Nintendo Flipped The Switch on RPGs

I think I chose the right time to be a Nintendo fan. After watching the Switch presentation I was completely sold on the console and cannot wait for the future of the Switch. It seems like almost everything that went wrong with the Wii U, they corrected in their presentation for the Switch;keyword almost. The lackluster translators did not hinder me from my excitement for the Nintendo Switch and what the future of Nintendo has in store for RPGs.


I’m new to the Xeno series, having only played the Xenoblade installments, and with the previous titles being grand in scale and pleasing to the eye, the reveal of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is what has me extremely excited. From the trailer alone , my hype level is through the roof. One thing that bums me out is that we may not see the return of the story or characters from Xenoblade X, but we may see the return of “Reyn Time”, which is a fan favorite. The HD models and expressions on the characters definitely brings about the excitement I was hoping for instead of the dullness in the characters of Xenoblade X, which is definitely a plus. One question though is, while we know for certain that the world will be large in scale, will it take advantage of Nintendo’s revamped Online, and allow players to run rampant in this new world with friends? Or will it be the grand solo story that we can enjoy all our own? Either way it goes, I’m excited.

Next the long awaited Fire Emblem Warriors game has finally been announced, and as a fan of the series, I cannot wait  to blast through soldiers with critical hits and Astra strikes.The amount of effort and infinite possibilities for this game has me on the edge of my seat. From dashing through the outskirts of the Dread Isle in Fire Emblem 7 to trying to take on Ashnard in Daein’s Keep in Fire Emblem 9, this seems like the Fire Emblem game for fans to enjoy. Now if we can just get the Soul Calibur x Fire Emblem game, everything will be golden.This is also not to mention what Intelligent Systems is really working on while Koei Tecmo handles Fire Emblem Warriors.


We also got the confirmation of Dragon Quest 10, 11, as well as Heroes 1 and 2 being released to the Switch.With the Switch being region free this time around, even if Dragon Quest 10 does not get an international release, gamers can expect to pick up the MMOJRPG and take it with them on the go, and I am all for this kind of game. I have been heavily anticipating this game to be released Nationally since I read about it for the Wii. And since the Switch is also getting Dragon Quest 11, and the Heroes titles, it seems like Square Enix is finally back to good terms with Nintendo, and helping them fight on even ground with Sony and Playstation. This is especially evident with the mysterious new title revealed by Square Enix called Octopath Traveler, which looks to be  a 2D RPG from the short trailer alone, as well as I am Setsuna being a launch title for the console.

But that is not all, as Sega and Atlus decided to reveal that a new Shin Megami Tensei game would be coming to the Switch. Atlus has been developing a fair amount of games for Nintendo , such as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE  and Citizens of Earth for the Wii U, and Shin Megami Tensei 4, Apocalypse, Etrian Odyssey,Devil Survivor,and Persona Q for the 3DS just to name a few.Also at launch we will be receiving a port of Disgaea 5, which was initially Playstation 4 exclusive, as well as Skyrim down the road.


So Nintendo Switch is already shaping up to be a wondrous RPG machine in its own right. Are you excited for the titles to be released? Are there games that you are hoping get announced ? Leave your comments below.

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