Mass Effect Andromeda: Why You Should And Shouldn’t Be Concerned About This Game


It was announced that ME: Andromeda will be released in North America on March 21, and The EU on the 23, and along with that news came a game play video. As soon as the video dropped folks were picking it apart, commenting the models didn’t look right, and also commenting on the in game menus. I have watched the video several times, and it looks fine to me, but to each their own. In regards to the menus I’m not surprised they revamped the UI, this is the first game in the series for this generation of consoles I fully expected it.

Another thing I have read in various post was that the combat shown was too Mass Effect like, I can see the point in regards to that but it is a ME game after all. I can also see this being a problem though if Bioware hasn’t expanded the combat in some way. From what I have read the developers have moved away from the class system from the first three games, and are letting the player choose form more skills to develop but not locked into a particular character class. Of course this is a change from the previous games, so some folks have issues with it. It will be interesting to see how the new non-class system works when in combat.

Some people have commented that the release date is too soon, well the game is already delayed by a few months, it was originally supposed to come out this past holiday, and it has been in development for quite a while now. I think this may be a case where some people, like myself kind of forgot about it, and then realized it’s only a couple months away.

Here’s the thing, and remember this is just one guys opinion but I cant recall Bioware ever releasing a bad game unless I’m forgetting something, this is not to be confused with buggy, thats a different thing. Change, some people aren’t big fans of change and to be honest I have seen game franchises get really screwed up due to developers making drastic changes to a series, Fable would be a good example of this. So yea Bioware could screw this up, but to be honest I doubt it.

My big concern about Andromeda is EA, I’m worried they are going to push the game out the door on release day, before it’s ready for prime time. and it’s going to be buggy as hell, not unlike recent Ubisoft games. Now I fully expect a release day patch, that seems to be the norm now, but i’m hoping that the game will have been tested enough by then to have any major problems fixed.

I think a lot of whats driving the concerns about Andromeda is change, and people get nervous when changes are made to a franchise that is held in such high regard as Mass Effect is, and Bioware has to walk a fine line in when making the changes, and to be honest I think they know this.

Here’s the thing, Mass Effect games need to evolve from one game to the next, otherwise it ends up being the same old thing, but not to the point that they lose what makes the ME games well ME games. Did I like all the changes from Mass effect 1 to 2, and 3? No, in the last two I missed some of the rpg elements that were in the first one, and I’m hoping more of that is in Andromeda.

And another piece of news just dropped, apparently there will be no season pass for Andromeda. I hope this is a new trend we are starting to see, as most season passes are not worth the money in my opinion.

So will I preorder the game? You bet, I think, and hope it’s going to be great, I have loved all the other ME games so far, but I can see where there are area’s of concern, and to be honest waiting until release after some reviews drop might be the safe bet.

So are you excited about the game, or have any worries about it? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Me 1-3 were my top 5 games ever. But,
    I have some big concerns about andromeda.

    -The game will surely be much shorter, like 30 or 40 hours, instead of the 100+ for me2, me3.
    – multiplayer and millions ingame apps forced down our throats
    – the ‘magic’ of the first 3 episodes, with shepard, will be hard to beat
    – huge chunks of gameplay removed from the game, so they can justify the 60$ preorders with several dlcs, as well as to be used in andromeda 2
    – ea being ea, we could even have microtransactions on the single player
    – not many epic characters, like joker, edi, etc
    – too many shooting sequences, almost like an halo or cod game
    – ea will surely try to transform the game so it plays like overwatch or other well known title
    – etcetc

    Ps. It’s time to remove the dust from the ps3, and replay the 3 mass effect games, as paragon. Want to know the ‘bad’ shepard.

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