Super Mario Odyssey Has Finished “Full Scale Development”; Nintendo Could’ve Released It At Launch

Insider Liam Robertson, who recently broke the news about Scalebound’s cancellation has revealed some interesting information about Super Mario Odyssey. He said on Twitter that the game has actually finished “full scale development” and it’s “content complete”

He is also revealed that Nintendo could’ve actually released the game for the Nintendo Switch’s launch on March 3rd, but was chosen to be a Holiday 2017 title instead. Could it have been because Nintendo wants to stack their Holiday 2017 schedule? The rumored Pokemon Nintendo Switch game has also got a possible late 2017 release date also, so it does seem like Nintendo is looking to have a stacked end of 2017.

Here are the tweets which were sent earlier today


When asked why Nintendo have said Super Mario Odyssey was not ready to be played by the public, he said it was only because the game isn’t out until the end of 2017 and was just “basic marketing stuff.”

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  1. Delaying a game 6 months just to enlighten a christmas season seems a horridly wasteful marketing strategy.
    Get everything you got and give it to the Switch earlier, build momentum, user base and encourage 3rd parties to make more games for it.
    Nintendo are trippers

    Unless they use the time to add content, then that’s ok

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