? Why should you defend your chose of platform to those who don’t know every aspect of every platform? I have the time Retired Army and a tech head so I play on everything and love it yes I have a preference like everyone but the preference changes with what I want if I want speed and res PC if want community Xbox if I want a game that is not on those I go to that system but I believe a true gamer dose not care as much about the platform as he dose the game that he is playing don’t get me wrong it dose matter but without the game every platform is just a box for apps and I have a tablet for that.

  16. Did some people actually read the article? Or just the title and get annoyed at it? The writer does clearly acknowledge that the Xbox one and S do not sell as much as the ps4 and Pro. They also acknowledge that the Playstation has the edge at the moment with vr and 4k capabilities. What the writer is saying is that if all goes well for Microsoft when Scorpio is released it will be more powerful than the ps4 pro, which therefore will increase sales as it will hopefully be a ‘better’ console in terms of performance. This was seen when the ps4 pro came out as compared to the Xbox one S. Stop thinking that one console is superior simply because you play it or love it, and try acknowledging a console for what it is regardless of who its made by. Games are games. What you play it on really doesn’t matter.

    • Read and a little annoyed, I think the author dose not understand that the Project Scorpio is not a response to sony’s PS4 Pro and it is more of what they wanted to do when they first released the Xbox One Just the tech was not there yet. I am a gamer I have all the consoles and a killer gaming PC but prefer Xbox for community and support they offer, after all we al have a preference and that is a good thing we should support the things we like. As for sales I don’t think it matters because PS and PC gamers are not going to change just because Xbox has the most powerful system this time. I think all the companies are after are new gamers. I think Xbox and Microsoft are on the best track when it comes to what they do they don’t really try to compete they try to put out the test hardware and software they can and let consumers pic what they want. We may compare them to each other but that is a up hill battle and never ending one at that. No matter what platform we play on we should all be united when it comes to new tech, new games and do our best to push console and game devs to do their best not just a min requirement. Some companies see that such as the game dev for Ark they are going to push VR on their game and PS pushed their VR lower res than Oculus who is at the forefront of VR but still they did what they wanted Xbox is pushing VR ready Project Scorpio that can use Oculus and HTC VR set. I think the best we can do is to compare our preferred system with our preferred systems past not a different system that we may not know much about, but even if we did it is not fair to say one is better than others. It is an opinion and we all have a right to those, however some take it to far. If we worked together we could have almost anything we wanted some companies have online suggestions forums that let you vote on them and actually look into if it is possible. Some communities have grown a lot and gotten better at support such as PC with Steam. Gamers need to see we are all in the same boat, whether it sinks or floats it is up to us as gamers. So if you have an idea contact your console or the game dev that needs it and let them know push for your friends to do the same, but work together.

      • I agree

        • Which part? LOL We as gamers are so defensive and separated if we joined together we could do almost anything, kind of scary but true. Instead we argue about who’s system is better, and trash talk other. I wish more gamers would see that and use their voices to get game dev and console makers to give us the games and access we want. Feels like I am beating a dead horse some times when talking to some gamers and hearing their opinion, when they don’t have the other console or a gaming PC to compare it to and even if they did they might not see what each one has its pros and cons. If your a true gamer it should not matter if someone else prefers a different platform, who dose it bother, not me not anyone. I know each one needs funds to develop their system but it is not like Xbox will be more powerful for forever next year PS may have a new half step and call it PS5 we don’t know but one thing I do know is because Xbox Project Scorpio is as powerful as it is More game will go VR because PS can do it now just a lower res, Also Sony will build a more powerful system for those that prefer PS to Xbox so that is another good thing. With each new step each one will advance that much more. Some say they are competing but they really aren’t they use the same tech half the time even the Blu-ray player that streams 4K movies that PS did not put in their PS4 Pro will be in the Project Scorpio Xbox so each one bought will be supporting Sony, it is one big circle and right now while tech for VR and 4k is being pushed though we should go to our favorite game devs and tell them this is what we want, I want Halo in VR for example so I would message 343I and tell them but not stop there go on the forums and have friends do the same. If it something you want because just because a system can run 4k or
          VR dose not mean it has to, just the option for the game devs.

  17. PS4 is a great console, but as long as the X1 has Halo, PC integration with streaming and free PC versions I’ll probably stick with the X1 and get Scorpio. I already have an Oculus as well, so no need for Sony VR.

    • I am happy that PS4 went to VR fist let them get the credit and make the mistakes, like making their own VR rather than going to a top company in VR and using their tech. Don’t get me wrong Sony is a great company but they could of done things a bit differently like they own the 4k Blu-ray drive tech but did not put it in the pro, however it will be in Project Scorpio. Also the PS4 Pro was a half step when they could of waited a bit and made a whole step but Sony wanted to get something out to soon is how I feel about it. I have the Pro and it is not much better than the PS4, not enough for most to notice anyway. I have Xbox One and will get Scorpio when it releases if not preordered before hand. That being said I don’t think that any one console is better than another and we as gamers get nothing from our consoles if they hit the top of the sales chart, this and the chart changes all the time. What matters are the Games and that is where we should focus our attention is toward game devs to get better games faster instead of the flavor of what ever they decide to give us.

      • Well nothing has been announced as far as a possible partnership with Oculus, but I find it weird anyway since they have their own W10 VR HMDs coming out.

        • MS and Oculus are partners and the Oculus rift comes with an Xbox One controller. That being said it has been said it is going to be VR ready for HTC and Oculus both use the same connection set up. It was said the Xbox wuld not make their own VR gear but use partners for Xbox VR and their VR partners are Oculus and HTC so even if they did not come out and say it, which they did, they have officially given enough info for us to know. I know for a fact that it will work with Oculus Rift and it will work out of the box but all this was stated when Xbox announced that you could stream Xbox one games though your pc to Oculus or other VR gear on your PC but it would be a virtual room with a big screen with the game on it and you could adjust the environment some, I don’t know where you where during that announcement but it happened about the same time as the confirmation that HTC and Oculus who are partners would work on the VR ready Project Scorpio, but those of us that follow news every day we have known this from the start, not day one but fairly close to it.

          • I am aware the Rift comes with an xbox controller I own one after all. Because of this it is only speculated at this point the Scorpio might officially support the Rift (that kind of partnership, not just agreeing to include a controller). I have heard nothing In regards to supporting the HTC Vive. MS announced Windows 10 VR headsets for $300, and yes they have partners to make them, but you’d think they would sponsor those long before Rift or Vive.

          • Look I can only say what I know the Widows 10 VR head sets your talking about from what I seen the connection is the same so it would work as well the only differences would be the res and part of the software drivers so to work it would just be a matter of software and unless they have changed something I don’t know about then I don’t see any issues with any of them working, If it too was to work with Project Scorpio then there would be 3 ranges of res for the VR but the only ones I knew for sure are the Oculus and the HTC as working with Project Scorpio. If it works great but because it is not out yet I can make sure for positive.

          • I think you talk a little out your ass. Bottom line is it sounds like MS will treat Scorpio more or less like a PC, so if the headset works on PC, it probably will on Scorpio. Even more reason to buy one.

          • No need to be rude or use bad language You cant treat a console like a PC the architecture is completely different, yes it runs apps and can use external drivers but your phone can do that. Running VR gear any of it has more to do with drivers and ports to connect with (ie USB ports ect) than anything. It is common for people to compare PC to consoles but they are set up different and have to be treated different when it comes to software and external hardware not to mention performance expectations, I am sorry if you cant see the difference. As for buying one I will but not because “MS will treat Scorpio more or less like a PC” as you say because it is not nor can it be, but because I am an Xbox fan even though I built my gaming PC and have every console currently out. Your rudeness and your langue just show how little you know and your maturity level, I am sorry you was not hugged enough as a kid (or to much) but you should learn some restraint and do a bit more research before you try to call someone out for saying what they know to be true, so unless Xbox changes something between now and when Scorpio releases it wil be VR ready for HTC and Oculus as for the window VR I have not heard much but I don’t know for sure on how the connections for it work so I don’t know if it will be compatible it maybe but what I do know is it is mixed reality not full VR so games maybe overlaid if it works at all with Project Scorpio because mixed reality is not VR and even though the new windows head set could be used it is meant to be more like a tethered HoloLens and not Oculus or HTC VR devises. Once again not saying it would not work because it could work with Scorpio but the res would be a lot lower than HTC and lower than Oculus (because HTC has higher res than Oculus even though Oculus is a leader of VR tech) and would most likely be lower than PS4 VR, because of the way mixed VR is done over lens as to VR which is over a screen for each eye. Also the new Windows 10 is tethered and would be a bad idea if they are planning any exorcise games in VR, which I think they are because if Kinects has shown us anything is that sports games on it work and people love using it to work out so they can say “look at me”. Yes it would be cheaper, yes it could work, do I think Xbox and MS would pass a chance to get a leader in VR on Xbox so that they have a Dev with the skills and experience of porting games over to VR, No I don’t just so you know. Xbox Scorpio will use Oculus and HTC VR if the new windows 10 VR devise works on it fine but I will not be using it, not on my Xbox anyway. It is a nice piece of tech though because it uses less processing power than other VR systems and the cost and like HoloLens is mixed reality but unlike HoloLens has to connect to a PC (because HoloLens has its own Win 10 OS) just don’t see it as the only thing or even a thing Xbox Scorpio will use. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3158222/virtual-reality/microsofts-first-tethered-windows-10-vr-headsets-to-ship-in-march.html link to show info “The head-mounted displays work like HoloLens, allowing users to interact with 3D objects that show up as floating images on real-world backgrounds.” yes you can watch moves and play games it says but as I stated before res would be lower because of how every mixed reality system works.

          • I’m not rude you do talk out your ass, and you’re too sensitive. You have a lot to say, yet within your wall of text you said nothing at the same time (just like your previous posts). Information with no information. Not trying to be rude.

          • Not sensitive if it was a private chat it would be fine but kids read these articles and I don’t want mine reading curse words. Maybe I do have a lot to say but that is not talking from your butt, they are tow different things. I gave you the link showing that your unnamed windows 10 VR gear was a mixed reality so your still wrong, if Project Scorpio dose not use Oculus or HTC I will be wrong too but here are links that show it will because you are to lazy to look it up for your self.
            so here is 2 not going to pull them all up
            I like the first one because I don’t always agree with him.



            Though it has not yet been confirmed by Xbox everyone seems to know it just the same, with the exception of you and others that have not followed VR and Xbox. Although not know is not bad arguing about it when shown is. See ya kid….

          • I can respect that, but technically ass is not swearing since it is a real word. Having a lot to say is not talking out your butt. Talking out your butt is sounding like you know what your talking about when you really don’t, or in your case you are basically guessing. You were going off about this and that that had little to do with what I was talking about. In the future try to keep it short and more to the point, and on point instead of going off on rabbit trails.

          • Your thinking of is long winded, talk out of/through your arse (British & Australian very informal!) also talk out of/through your ass (American & Australian very informal!)
            to say things which are stupid or wrong She says she’ll sue us, but she’s talking out of her arse.
            Here is the link because I know your to lazy to look it up
            As for the guessing, I guess the question is it guessing when you know, I put half my portfolio into stock months ago on it and a few other things because of my “guess” sorry son maybe it is more of a bet then, care to wager? There are 100s of articles but at first I had no clue about HTC enough though are partners with Oculus and Window, I can admit when I don’t know. Look to me it makes no difference if your to blind or to stubborn to see what is right there in front of you if you did the work, heck I did most of it for you. If you don’t want to see it fine but don’t jump on a on here and try to call some out that knows what’s going on until you have a clue yourself if you had read your own article about window 10 VR devise you would of seen it was mixed reality and not full VR and would most likely have games like HoloLens, if it works for Project Scorpio great everyone that wants a cheap 300 US mixed reality head set to use on Scorpio can get it but why have something that can run at the speed of Scorpio and settle for a low res VR, Xbox has a lot riding on this release and I don’t see them settling for anything other than higher end VR headsets, that just logic. Even if I did not know exactly how it was going to play out I would have still put my money where it is now because it is a smart move. Yes I know what I am talking about or I would say strait out “if I had to guess” such as Oct most people would want to know why I think Oct, no it has nothing to do with the name. People like to have info and I have said nothing here or anywhere you can find in the news articles, real news not just internet articles. Anyway I think that is enough coddling you believe what you want just before you call someone out on something do some research or go play your (know you said you play Xbox but) PS4 or PC because you sound like some of the Xbox haters out there.

          • I guess I deserved that. Rereading my posts I acted like an ass.

          • cant wait for Project Scorpio though and they have not officially said it would work with Oculus I have one for my PC but would get another if I new for sure it was going to work with it so I can have someone over to game with in VR but until the confirm (the have confirmed VR) that Oculus and HTC will work with it I will wait to get a 2nd one HTC has a bit better res so I may go there but really like Oculus as a company it is basically the same thing from what I am told just the HTC has better res. I think Xbox would be crazy to not use Oculus because they have experience not just in VR but porting games over to VR they helped with a lot of games like Minecraft using the head swivel like the right analog stick but I can wait for Ark who is going VR to see that would be great. Nice debating with you later.

          • HTC has better res than what?

          • sorry maybe I cant do two things at once the tracking area is bigger than Oculus. I put res and did not correct it the res is the same as Oculus Rift my bad.

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