Why Nintendo Switch Is Going To Be The Wii U All Over Again

The Nintendo Switch is going to be released on March 3rd 2017 for $299.99. Nintendo held a presentation announcing the different features for the Switch as well as posting the information on the Nintendo website. The console is going to include 2 Joy Con controllers, Joy Con grip and straps, the Nintendo Switch dock, HDMI cord, AC adapter and the main console.

With the Nintendo Switch, players can play at home on their TV or take it on the go. The battery life of the Switch can last for about 6 hours depending on the usage and software while the new Zelda game can be played for about 3 hours on a single charge.

It appears that major gaming publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Bethesda and others are going to be putting games on the Switch. The Nintendo Switch will not be region locked. Why I think the Nintendo Switch is going to be the Wii U all over again is because due to the lack of games that are going to be available on the console’s release. The battery life of the Switch is considerably short when the main concept of the Switch is to have a console that you can actually bring with you without having to be tied down to the TV.

The overall idea of the Switch is a good idea but it seems like it won’t work. The Switch just looks like an upgraded version of the Wii and Wii U. With the Wii U, it looked like the Nintendo version of the PSP or the Nintendo version of a tablet. Honestly nowadays when we already have games on our tablets and smartphones, what is the point of creating gaming system that we can bring with us when our tablets and smartphones can keep us entertain just as well and most likely the batteries for them will last longer than the Switch.

Plus there is no point of having another portable console when there is already the PSVita and the Nintendo 3DS out. There will be those who will get the Switch just for the new Zelda game and or the new Mario games. So is it worth it go buy a $300 portable console that you can connect to the TV just to play one game?

I haven’t had a Nintendo console since the Nintendo 64. It seems like after the 64, the consoles have been in a decline. Nintendo tries to stay in the game with PlayStation and Microsoft, but it seems that with the GameCube, Wii, Wii U and now the Switch, Nintendo seems like they are making each console worse than the previous one instead of making it better. From the Switch presentation, the Nintendo execs were explaining how with the Switch they had combine all the ideas that they had from their previous consoles and put it all together in the Switch.

When they had mentioned that, I can see how they had just mushed everything together just to make the Switch and they didn’t really improve anything. The graphics might be the only thing that they had improved. Nothing can be sure at the moment since I haven’t seen much of the specs or any information about the graphics or the OS for the Switch

Overall, the Switch doesn’t look too promising to me. It just reminds me of an upgraded Wii U that is not really upgraded. If the Switch doesn’t perform well, Nintendo needs to actually learn from the lessons of the Wii U and the Switch. Hopefully, Nintendo can improve the Switch with time but it just feels like it is going to be Wii U the sequel. It just doesn’t appeal to me just because of the portability/then connecting it to tv, lack of games, battery life and the overall design of the console and controllers.

I will just stick with the Nintendo 3DS if I want a portable gaming system even though the only games I have for it are Pokemon. However, if you want to buy the Switch just for one two games like Zelda and Mario games then I would suggest maybe waiting till the price goes down on the Switch since the $300 price tag is a little steep just for one or two games.

If you want to buy it just because The Elder Scrolls might be on it, it doesn’t seem worth it just because The Elder Scrolls is already on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. It wouldn’t be worth it to buy a new console just to buy a game when its already out on the other consoles. For those who might be on the edge, just consider is it worth buying just because it is portable while you can just stick with your tablets and smartphones for your gaming needs and the Switch doesn’t have a lot of choices for games?

Switch just might be for those who are hardcore Zelda and Mario fans out there. Even then the price of the console is much right just for those couple of games. So it’s up to you rather or not you want the Switch but to me, the Switch just looks like an upgraded version of the Wii U and it doesn’t appeal to me.

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