4 Reasons Why There Needs To Be A Casino Update For GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V is known mostly for the updates it brings out for its online mode. Since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, we have seen multiple updates released for online, ranging from new vehicles, to new high end apartments to being able to own and be a CEO of your own company. We may have seen updates bring us a lot of different things, but there is still a range of updates fans are still waiting for. One of those things being the casino update for Grand Theft Auto online. So today we will be talking about 4 reasons why there needs to be a casino update for Grand Theft Auto online.

1. More Content

Every time Rockstar release an update for Grand Theft Auto V, it gives the player much more content to play with in-game. Like any previous update, the casino update could do just this. It would open up a whole new part of the Los Santos world, and could introduce us to new characters. With the opening of a new area, it would also mean that it would give us more activities to do. These activities could include anything from mini games within the casino to maybes even being able to run your own casino. It would offer the player a different way to earn money, or lose it, and it could even introduce a brand new currency into the game.

2. Microtransactions

This leads on from the last point and a new currency being brought into the game. If Rockstar are smart and bring another currency to the game with the update, they could make some serious money with it. If done correctly, Rockstar could make it so you can buy this new currency. This could possibly give you an advantage over others within the casino and gambling world, but Rockstar wouldn’t mind whilst their rolling it in. If we do see a casino update in the future, there is a possibility of more microtransactions, but we would have to see.

3. Bring the game back to life.

More content and new updates is always a good thing, but it doesn’t always bring players back to a game, or attract new players. However, with a casino update, that could be very different. There has been many rumors of a casino update coming to Grand Theft Auto online for nearly as long as 2 years. This update would bring the game back to life because people have been waiting for it for so long, that it will entice players to return to the game, wanting to play what it now has to offer. As mentioned earlier, the update could bring a whole lot of new content, meaning there would be a lot of new things for new and returning players to do in game.

4. There’s already gambling in the game.

Casinos are known for the amount of gambling which takes place inside. However, Rockstar wouldn’t need to worry too much about what the gambling could cause, since it is already in their game in the form of betting at the start of races. Hopefully Rockstar realizes that there is already gambling implemented within their game, and well gambling is very popular in the real world too. Casino websites like UK-K8 are a good example of what GTA Online should provide, Rockstar should be asking us to visit the Casino, like UK-K8 would ask you to visit us at http://uk-k8.com/

Rockstar needs to add a big update like a casino update to their game, as it had been long awaited. This has only been 4 reasons why they should bring a casino update, but there will be many more. Let us know in the comments down below what you think of an update, like the casino update, and if you think Rockstar has been keeping us waiting too long.

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