Uncharted 4 Has Sold 8.7 Million Copies Worldwide

It looks like the final chapter of Nathan Drakes story has been a huge success as Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced tonight that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has sold through 8.7 million copies worldwide since it launched back in May 2016. Sold through means that customers have bought so this is a huge success for both Sony and Naughty Dog.

Uncharted 4 is the highest rated game of 2016 and has already won over 100 Game of the Year awards. It’s great to see that it has sold so well in less than a year. Let us know in the comments if you’ve played Uncharted 4.

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  1. True Industry Leadership!
    Quantity of Quality is PS4’s winning formula.
    Uncharted is Untouchable now
    Critical and Commercial Success
    Uncharted 4 Chapter 21 has one of the best level design in any game


    • halo sold 5 million within 3 months dummy, this isnt something new for a halo title, uncharted is there halo, but it has never really done halo numbers, so thats why its nice to shout about, but nothing new for halo. Your brain is mad now huh.

  3. i don’t get this. it only demonstrates the power of brands because personally i had to stop playing it midway through because it was so utterly boring and generic and just not a very good game because we already had the very same thing 3 more times. so,… i only blame my hyped self for having shelled out money for this although i was already bored with part 3.

    • Uncharted 4

      93 Metacritic

      108 game of the year awards

      8.7 million copies sold through

      You are in the extreme minority, Uncharted 4 is beloved.

      • 8.8 from IGN, 4/10 from Washington Post, basically underperformed where it mattered

        So far hasn’t won any notable GOTY awards except from Angry Joe, most of it’s GOTY awards are platform exclusive ei Playstation GOTY award where most of the GOTY awards this year went to Overwatch

        8.7 million sold, most of it from Slim Bundles

        Actually he’s probably in the majority as Uncharted is overhyped trash


        Explains why I could barely get 20 bucks for my copy and why I had to pay for shipping too. People dislike shallow games and Uncharted is the epitome of shallow

        Doesn’t help that it’s dog doody multiplayer is so bad that it died out after a week

        • I owned this guy so badly that he blocked me after posting evidence of his BS claims. He aid it sold 8.7 mostly because of slim bundles. LMFAO! He thinks PS4 sold more than 4M slim bundles world wide. LMFAO! He uses two reviews but it got an overall score of 93 on metacritic, one of the most highly reviewed games this generation.

          He claims it multiplayer died after a week when I posted videos over and over again of me finding matches in under 30 seconds. He posted one video because of his bad connection. He’s full on retarded.

    • The game takes a little time to really ‘kick off’, as we play the first levels saying ‘ok..when is it really going to start… but once it starts, it’s just pure happyness. I agree those first levels in scotland aren’t the best ever done. Outside graphics could be better.

      As a big uncharted fan, i had to drop some big tears, after playing crash bandicoot for the 2nd time, and playing as cassy.. and seeing that old drake… oh man, they know how to mess with our feelings. Seeing the older drake was like saying goodbye to a good friend, that is going abroad/etc, and you know you might never see him again… sad times.

      Definitely, uncharted 1-4 are games that every gamer should experience at least once. For sure, when the Ps5 gets released, we will get a true 4k remaster, like the current crash bandicoot remaster, where all assets are updated. Naughty dog already have all the textures at max quality, and they can output characters with 500k, 2 million, even 20 million polygons, if they need to.

  4. Almost 9 million copies. But let’s not forget a few months after release, as well as during Christmas sales, uncharted 4 couldbe bought at 50% off. Many people i know only bought it when it got discounted. Though, those are great sales, that bring lots of cash to sony and naughty dog… which means many more future great titles, like the last of us 2 (i atill can’t believe they’re making it !) 2017 isgoing to be a fantastic year for Playstation. Can’t wait so start playing mass effect andromeda, hoping the game will still be 100+ hours long, without many microtransactions shit.

  5. halo sold 5 million within 3 months of launching, who cares. This is sony flagship game, of course it sold well.

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