5 Things Destiny 2 Needs to Do to Be a Successful Sequel

Destiny has a special place in my gaming heart, it is a game that despite so many flaws, I was able to love and enjoy for years.

Destiny’s story was stale and while the Crucible was enjoyable, it quickly became a mindless and boring way for me to complete bounties. Fortunately for Bungie, the strikes and raids kept me coming back to my guardian everyday. My love-hate relationship with Destiny continues, but I have hope that Bungie will make things right in Destiny 2.

#5. Permanent Sparrow Racing

Destiny’s side quests are lackluster to say the least, but Bungie hit the jackpot when they introduced sparrow racing. Sparrow racing is a great way for players to take a break from the Crucible and saving the galaxy. There is a lot of room for growth if sparrow racing is implemented as a permanent addition in Destiny 2. Sparrow Racing could have its own updates, with new maps, sparrows, and rewards being released on a consistent basis. A wager system could be implemented allowing players could wager glimmer or engrams. If Destiny 2 features private matches, sparrow racing would no doubt be a popular game mode among friends for bragging rights and wager rewards.

#4. Interactive Social Areas

The main social area in Destiny, the tower, was great for interacting with NPCs…but that was about it. There were no mini-games or ways to talk with other guardians. Bungie could take some notes from Rockstar’s GTA V on how to successfully incorporate mini-games into the social areas of Destiny 2. With the increasing popularity of digital card games, I could easily see an avenue for Bungie to create a mini-game based on the Grimoire cards that players collect.

Bungie can also go the route of many popular MMOs and add a housing system, where guardians can store equipment, hang heads of defeated foes from strikes and raids, or just hang out and play mini-games with friends. There is an abundance of options, but Bungie needs to at least make some strides in Destiny 2 to increase the longevity of their player community.

#3. Engaging Storyline

The most talked about item on everyone’s Destiny 2 wishlist, is the need for a better in-game story. An improved story would not only help Destiny 2 with attracting new players, it would aid in solving one of Destiny’s biggest issues, which is replayability. Bungie attempted to add better storylines through their DLC’s, and were able to have some success. The Taken King was a step in the right direction for Bungie, because it featured an engaging story and a villain in Oryx that players quickly grew to despise. The storyline in Destiny 2 provides a great avenue for Bungie to inform players about the lore of Destiny instead of having players learn about it solely through Grimoire cards. 

#2. Competitive/Ranked Matchmaking

A main factor that will determine the amount of replayability that Destiny 2 will have, is the Crucible matchmaking.

Competitive matchmaking is a feature that would please the hardcore and casual Destiny players alike. The current matchmaking system, is unbalanced and skilled Destiny players collect killing sprees with ease. Skilled Destiny players opt for raids and strikes instead of multiplayer, because they want a challenge. Competitive matchmaking would allow for casual players to develop their skills in non-ranked matches, while skilled players can finally face challenging opponents in ranked matches.

Competitive matchmaking would also allow Bungie the opportunity to satisfy other players who are asking for more ways to get unique exotics. Bungie can create “competitive seasons” and award unique exotic weapons to the top ranked players of every competitive season.

#1. Raid Matchmaking

Players who either played Destiny solo or did not have five friends who played, ran into the difficulty of gathering a group for a raid. Bungie needs to add a matchmaking feature which would pair up players into groups of six, so that they do not have to post in forums just to play a raid. This is an easy fix for Bungie to make and it is laughable that a game that has constantly been updated since its 2014 release, still requires players to post on forums in order to experience one of its most exciting game modes.

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  1. The lack of matchmaking was always a downer, as I only ever had 2 friends to play the game with during the hours I was available. If Bungie isn’t confident that a ground of randos can down their raid bosses, they could always do what World of Warcraft does and dumb down the damage/HP pools a bit, scaling down the rewards in the process. This not only makes diving in to new raid content with randos appealing, since you get new loot, but boosting your gear by way of matchmaking entices players to improve said gear by running the raids in a standard group for better rewards. It works.

    • Agreed! That would be a great solution and would not be difficult to implement. I was in a similair circumstance and lack of raid matchmaking is the main reason I no longer play. Too time consuming getting it set up. Thanks for the read & comment!

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