Rumor: FIFA For The Nintendo Switch Might Be A PS3/Xbox 360 Port Of The Game

If you were expecting to play the Xbox One/PS4 version of FIFA on the Nintendo Switch then there’s some bad news for you. There’s many reports coming in from various sources who attended the Nintendo event today that have said that FIFA on the Nintendo Switch will be a port of the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game, that hasn’t changed much at all in terms of gameplay since 2013. It also means that FIFA on the Nintendo Switch will use the old Ignite engine rather than the Frostbite engine that PS4/Xbox One/PC uses.

Obviously you will have the updated teams, but don’t expect the kind of visuals that FIFA has on Xbox One and PS4. It’s not exactly known why EA are porting the last gen version over the current gen version, it’s very possible that it just can’t run on the Nintendo Switch. It could also be EA choosing a cheaper option as a way to test if there’s any interest but this news could put off those who were interested in playing FIFA on the Switch. It’s a shame because there’s certainly a huge market for being able to play FIFA and the Ultimate Team mode on the go.

To back up the statement that current gen FIFA can’t run on the Switch, it’s looking likely that Skyrim on Nintendo Switch will also be the PS3/Xbox 360 version due to the lack of mod support and not being called “Special Edition.”

What do you think? Did EA cheap out as it’s only a game to test the market? Or do you think the Switch just can’t run the current gen versions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I knew EA is going to do that, bad for the switch. Asap EA find out the switch is no business, the future of the switch is going be the same of the Wii U. I hate EA.

  2. “I will fully-support Switch, but not for now, let me see if it’s going to succeed, first” – EA

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