PlayStation Plus February 2017 Predictions

PlayStation Plus started off 2017 with some decent titles such as This War of Mine: The Little Ones and Day of the Tentacle Remastered (which I predicted correctly in my article last month.) Now that January is almost half way over it’s time to start thinking about what may join the lineup in February. Last month some of my reasoning led to me correctly predicting Day of the Tentacle Remastered and I’m hoping to do the same again this month. Without further ado here are my predictions for some games you could see in the February 2017 PlayStation Plus lineup.

1. Salt and Sanctuary


If you read my article last month then you can probably guess why I’m predicting Salt and Sanctuary will be part of the lineup next month. The game was part of the PlayStation Store Launch Party lineup last Spring along with five other games. Three of those games have now been free on Plus the past two months. I think Sony will keep with this trend and offer Salt and Sanctuary from Ska Studios for free. If you don’t know about the game it’s basically like a 2D Dark Souls like game. If you’re a fan of those type of games then you’ll love Salt and Sanctuary and if you want to know more about it you can read the review I did of it last year here.

2. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

hotline miami 2

The next game I think could show up for free next month is Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number from Devolver Digital. Devolver is one of those developers who have been known to put their games on Plus after some time has passed. Hotline Miami 2 is almost two years old now as it launched in the Spring Fever 2015 lineup on PSN. Titan Souls, which was free in January, was also made by Devolver and also part of that Spring Fever lineup in 2015. Hotline Miami 2 is also cross-buy on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita which makes it even more likely as Sony loves throwing these types of games in the lineup so that it makes the value better for those who might only have one of the platforms. Hotline Miami 1 was free on PlayStation Plus in the past and I think it’s about time the sequel follows in its footsteps.

3. Oxenfree


Oxenfree is yet another game I could see being in the lineup this upcoming month as it was one of the best indie games released last year. Oxenfree is an adventure game sort of like what Telltale puts out and has been praised for its great story. The game has been nominated and won numerous awards already but I think many out there still don’t know about this great game. Giving it away in the Plus lineup will be a great opportunity for more gamers to experience this gem.

4. Unravel


One of the more anticipated indie games of last year was Unravel which EA actually published. Unravel is a beautiful platformer starring the adorable Yarny that so many people fell in love with when it was announced at E3 2015. While the game didn’t turn out to be a masterpiece it still tells a pretty great story across it’s various levels as you guide Yarny along his journey. It was certainly one of the best looking games of last year and one I think many gamers still haven’t played. It will be up to EA whether this gets in the lineup but I think it makes sense and has a good chance.

So there are my predictions for what you could see in the February 2017 PlayStation Plus lineup. I was 1-3 on my predictions last month so let’s see how I do this month. Let us know in the comments what you want to see in the PlayStation Plus lineup next month.

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  1. So a bunch of indies again yay smh….

    • It’s just what I’m guessing for the month based on some trends I’ve noticed lately. You might get a retail game in February who knows. But the games listed here are at least top notch indie games.

    • I’ll never understand why people are so against Indies. Many of today’s biggest franchises started from Indie developers. GTA, anyone? DMA Design were an Indie developer when they first introduced GTA on the world. If people stopped supporting Indies, then we’ll get nothing but CoD over and over again. Personally, I enjoy the variety.

      • It’s not like people are against Indies, we just want good games and those indies are simple not appealing, why they don’t give us The Witness for e.g. it’s Indie and it’s just nice… but they are giving games that most of the gamers never heard about…

        • It’s called exposure. If it wasn’t for things like PS Plus, these games would stay in obscurity. Games like Rocket League wouldn’t have a chance to become the juggernauts they are. Closed minds don’t help the world go round.

        • Oxenfree is a great game, Unravel is a brilliant platformer puzzle. Hotline Miami was enjoyable on vita even though I didn’t try part 2. What’s your concern? Those are dope games

      • DMA Design was an Indie Developer when they introduced GTA???
        Seriously, they released Blood Money, Lemmings and Shadow of the Beast before GTA…

  2. I hope Unravel but we need some AAA material as well.

  3. But PlayStation gets 6 free games, not 4.

    • Yes but these articles are usually about what games you might get on the PS4 for the month which is usually two but sometimes more if one of the PS3 or Vita games is cross buy.

    • Spread out across the Vita/PS4/PS3. You need 3 platforms to get the most out of PS+

  4. I would love Oxenfree. Seeing as I already have Salt and Sanctuary (I pre-ordered the game since I followed a lot of it’s development) I personally would see February as a waste if your prediction turned out to be true for that compared to Oxenfree or Unravel even if one of those weren’t also a title along with it. Though, I honestly would like to see an indie horror in their titles. It’d be a nice refreshing change, especially since there are a lot of great indie horror titles in the PSN store for PS4.

  5. If Salt and Sanctuary is one of them, I will cry happytears. Sadly, I feel it’s a long shot.

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