Why Horizon Zero Dawn Could Be A Game Of The Year Contender

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming Action-Adventure Role playing game created exclusively for the PlayStation 4, being developed by Guerrilla Games. The game itself is being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment given it said exclusive rights for Sony’s Playstation 4. The game is already battling to become one of this year’s games to receive the game of the year award. Contending for game of the year is not an easy task. Here are four reasons why Horizon Zero Dawn could be a game of the year contender.


It’s no joke that the marketing for the game is extremely well managed. Sony has put high stakes on the future of the game, even pushing it to be a major selling point for the Playstation 4 Pro; hence its recognition is far vaster than other tiles. Not saying other big titles are not as recognizable, but being one the many games pushing for the PS4 Pros success gives it a wider range audience to deal with.

The marketing method for the game is different in the industry, due to 4k gaming not being as mainline for the console gaming audience. With the PS4 Pro still trying to grab its gamers to understand such a concept, using an open world game as Horizon Zero Dawn might intrigue many gamers to switch to the upgraded Playstation 4. With such marketing, I’ll be surprised if Horizon Zero Dawn is not a game of the year contender.


The development of the game is quite a unique state. Guerrilla games created their own game engine named Decima for which is the engine is used in the game. It’s been used for other well-known games such as Until Dawn, and Killzone Shadow Fall. Most recently being in the spotlight for being the game engine for Death Stranding by Kojima Productions. The Game engine itself aligns with the marketing and has thus created an environment for Horizon Zero Dawn to well know of.

The engine has been said to handle a high rendering range, giving its open world a bit of complexity. This has shown to be really impressive from the gameplay we have seen, it looks to quite promising in terms of the Playstation’s power. Decima is known for supporting 4K and HDR (High-Dynamic-Range-Imaging). Bringing such terms in the core console audience will also highlight the game’s use of such terms on the Playstation 4 Pro. Being one the games to highlight such concepts is the second reason why it could be a game of the year contender.


The game has won two awards as of now, both being from the Critics Game Awards for “Best original game” for the years 2015 and 2016. It was also nominated for the most anticipated game at the Game Award show of last year. With seven other nominations, this game for sure has the attention of many critics. Creating a sight for a game of the year contender.

Release Date:

The release date for the game holds for late February and early March. The date is the last solid reason for being a game of the year contender. There are not many other big releases other than Mass Effect: Andromeda. With such a date, it’s not competing to be bought such as Rise of the Tomb Raider did with Fallout 4 back in November of 2015. This was a major issue for the sales of Rise of the Tomb Raider, but Horizon Zero Dawn is not facing the same issue and for that it could possible sell extremely well.

What do you think? Is Horizon Zero Dawn a game of the year contender? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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