343 Community Manager; “Future Of The Master Chief Collection Is Unknown, The Ship Hasn’t Sailed”

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was one of the worst launches for a game in recent memory. When the game launched back in November 2014 it was full of problems with the biggest being the broken multiplayer. The game just flat out didn’t work until months later and even then it still had problems. Developer 343 Industries has continued to try and fix the problems with the game and release new content such as adding Halo 3: ODST to the package. Despite that many problems still exist and the game hasn’t had an update in over a year now.

Many fans have just given up hope for it at this point as it seems like 343 has. A player recently wrote a letter to the studio and 343 Community Manager Brian Jarrard (Ske7ch) replied to it with the following statement:

Regarding MCC, you’re not out of line for asking for a game you love to be as good as it can be. As I’ve stated before, there are a lot of legitimate issues and while it’s unfortunate that some people have been driven to such extreme measures of expressing their dissatisfaction it doesn’t mean the game isn’t without its problems. One thing you and others have genuinely helped with is re-surfacing some key recurring, big ticket issues that at least for me (someone relatively new) has been very helpful and getting up to speed and trying to have internal conversations across the team. I wish I had definitive info for you but right now the future of MCC is still unknown but I wouldn’t say the ship has totally sailed yet. Conversations are still being had, assessments are still being made and at a minimum I hope to make good on my pledge to either give fans a legitimate status update or, barring that, face it head on and even if it’s not the news everyone wants, accept it and move forward. This is top of mind for me as we start the new year so please know that you and everyone else who plays MCC on a daily basis are not forgotten.

That isn’t a lot to go on and basically they are saying that in the future they hope that they can comment on the future of the game. It also says they might possibly not be able to. So really nothing has changed and nothing might ever change in regards to the game getting any further updates.

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  1. A community playlist please. The most downloaded forge maps and game types could be regularly implemented to keep matchmaking fresh and the community happy. We all agree H2 Anniversary maps have great quality, but the quantity is lacking.

    • quantity? do you know how much is packed in this, what a dumb comment.

  2. The game launched crap, it’s still crap, they admit that it’s crap, and they’re not going to fix it. End of story.

    • exaggeration, 2.4 million copies sold.

      • Doesn’t mean it is isn’t a broken mess. Not sure what you’re trying to say there.

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