Nintendo Switch Tablet, Wii U Tablet And 3DS XL Comparison Images Revealed

Images that compare the three latest Nintendo consoles has surfaced online. For this comparison however, only the Wii U tablet, and the Switch tablet were used in comparison to the 3DS XL. Here is the first image which compares the three.


And here is an image of a comparison between the Switch tablet and an open 3DS XL.




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  1. The Switch should have made more sense if it’s designed like a 720p successor to 3DS with detachable screen that has an AV Out connected to the control pad on portable mode and connected to a TV on docked mode.
    It should have been that simple.

  2. junk console

  3. are people REALLY going to enjoy playing AAA games on this thing..?

    When i tell people to kiss the possibility of Fifa and 2k goodbye people think im just hating ¬__¬

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