Skyrim On The Nintendo Switch Might Not Be A Port Of The Xbox One/PS4 Version

Now take this as a rumor and speculation for now, but it’s very possible that Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch will be a port of the Xbox 360/PS3 version, and not the recent Xbox One/PS4 versions. Nintendo released a product description on their site which revealed the following.

Epic Fantasy Reborn.
Skyrim reimagines the open-world fantasy epic, pushing the gameplay and technology of a virtual world to new heights.
Live another life, in another world.
Play any type of character you can imagine, and do whatever you want; the legendary freedom of choice, storytelling, and adventure of The Elder Scrolls is realized like never before.
Stunning Graphics and Immersive Gameplay
Skyrim’s game engine brings to life a complete virtual world with rolling clouds, rugged mountains, bustling cities, lush fields, and ancient dungeons.
You Are What You Play.
Choose from hundreds of weapons, spells, and abilities. The new character system allows you to play any way you want and define yourself through your actions.
Dragons Return.
Battle ancient dragons like you’ve never seen. As Dragonborn, learn their secrets and harness their power for yourself.

There is not a single mention of the upgrades that the PS4/Xbox One version had, no mention of mods, and the lack of “special edition” in the title is very noticeable. It’s not like they had forgot to mention them, as if they were in the game, it would’ve been advertised as these were the main selling points for the PS4/Xbox One version.

Again this is just a rumor and speculation for now, and we hope to hear more details in the future. We will make sure to keep this story updated.

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  1. They didnt say special edition, it doesnt even look good as the current rerelease special editions… just like fifa, probably will be a port of the ps3/x360 version with updated assets and controls.

  2. looks like crap, of course not

  3. This comment is for the dude who commented below who thinks SKYRIM IS THE REMASTERED VERSION and is a launch title lmao lol lol lol

    Hey bro sorry to burst your bubble BUT THE SKYRIM IS THE OLDER XBOX 360 & PS3 edition and will also be slightly downscaled even from that last gen port as the switch simply doesn’t have anywhere near enough power to run the remastered version and it’s been confirmed it’s the regular old skyrim NO REMASTERED PERIOD…….. you gotta accept the fact the switch will never get full MAJOR CURRENT GEN AAA GAME PORTS AS ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN AS DEVELOPERS DONT HAVE ENOUGH POWER TO GET ANYWHERE NEAR XBOX ONE OR PS4 level graphics and or performance AND THATS THE MAIN REASON NINTENDO DIDNT SHARE ANY POWER & performance numbers or specs because their console is woefully underpowered and is essentially A MOBILE HYBRID WII U and that’s it dude sorry buddy……..

  4. Uh… mods? Really? You’re dumb.

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