1, 2, Switch To Feature At Least 24 Minigames At Launch, Names Of Some Of These Games Revealed

1, 2, Switch, the minigame filled Nintendo Switch video game which takes advantage of the Switch’s new features will have at least 24 minigames at launch. There could be more announced in the future, but there’s at least a guarantee of 24 minigames to play when you purchase this game at launch.

This was discovered by promotional images for the game which can be found below.

ss+(2017-01-16+at+03.34.54) ss+(2017-01-16+at+03.38.09)

We don’t currently know what the 24 minigames actually are but we do know some of them, here’s a list.

  • Ball Count
  • Copy Dance
  • Eating Contest
  • Milk
  • Quick Draw
  • Samurai Training
  • Table Tennis
  • Air Guitar
  • Safe Crack
  • Soda Shake
  • Runway

Hopefully we will find out if there’s more than 24 minigames soon. What do you think about the planned minigames for 1,2, Switch? Is it enough or does there need to be more to be worth a purchase? Let us know in the comments section below.

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