Here’s How Nintendo Switch Game Cases Compare With Wii U Cases

Many have been wondering how Nintendo Switch cases compare with Wii U cases, and with Nintendo Switch cases now being sent to stores for promotion material, we can see a comparison to the two cases.

Here is an image.


What do you think? Do you like the Wii U case more? Or does the new Switch cases look better? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Lol Mario and Zelda. Is that all Nintendo has? Similar to Microsoft, they stick to a couple proven IPs and never stray too far. Sony on the other hand comes out with new exclusive IPs all the time. Seems like a pretty limited strategy to me.

    • Well that was the most ignorant statement of the day.

      • Your face is ignorant, he’s 100% right

        • If he wanted a comeback, he wouldn’t wiped off your mom’s chin

        • …sure. Only over 80 new IP’s since 2001 but hey none of it counts because no blood and gore huh. Moron.

    • Fully agree

    • There are more than just those 2… Some only on portable. Nintendo has a looot of first party IPs. Some haven’t seen a new game in a while, but they will make a comeback sooner or later. If you compare their total number of IPs to sony and microsoft, I think they will be on top 🙂 They just need to get their act together and speed up their software production without compromising their awesome quality!

      • Nintendo believe it or not has the best opportunity to come out on top with their online service. However, they continue to blow up any chance they have. They can easily give 5 games per month for over 5 years and still have a ton of IPs left. Hopefully when everyone realizes they don’t get to keep the ONE free game per month they give Nintendo a lot of shit. That’s the only way I can see them improving on it before it becomes a paid service.

    • Sony with new exclusives all the time? lol really? The last new one was The Last Guardian and it sucked. Microsoft has had just as many fresh exclusives that have both succeeded and bombed as Sony.

      • in your opinion… lool… you mean like inFamous, Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank, The Last Of Us, Driveclub & Horizon: Zero Dawn to say the LEAST! i literlaly just names all those from the top of my head and each franchise has sold over a million copies making it a commercial success loool…. so whatever garbage you JUST spouted about Ms and Sony exclusives having similarities is literally nothing but garbage!

        • You listed 6 games without thinking, My turn off the top of my head. Sunset Overdrive, Halo Wars 2, Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, State of Decay, Sea of Thieves off the top of my head…..for the record. Seems every bit as good of a lineup unless you’re a fan boy who’s only retort is that “all those games suck” which is childish and makes you a bitch if that’s what you plan on saying. For the record I think Sony has awesome exclusives as does Microsoft. Both have I’d again say…..EQUAL titles.

          • “Seems every bit as good of a lineup unless you’re a fan boy who’s only retort is that “all those games suck” didn’t you just say TLG sucked?!? Glass houses, glass houses. lol But yes both systems have about equal up to this point.

          • I did indeed say Last Guardian sucked….however you forgot the part where I said many of Microsoft’s also sucked…AKA Quantum Break. Funny enough both games score the same on metacritic.

          • Actually QB got a 77 while TLG is at 82, anyway…
            Gears 4, (Quantum Break: still wanna play it), along with good reviews of Cuphead & Crackdown 3, would just almost be enough for me to jump in and stop skimming play of my friends XB1, if I wasn’t already buried in PS4/PSVR backlogs of games.
            I might seriously look into Scorpio at the end of year wtfk

          • Yeah, I’ll be grabbing a Scorpio as well. I have a PSVR and as much as I love it it seems the games are lacking so far and not much is on the way. Pumped to try Resident Evil 7 as that’s the first AAA PS VR game so far. Fingers crossed we get some solid PS VR titles in 2017.

          • On PSVR
            Great Games So far.
            DriveClub VR: grainy as hell but still great experience and a great lengthy game.
            Battlezone: Nice throw back to when I was younger, also good game.
            HyperCube: Addicting game play
            Res: Addicting game play
            And yes Resident Evil 7 if you dare…
            Much to come for PSVR in 2017 Yoshida has said.
            Since PS Experience had basically had no coverage on PSVR might be a special event for PSVR

          • no of course not.. bar halo Wars i think all those games have merit… but once again i said what isaid to prove the SUCCESS the games have had commercially… once again EVERY game has hit over a million in sales! Quantum Break didn’t break a million, killer instinct is a free game, Halo Wars 2 State of Decay sea of thieves all unproven games so i dont see their purpose on the list.. so that only LEaves sunset over drive and Gears 4.. which to my knowledge both broke a million but for the longest time Sunset Overdrive was considered a commercial flop so thats litererally like half a point….

            Once again im not saying MS hasn’t tried to bring in exclusive titles but honestly speaking.. it’s not good enough.

      • The Last Guardian did not suck it was quite awesome, sure a few camera issues but once you get used to the soft touch with the camera not that bad at all.

      • You’re delusional.

    • Microsoft had Quantum Break and Nintendo had Splatoon.

    • Cry moar

  2. Cases look fine, but they should be smaller, would think it’d save shipping and make it easier for gamers to haul around, there’s only an SD card inside right (plus manuals, ( that can easily be sized for and space))

  3. *cough* PSP case *cough*

  4. these cases should have been smaller and red! it woulda been perfect!!!

  5. da Boss, actually they have:
    Xenoblade Choricles
    Kiid iccarus
    Donkey kong
    Fire Emblem
    Star Fox
    Punch out
    Golden sun
    Trauma Center
    Baiten Kaitos
    1-2 Switch
    Snipper clips
    Sands of destruction
    Hurule Warriors
    Warrio ware
    Luigis mansion
    Project X Zone
    and some more…
    Basically, the have a lot of games and owns a lot of companies that make even more games they could basically push out so many first party games that no one would ever really be bored on the system for 1 second witch really seems to be what they are aiming for whit the Switch if you look at that insane lineup during the first year.

  6. These better fit in a DVD bookcase

  7. Why didn’t they go with red? Clear is cool, but a color association should be there. And Mario games get red cases, so why not make that standard?

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