Resident Evil 7 Has Three Difficulty Options; One Brings Back All The Classic Features

Some lucky gamers have managed to purchase Resident Evil 7 early, and one of these people has leaked the difficulty options, and what each difficulty changes. Here are the difficulty settings and what each one does.


  • Fast Regenerating Health
  • Checkpoints are frequent
  • Enemies attacks cause less damage, are slower, and not as intelligent
  • Unlimited saves


  • Checkpoints are less frequent.
  • Enemy damage increase, faster and more intelligent than casual difficulty.
  • Regenerating health but not as fast as casual.
  • Unlimited saves.


  • No Checkpoints at all
  • Enemies are much faster, deadlier, and have special attacks exclusive to this mode.
  • Enemies are much harder to hide away from
  • Health does not regenerate at all
  • Can only save if you find cassette tapes which are similar to past Resident Evil games ink ribbons to save at type writers

The last difficulty option is definitely a nod to the classic Resident Evil style, and should come as a nice surprise to all the fans of the classic elements that have been missing for so long.

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