Nintendo Switch’s Exclusive Lineup For 2017 Is More Interesting Than Xbox One’s Offerings

Nintendo’s announcement of their new console, the Nintendo Switch, was nothing short of amazing. Equally impressive is the star-studded lineup of exclusive titles that Nintendo has set up for the Switch. It is difficult to imagine that any gamer would not be excited to play Mario Odyssey, Zelda: BOTW, or Mario Kart 8just to name a few. It is baffling that a console, that has yet to even launch, already has more confirmed exclusive titles releasing in 2017 than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Microsoft’s 2017 is looking bleak and it is relying on a small handful of exclusive titles to save them from embarrassment.

Micrsosoft is set to release only nine confirmed Xbox-exclusive titles in 2017. These titles are Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 (I guess zombies are still a thing), Cup Head, Rise and Shine, Gigantic, Tacoma, and Below. The Nintendo Switch, is at this time set to feature at least 12 exclusive titles including: Zelda: BOTW, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, Super Bomberman R, Super Mario Odyssey, Ultra Street Fighter II, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Arms. There is no reason that a new console that is launching in 2017 should have more exclusive releases than the already established Xbox One. Microsoft should be embarrassed, that they have had over three years to establish themselves and are still being beaten by newcomers.

The Nintendo Switch slightly outnumbers Xbox One with the amount exclusive titles they are releasing in 2017 and to add insult to injury, the quality of the games being released on each console could not be further apart. Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, and State of Decay 2 are the only games worth mentioning from Xbox’s 2017 lineup. Seriously, there is no reason that there should be a Crackdown 3Crackdown 2 should have been the end of that series

Nintendo Switch will be releasing higher quality games from beloved franchises such as Zelda, Super Mario, and Mario Kart. Anyone who has watched gameplay from any of the aforementioned games will know that there is no question, Nintendo Switch has the better games lined up for 2017. Nintendo Switch’s exclusive games should outperform Xbox’s 2017 exclusive games not only in quality, but sales as well.

Microsoft’s best shot at redeeming themselves this year is Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves looks original, engaging, and just plain fun; all are features that Microsoft is in desperate need of right now. The potential of longevity with Sea of Thieves would be an immense boost to Microsoft and could attract new console gamers to the Xbox One over the Ps4 or Nintendo Switch.

The only issue is that Xbox gamers may not be receiving Sea of Thieves this year. Any game has a chance of being delayed for any numerous reasons, but Sea of Thieves has been delayed in the past. If we have learned anything from the recent cancellation of Scalebound, it is that even if a game has a great gameplay trailer, it is does not mean the game development is going well, or that it will be released. Fable Legends was another Xbox online-game that had many gamers excited, we all saw how that turned out. Hopefully Sea of Thieves is able to be released in 2017 and lives up to the hype.

The best part is that Microsoft is attempting to use their backwards compatibility feature as a way to overshadow their lack of games planned for 2017. Xbox 360 games are being treated like new releases by Microsoft and they show no signs of changing. Xbox gamers should not let Microsoft escape 2017 without massive repercussions. Microsoft needs to be called out for their lackluster 2017 lineup and need to realize that backwards compatibility can not be used as a replacement for new exclusive titles.

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  1. Well, At least XB1 had more than only 1 AAA game within its launch Lineup, right? Shouldn’t Nintendo also be embarassed? Yes, Zombies IS still a sting (Hello Days Gone). And is so easy to say “Hey, Nintendo has incredible 12 exclusives for 2017 and MS only 9” when “things” like ARMS and Snipperclips are included in that list. Microsoft also released a bunch of Kinect gargabes times ago and no one gave a S about it, should we do now? and since WHEN is MS using BC as a replacement for games? 2016 was a great year for BC and they also shipped a lot of good games. And let’s not forget that both companies haven’t showed all their cards for this year yet, too. Scorpio is coming and i’m pretty sure it won’t come with a single game in its launch 🙂

    • You are absolutely right, Nintendo does have some not so great exclusives but Mario Odyssey, Zelda: BOTW, or Mario Kart 8 are great games! Im not trying to hate on Xbox gamers, just trying to hold Microsoft accountable. They need to do a better job than what they have planned for 2017 right now, for gamers sake. You are definitely right, it is not too late for them to announce more exclusives, which I hope they do!

      Thanks for the read & your opinion man, much appreciated!

      • Exactly. Sorry but it’s pretty bad that a brand new console is going to have a better exclusive lineup then the Xbox that is going on its fourth year now. Microsoft needs to do better.

        • whats better is a opinion, it has 2 games, thats it. And since common sense isnt so common, you are comparing a lunch of a console that is launching mid cycle because the wii u failed, to the continuation of the xbox one.

        • Oh…. you must have went to a terrible school. MORE and BETTER are “”not”” the same thing.

          MS makes game that you can play for months and years. Halo 5 still has an active base bigger than Uncharted 4. Gears of war 4 is the best MP experience from last year and is also thriving with continued support. Now they are about to get Sea of Thieves which is a MMO that is designed to have people playing for long periods of time.

          When you talk Xbox the key word is innovation. Dedicated servers…. no one else is giving you the features and stability and quality Xbox does. The games are more than just speed run candidates. They are fully realized games. Halo Wars 2 is a console RTS good RTS games get played for years. State of Decay is another big MMO type game on dedicated servers.

          People that actually enjoy playing games and not counting how many games there are to play will be fine this year with an Xbox One.

      • The nintendo exclusives are mostly remakes, none are exciting besides mario, zelda will sell because its zelda but it looks ok. When is the last time nintendo had a real zelda or mario? since the wii u failed, they are launching it are comparing them in stupid ways that makes no sense, and MS does not announce exclusives 2 years in advance, so you should probably wait until after e3 to make your biased opion…. who puts bomberman as a important exlclusive…or that remake street fighter…sigh.

  2. Damn! This is like the 2nd article within a week hating on Xbox.

    • Not trying to hate on Xbox, great console with some great games. Just trying to hold them accountable for their lackluster plans for 2017. Thanks for the read & comment.

      • It seems that way as you just automatically assume that Crackdown 3 will not be quality. I mean is doing things know other game has done

        • Never been a fan of the Crackdown games. Crackdown was disliked by many. Ofcourse like any game, some people will like it and that is no problem. That is why this is an opinion article, not hating just stating my opinion. Thanks for the response!

          • thats the problem wi these stupid articles, just opinion pieces, nobody likes any one game, crackdown 1 and 2 sold over a million copies each.

      • if you pay attention they dont announce , or generally dont announce exclusives 2 years in advance, you should probably post your asinine article after E3.

        • thanks for the read & love.

    • The article isn’t hating on them it is stating a very valid point. Our site does this same thing to both Sony and Nintendo as well and we always have. Man fanboys really get rubbed the wrong way quick.

      • no valid points at all, cherry picking, to put bomberman as a hot exclusive, xenoblade, that remake street fighter, as if those games are important are crazy.
        The xbox exclusives are not mostly remakes, the nintendo has 2 big games, mario and zelda, the end.

        • I’ve seen a lot of excitement for a new bomberman. Also Xenoblade is a very popular franchise. That’s a big game. For Xbox you are betting on a new IP Sea of Thieves to be good and Crackdown 3 to be as good as 1 b/c CD2 was bad. State of Decay 2 is a sequel to a XBLA game so you really don’t know if it will turn out well either. At least Nintendo has proven that Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade and more are up to quality every time they release one.

  3. ” Zelda: BOTW, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, Super Bomberman R, Super
    Mario Odyssey, Ultra Street Fighter II, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Arms.”
    Remake, and a bunch of niche titles…besides mario and zelda it has nothing.
    bomberman…really? thats like having a exclusive tertis title, it actually has a bomberman title thanks to its BC. Street fighter (It is an updated version of 1991’s Street Fighter II: The World Warrior)…well its getting the new marvel vs capcom, no loss.
    Xenoblade….well xbox one has witcher, FF, mass effect, kingdom hearts 3.
    The Switch are getting updated remakes, boring exclusives, and missing out on the biggest games of the year, which are not exclusive such as red dead redemption 2.

  4. This site is just bias, the biggest launches are not exclusives such as BF1, THE WITCHER, RED DEAD RED 2, MASS EFFECT 3, RESIDENT EVIL 7, GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS. It does not matter what exclusive a system has, if you dont have these games on your system you will lose. No mario, halo, uncharted is going to take on a red dead 2, or whatever the next GTA is… these keep systems healthy, and the apposite of the wii u (not dead).
    So enjoy your splatoon, ultra street fighter, xenoblade, and arms… none of those games match up, after mario and zelda, with the little to no support…nintendo goes into the wii, and wii u lack of software….and most software is 3rd party.

  5. I cant believe what I just read. Seriously? I almost vomited at how biased you sound with this article. True journalists voice their opinions without obvious vitriol spewing from each word typed. Microsoft should be held accountable, gamers shouldn’t let them escape 2017 blah blah. Escape what? How does that even make any sense?

    • Opinion article so I stated my opinion. Enjoyed reading your opinion. Thanks for the read & comment!

      • Read my other comment. State it in a less biased way.

        • That is the way I write man, trying to bring what I believe is the honest truth even if others disagree! Thanks though for the advice.

          • An opinion cannot be true or false. As it’s not a fact it’s an opinion. And yeah you’re welcome for the advice. Try using it next time.

  6. You should take hints from Kotaku, Gamespot, Polygon, Forbes, and other sites on how to form an opinion without outright sounding like a Fanboy. You might learn something.

  7. another two Mario games and a bunch of games for kids.

    It comes down to personal opinion which has the more interesting lineup, but the only console I would never buy is a Nintendo console

  8. This has to be the stupidest article I have read in a while. I didnt even read it actually. I was scanning through and saw one thing and knew this was some c#$ksucker $h!t.

    ” there is no reason that there should be a Crackdown 3, Crackdown 2 should have been the end of that series.”

    If Crackdown 3 does what it says it does it is easily the most innovative game we have seen this generation. The Crackdown world offers a perfect setting for the tech. I enjoyed Crackdown 1 more than Crackdown 2 bust Crackdown to had some really great stuff in it. Truth is they hurt the game with the narrative, not the game play and features. They should have kept it crime, and gangs, with some sci fi……..instead they went zombie survival.

    The thing is you can have an opinion…… but. As a person talking about games to others you should respect the medium more. Present your argument/opinion and let the reader decide.

  9. BS article. If you want to make a useful article that could help a
    consumer decide between SWITCH or XB1 let them know what games they have
    access to with one system or the others.

    For example, with Switch you can play Zelda…But with XB1 you
    can play Red Dead Redemption 2. With Switch you can play ARMS with XB1
    you can play Killer Instinct and so on. This article is attempting
    needless hate towards XB1.

  10. Sounds like Fanboy dribble. We don’t even know how many of those Nintendo Switch titles will actually come out in 2017. Besides Mario, Zelda & XenoBlade 2, there is nothing else on the Switch worth playing. Splatoon 2 is basically Splatoon with some extras. Arms is crap. Super Mario Kart 8 is same game with more tracks, characters and weapons. Also Phil said there were 17+ exclusives coming out in 2017. You forgot Forza 7. Your fanboy article shows how clueless you are.

  11. fuck off mallot you fag fanboy.

  12. Brilliant article, absolute truth and complete fact. Love the pathetic little Xbox crybaby plebs in the comments pulling their hair out, guess the truth hurts.

    Face it you Microsoft donkey-bothering brand slaves. At this point the Wii U has a better exclusive lineup for 2017 than anything the Xbox DONE is offering. Microsoft have offered the desperate deluded fanbase nothing but smoke-and-mirrors BS for years, using pathetic, obvious fake trailers for games that were never going to come out in the first place, like Scalebound, to try and cover up the fact that their inferior, weak, pathetic, last – gen, POS excuse for a game system doesn’t have a single exclusive game worth playing.

    So the Xbox DONE is STILL a pathetic, inferior, poor-man’s excuse for a game console and STILL finds itself rotting down at the bottom of the sales charts in the bargain bin where it belongs. So sad that the Xbox pauperboys are still defending Microsoft to the death even after it was revealed that most of the games they were promised never even existed in the first place. Xbox fantards really do have a talent for shovelling down the last – gen Sh!t that Microsoft’s games are while forcing a smile on their faces and begging for more, how sad.

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