Here Is Your First Look At The Nintendo Switch UI

Here is a look at what the Nintendo Switch UI will look like when you start the console up, and it goes to the main menu.



The options which you can see below the games are as follows, from left to right.

  • Game News
  • Nintendo E-Shop
  • Album
  • Controllers
  • System Settings
  • Sleep Mode

Do you like the design of the Nintendo Switch’s UI? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. no shit, taking screenshot from presentation trailer and labeling it first look… what BS is this

    • The second image wasn’t from the trailer, and there was no information on what the buttons meant. So there’s still something new here.

      • First look means you were the first. Whether it was from the reveal or not, this info is already on other sites. You aren’t the first.

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