Dragon Quest Heroes II Is Downgraded On Nintendo Switch Compared To PS4 Version

It looks like Dragon Quest Heroes II on the Nintendo Switch has been downgraded compared to the PS4 version, which can be seen in this image below.


The Nintendo Switch version compared to the PS4 version is clearly missing several visual features including

  • Particle effects
  • Lighting is toned down
  • Textures lowered

Many are wondering if this could be a port of the PlayStation Vita version due to the similarities in what is missing compared to the PS4 version.

What do you think? Does it look like to much of a downgrade for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Ok first of all they were not playing the game dock so maybe that will explain the down grade as each player were playing in handheld mode. Love it how you don’t go into details like that.

    • that probably explains the marked difference. thanks for that info. i think it probably looks slightly worse on docked but still beautiful. xD people are being so damn negative about everything trying to destroy nintendo switch before its even out.

      • Np, they will bitch about Switch graphics no matter what but when their system gets a low graphic version they make love to it like flies on shit.

        • ikr? ive never been a graphics wh0re ever in my life and will never be. I got a WiiU, 3DS, PS4 and an average pc for gaming and you know what? i buy consoles not for graphics, i dont buy them because of brands. i buy them because of the games. if theres cool games on a console i will buy it because all i want is to have fun playing cool games. Nintendo has many great exclusives and ill give them all my money for them(Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Mario Oddysey ) PS: i want a new Metroid, Monster Hunter and a new Animal crossing for switch

          • Nice to know.

          • I’m waiting for MH & Xeno2 myself. Its going to feel great playing MH on a big screen & on tv.

    • the dock is nothing but a charger/tv adaptor, there is no additional hardware there to increase graphics quality, tv or in the go the games will be lesser ports than PS4.

      • In do time nin will release a upgraded dock that has more to it. Also…
        https://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Patent3.png they have this which they are releasing at some point

        • so you think 3rd parties will not only have to do a downgrade port for the switch, but theyll have to make one for the tablet and one fr the dock?

          Good luck getting any of those on board.

          • They just make their game once & there will be options to down scale the game to have low poly. All the info will be on there & unlocked when hooked up to a powerful unit. The same thing happens when you play a PC game where you can have the option to play at max or low settings. The Switch will be like that.

          • Well, I just don’t see that happening, but you do seem to know what you are talking about, so maybe that will be the case.

      • Spwan wave talks about the dock & smd64 goes greatly into it



      • Even when there is proof that Nin has a dock upgrade by the patent yet one ear out the other is what you put yourself in. No matter what, we ARE going to get games on the Switch period!

        • oh like the patent for the touch sensitive screen control pad? i dont see that bundled with the Switch. Because Nintendo patent something doesnt mean it will become a real product. In said case, if it was about addons to power up a console that could and should have been done to the WiiU in the first place. Love how you add “we”, well i had no idea you made the Switch or that you worked for Nintendo, the Switch will get games not ‘we” my dear fanboy. Plus i never said a word of the Switch not getting games or me not buying it, then again fanboys hear w/e they want to hear.

          • You are going to know CROW very soon.

    • It is very unlikely, or more like impossible to expect it to look different when docked. THe game runs at 60fps so it will most likely look the same on both modes but just with higher resolution on the TV(which is to be expected since the maximum res of the tablet is 720p).

      • Right now yes but once Nin releases their next dock or server unit which will have extra hardware in it that hooks up to the Switch then you will games that are unlocked to their full use.

        • That would be years from now.

  2. What?? You mean a Nintendo game is going to be horribly worse looking than it’s competition? No way! I don’t believe you…Next you are going to tell me that fire is hot and water is wet.

    No reason to get this system, especially at it’s launch price if you have no use for handheld gaming, as I do not.

    • fire isnt hot.. water isn’t wet! those are ismply descriptions OF our experience with the both of them!
      You people reallly needa stop saying that and come up with some new material because those generic witty comments are fucking annoying.

      • Whats even more annoying is Nintendo’s insistence on being a complete failure of underpowered mediocrity.

  3. bait

  4. 1 2 Switch and Arms seem like left over Wii Ideas from 2007. Meh!

    • Like your left over brain cells that can’t tell difference? Why don’t you go burn them & get some new ones to grow & maybe you’ll notice those are fresh new games.

    • You DONT want to milk a cow with your motion controls??? Madness.

  5. Its strange…….the Switch to whatever comparisons are showing Switch screens that look just terrible. Maybe this thing is running on a ho hum X1 tegra chip.

  6. PS4 version then

    • blasphemy!!! 😉

  7. Breaking news! A portable gaming device is less powerful than a larger home console.. Duh..

    Haters gotta hate lol.

    • sad to tell you but even Nintendo insist call switch Home Console and denies so much about “portable gaming device that dock to tv” that’s why there won’t be streetpass.

      • Nintendo calls it a home console, it’s their own creation – but I’m still going to call it a bad knockoff of a Nintendo Vita Handheld-console Frankenstein hybrid.

        • Don’t go there with the vita. Nin was the first to have a handheld hook up to a gaming system GC & GBA. Sony later copies the idea. Then they decide to add a touch screen years later to their vita line which no handheld has done before?…Plus Nin did years ago what they are doing now which now is way better from before which was on the go gaming with the GameBoy & SNES Super GameBoy to play on the tv. News flash, a Sony Rep was spotted at Nin presentation checking out the Switch so lets come back here years later to see how different Sony next handheld can be different.

          • They were the first – and the first to Under-utilize it. Being ‘first’ means nothing, just like saying ‘FIRST’ on youtube comments…. or we could say the same thing with Nintendo being ‘first’ with Virtual Boy and the Power Glove, technology that’s only showing the fruits of its potential – buh buh buh NIN WAS FIRRRST!11!1 – See my point? Nintendo 64 had the Ultra add-on, but they mismarketed that and kept it in Japan, let alone them doing that is what made them lose Final Fantasy as a Nintendo exclusive. Them mismarketing their partnership with Sony was what caused PS1 to begin stealing their own audience. Nintendo aren’t gods where everything they touch becomes golden.

            With that said, Nintendo being ‘first to tinker with something’ does not make it so ‘TEH SONY COPIES’ when they try it, or do it better later on. There is no such thing as an original idea anymore, so there’s a line to be drawn on what is a ‘Copy’ and what is simply newer technology trying to push what predecessors had failed before.

            As for ‘Sony rep spotted at Nin presentation’ – Your point? Xbox execs are at Sony presentations and Sony are at rival presentations and at conventions all the time, you’re acting like this is some crazy news flash. That’s moronic. Every company rep goes to see the other companies shows, that’s normal.

            Can tell you’re biased but please try to calm it down.

          • All that said with a mouth full of salty nut sacks gj. But history will always list Sony as the king of copy cats. I think it time you stop spinning on that move controller & clean it up.

          • Typical immaturity from a Nintendo fanboy, late 20’s to late 30 year olds with the mentality of a 12 year old. Tsk tsk. When will you kids grow up.

          • Dude your just grasping at straws now. At any age I’d floor you (JC style) in a matter of mins so don’t go there. You need to wake up because the Switch is here to stay & ain’t nothing you going to do to stop its hype train!

          • LOL. Too edgy for me.

            But please go on about how Switch is hype, just like you silly kids hyped Wii U – and please remind me how that console ended up? I’ll educate you on a sad fact that you should forever remember about Nintendos’ console history and look at the Total Sales for each console from NES all the way to Wii U – you’ll notice a pattern. That every generation, excluding the Wii – Nintendo loses 10’s of millions of fans Every generation.

            NES – 60 million
            SNES – 50 million
            N64 – 30 million
            Gamecube – 20 Million
            Wii – (Trendy crazy sales yayyy!)
            Wii U – 13 Million.

            Notice that drop? Nintendo’s not gaining those sales ever again. Wii only sold like a crazy because it reached huge audiences, but since that was based on sheer luck, timing, and the Motion controller gimmick? They’d need to be PURELY lucky on Switch – but since everyone knows Switch is just a PS Vita in functionality? It doesn’t fit the CASUAL MARKET, like Soccer moms, grandparents, fathers, the disabled, or Nursing homes. This is Reality, face it. THERE IS NO OTHER CONSOLE MAKER, who has been at a CONTINUOUS LOSS like NINTENDO.

            PS1? 100 Million
            PS2? 150 Million
            PS3? 80 Million (Amazed it even could get that high based on the bad launch it had)
            PS4? 50 Million and counting, with record-breaking sales

            Xbox too? You find it where their sales go UP – NOT. DOWN.

            Nintendo is in trouble, wake up. PC Gaming is not dying, it’s only growing. SONY PLAYSTATION is only growing, Xbox? Is up/down but still growing – Nintendo are the only ones having trouble, the only place they don’t have trouble is Handheld/portable sales.

    • It’s portable but first and foremost a homeconsole as Nintendo stated themselves.


      • So, first and foremost it is a terribly underpowered, unimpressive home console and secondly it is a really good handheld for people that care about terrible mobile gaming? Gotcha

      • They’ve now back tracked and realised that it doesn’t cut it as a home console and are now saying its a portable>


        They don’t know how to market this thing.

    • its a home console first dumbass!!! Being able to play anywhere is its secondary features! you people keep downplaying this as much as you want but facts are facts and no matter how you spin this its looking pathetic.

      • Agreed. For a system thats the same price as the PS4, which is a better buy than this Switch crap is just pathetic!

        • it really is! and dont get me wrong.. at £250 id be more understanding… but certain moves they’re making are shocking.. from their accessory pricing to how they’re handling their online portion of the system… TO THE FACT THE $300 THERE IS NO GAME BUNDLED YOU GOTTA BUY THAT SEPARATELY!!! Nintendo REALLY are insane!!


            So like the PS2, Xbox, PS3, PS4, DS, 3DS, Xbox One, Game Cube, PS4 Pro and probably the Scorpio?

          • people like you are really annoying! you have no idea how marketing works and are soo stupid enough to completely ignore the current state of how up the shit creek Nintendo are.. but you keep being a blind little fanboy.. it’s actually hilarious :-)… also EVERY SINGLE one of those consoles was announced to have a bundled sku as well 🙂 at least was in the UK too… wheres the announced bundles..? you REALLY are a dumbass i swear its actually pathetic loool

        • It’s like… One tenth the size. I’d say they’re doing pretty good given the room they have to work with. $300 is a perfectly reasonable price. The thing is a marvel of modern engineering.

          • Marvel? The Shield has been around for ages, theres nothing marvelous about a powerful handheld.

          • It’s not just that it’s a powerful handheld. There’s a lot of modern technology baked into that thing. The HD Rumble, two wireless controllers that charge through the system that can be used in tandem or separately, the IR camera, motion controls, 8 player wireless, plus the fact that it does mostly everything a PS4/XBO can do but you can seamlessly switch from console mode to portable just by picking it up.

            Yeah, I’d say there’s a lot of tech there that provides a lot of gameplay variety for $300.

          • It doesn’t do most things a ps4/XBO can do, it doesn’t play blu rays, it doesn’t do streaming (yet), it doesn’t handle current generation games well etc. As a pure gaming ‘tablet’ its fine but lets not pretend this is anything than a second console, this doesn’t replace the home system at all, which is what a PS4/XBO does.

            All the things you mentioned look like gimmicky fads that much like the Wii u second screen will be sporadically used by a few games. 8 Player wireless is completely unnecessary in 99% of games.

      • It is a hybrid console so both the primary feature of home use and the secondary feature of portable use have equal weight.

        You clearly know jack shit about computer architecture but you cannot usually make a portable version of anything that performs as well as prior generation in a larger home version.

        • are you an idiot.. NINTENDO themselves have gone on record MANY TIMES!!! saying its a HOME CONSOLE FIRST!!! so regardles of your opinion and what you can infer about what goes on behind the scenes! NINTENDO THEMSELVES AND REGGIE JUST YESTERDAY AT GAMESPOT! Said the game is a HOME CONSOLE FIRST! so you’re just being a fucktard!

          And thats just a stupid second point! EVERYONE knows that… and its not really a matter of not being able to make a portable version perform as well it’s about battery life in this case… because its been confirmed the dock doesn’t add any processing power or improve the games graphics so you’re wrong regardless you dumbass!

          • “because its been confirmed the dock doesn’t add any processing power or
            improve the games graphics so you’re wrong regardless you dumbass!”

            Yes it does. When docked the console upclocks almost doubling the GPU speed.

          • http://www.polygon.com/2017/1/13/14268270/what-does-the-nintendo-switch-dock-do

            There you go!!! “Yes it does. When docked the console upclocks almost doubling the GPU speed.” are you a fucking idiot!!? next time you want to talk shit and try to be a smart ass.. do some ACTUAL research because like right now you look like a dumbass!!!! LOOOOOOOL! that actually made me laugh!! “upclocks almost doubling the GPU speed” loooooool dumbass!!!!!

          • Calm down man. You make yourself look like a fool with all that all caps typing of ya.

          • nothing to say on the matter then keep it pushing lool… dont be clogging up my notifications with your non-comments.

    • OK, so lets go with that for a moment, thats your portable device, whats your home console one? oh! its the same? then you have to accept comparisons with other consoles.

      • Nope.. I do noe expect a song to sound the same on a small portable bluetooth speaker as it sounds on my home system.

        Same song different quality due to portability.

        • Yeah, but if Apple came out and say this new ipod replaces both your old ipods and your home system?

          You would have to compare to existent home systems.

          Otherwise is just another portable device. And Nintendo is not trying to sell just a portable device.

          • No they are trying to sell it as a hybrid device. Hybrid devices usually accomplish 2 things almost as well as dedicated devices. That is the case here.

            There are no hybrid devices like this so no real comparison can be made.

            The closest comparison to this is a laptop with a external GPU dock.

          • Except Nintendo is known primarily for making consoles, and they just said it themselves, it’s mainly a console. And they don’t have another console anymore, so yeah, this will be compared to the consoles.

            If you think it’s unfair, and in reality it is, that is what it is, it’s the position Nintendo put themselves in for the 3rd time in a row.

  8. No shit? What exactly did you expect? What’s next, an article about how a Nintendo DS game is downgraded compared to the Xbox One?

    • but the nintendo ds is ONLY a handheld! The switch is a HOME CONSOLE that can be played on the go! theres a MAJOR difference.

    • thats a handheld vs a console!

      This is a new console vs an 4year old console and still lost to the old one.

      do you get that? that this wasnt supposed to be a handheld? that there is no more wiiu2? no more console that THIS?

  9. If anyone thought switch was to even be remotely close to what ps3 or x360 had to offer, you must be crazy. This will barely come close to last gen.

  10. It’s an mobile GPU. What did you expect?

    • well, lets wait for the comparison with the console GPU…oh! they are the same? then why does it surprise you it gets compared to other consoles?

      • LOL, you dont know what hardware the Switch is based on do you. It gets compared to home consoles because of price and the fact that Nintendo is advertising it as an home console.

        When everyone with any brains knows it’s a handheld console in all aspects. From the components inside to the design. Just as Nintendo claimed 3DS was not the sucessor for the Gameboy as they were afraid it would fail. So does Nintendo again with the Switch in regards of the 3DS.

        • Right! So you are saying Nintendo lied to everyone, it made a note powerful handheld and killed the console business?

          Ok then Nintendo loses vs the ps4 by default!

          It had already won the handheld war so another victory doesn’t mean much.

  11. you Nintendo fanboys are insane… certainly worse than us Xbox and PlayStation fanboys… AT LEAST our companies make good decisions here and there… Ninty shovel shit down your throats and you sit there mouth opened and accept.. then to make it worse! make excuses for the company as if they are personally paying you!!

    How you all keep trying to say “this is a portable machine. .what did you expect” THIS IS A HOME CONSOLE FIRST!!!! what i expect is to AT LEAST have graphics on par or a little less than base level PS4/Xbox One.. this is actually embarrassing.

    • Nintendo is marketing it as a home console yes. But it has all the components of a mobile console. Every positive thing about the Switch is it’s handheld and portable functionality.

      This is just Nintendo once again messing up their marketing and most likely lying their ass off saying it’s an home console first and not an competition to their own 3DS. Just as they did back with the Gameboy.

      Blunty says it perfectly just as it is. Nintendo is lying.


      • listen… regardless of the poor marketing to which ill agree to.. if the message is coming directly from the horses mouth.. it holds more weight than us *the people of the internet* so regardless, who’s word am i going to take, Reggie’s the head of Nintendo America or yours a nameless faceless person off of the internet..1?

    • What about when we got beauitful RE4 on GC? You asses cried & cried until you got a low graphic version of RE4 on the PS2 so don’t try & play that Switch DQ looks shitty when you all ate up RE4 on PS2.

      • loooool… that is a fair point…. but answer me this…. in the month of March, that is when the Switch is releasing right.. You do realise Ghost Recon Wildlands AND Mass Effect: Andromeda BOTH come out that month right!!? looool and they will not be making their way onto the Switch… ontop of that, Red Dead Redemption 2 releases at the end of 2017! 3 HUGEEEEE HEAVY HITTERS releasing this year with confirmed absences on the Switch and you’re bringing up a game that yes although ran a little worse on the PS2.. these games aren’t even going to be available.. EVER….

        You Nintendo fans are insane!!!!! ahahah it’s really pathetic! And please understand the difference between your example and whats happening now… you realise that the gamecube came out 2 years AFTER the PS2 right..!? so in a way its expected for the console to have beefier tech! but the Switch is coming out 4 years AFTER the Ps4 and it’s pushing out worse tech!!!! everyone else is on the 8th gaming gen but nintendo are on the 9th! THIS IS NINTENDO’S NEXT GEN CONSOLE!!!! what do you people not understand about this! no matter how you spin it this is pathetic!!!!

  12. Good thing this is much cheaper than a basic PS4 and Xbox One. I’ll just go and pre-ord…..oh.


    • Yeah and you can take the PS4/XBO with you and play anywhere…oh wait…my mistake. I fucked up.

      • The first time I see someone with a massive Switch out and about actually playing it I’ll laugh and let you know.

        It’s a home console with very limited battery life and it’s far too big to seriously use a portable gaming device regularly.

        Frankly for the price Nintendo want for the machine and peripherals and online and games you would be better off with a low end gaming laptop or a large higher end tablet and neither would cost much more, especially longer term.

        They would probably be faster as well. Switch is ridiculously overpriced compared to it’s direct competitors.

        Nintendo couldn’t do a better job of setting up this machine to bomb unless they made it in a munitions factory.

          • I do if they try and play a proper console style game on their laptop on their lap because it would be awkward.

            I’ll also point out that picture is of a Wii U controller that failed, the Vita/3DS XL is considerably smaller (less wide) than the Wii U pad/Switch and likely lighter too, let alone the normal 3DS.

            Plus the 3DS XL was really designed to target a market that would probably use them at home and not out and about. People that wanted bigger screens to play at home and whatnot, not necessarily take it on a bus and so forth like the original 3DS.

        • Nah they will be laughing at your ass because you don’t have a job to buy one.

          • On the basis of how many people wanted and then bought a Wii U it’s fair to say the Nintendo fans must be on less income. Likely if they are under the age of 13 such as yourself resorting to such posts.

            It’s way past your bedtime.

          • The system sold buddy! Its asses like you that work say at GameStop that downplay the ppl that wanted a Wii u get tricked by telling them its just a add-on. It never fails how the media gets paid by Sony to downplay Nin & XB just so they can get a leg up.

            And its you that needs to stfu & hit that dirty ass bed of yours & keep sucking that mix formula breast milk until you grow a pair.

          • You acting like a child does your case no favours whatsoever. If you had a case, which I am yet to see materialise beyond weak insults.

            Wii U sold extremely poorly outside of Japan and even in Japan it is not the leading home console. In its own home territory with only one serious opponent and it still lost! Facepalm.

            The only ones you should be blaming is Nintendo as they are still clueless how to build and market a home console people actually want to buy. Seemingly they never learn as the Switch is demonstrating….

          • The way you talk tells us you need to get laid. That hand is not doing anything great for you so try getting out the house & find someone who can talk to you & maybe you 2 can hit it off. Its ok, you can do it….

          • So as suspected, you’re about 12 years old and a Nintendo fan unsurprisingly.

            Say no more.

          • The system sold…badly, the Wii U is probably the biggest flop since the Dreamcast. This thing was following a console with a 100 million user base and it didn’t even sell 20 million ><

          • Yeah thanks to media outlets & places like GameStop where all the workers there are Sony fans spreading false info about the Wii U being just a add-on caused it to fail & not sell.

          • Do you think the moon landings were staged too?

      • yeah and you can play all those console games on the switch…oh wait…my mistake. Nintendo fucked up.

        • Oh and you can play Nintendo games on PS4/XBO..oh oh..no wait you cant.

          • Yeah, but you can’t play Sony games on the switch… Or MS games… Or the aaa 3rd party ones… Or the high profile indie ones…

            See? You lose by a lot.

          • I dont lose out on anything. I play on several consoles and PC. The Switch will be my go to handheld console in the time ahead.

          • That’s great for you!

            That doesn’t mean people can’t compare the switch 1 with the ps4, you know, at least until Nintendo’s big lie gets exposed!

            Hey! Perhaps this comparisons will help exposing the lie!

          • Not as much as Sony caught trash talking about a black president when their email got hacked but yet they marketed a black kid to talk about their products?… or how they don’t release real hardware numbers to their systems. Thats the might Sony for yeah!

          • Lol you are grasping!

            You lost the console arguments so you started babling about the whole company?

            They did that? ? who cares? They also make movies, music, electronic devices, but the best part is that they have made the best gaming consoles of the last 20 years.

          • Grasping lol, thats what she said last night. Tell her I’ll be over again. Oh & this time tell your moms I said hi! 🙂

          • Lol destroyed your false comments to the point of delusion.

            Not feel bad, your not the first and definitely won’t be the last.

          • lol a teenager? that would expalin your tupidity and imaturity.

            But I like that you stopped talking about video games, means I have already won!

          • Yeah your right those systems I can go play an awesome first person shooter after another first person shooter all day & all year long because that is all that sells on those shitty systems.

          • No, just because you are used to play the same kind of games over and over on the Nintendo systems doesn’t mean the rest do the same.

            There are sports, rpgs, mmorpgs, 3rd person shooters, fighters, but you won’t even know what I’m talking about because the inferior Nintendo consoles don’t have those genres.

          • I have no idea what your talking about. All I see are facts on the news & on the mags that spot light First person shooters after another First person shooters. That there tells us that is all they have, so don’t come after me.

          • Exactly! Nintendumbs have no idea what other kind of games besides their baby cartoony looking games are.

            You need to tell your dad to remove the parents restriction from your tablet in order to read real news!

            That right there tells us you are an ignorant kid that knows nothing about the real world of video games.

          • My dad is your dad so if I tell him that he will beat me like he does to you. Now do you remember fag how he left us because he couldn’t put up with your bs pissing the bed & always chasing the boys at school. Any dad would leave if they had a kid like you. So please stop it, don’t make this any more hard on yourself then what it already is. You need help ok so put down that down scale PSVR game & let me take you to the mental hospital where they have the best meds to get you in a real world of VR!

          • huh! you envy me so much that you wish you were my brother? Obviously! but you dont have that much luck!

            to bad loser! We can’t all have good genes…and brains!

            Now go and play your old, mediocre and nubile wiiu games!

          • Dude I’ve seen your kind on youtube with all your First person shooters streaming & mom comes in the room yelling because you didn’t finish homework. Screaming & pissing off because you can’t get your way. Listen I’m off to go to a important meeting so try not to hurt yourself on here while I’m away.

          • LOL you have no games so you have to sit and watch others play on real consoles instead! what a loser!

  13. yeah but like…who cares? its the same game. its the same end result. LOL

  14. Look at from this prospective the game is better than the vita and the ps3 version

  15. Oh god no!!!! Preorder cancelled!!!!!1 *cries*


    • Nice! do you have the one for mass effect andromeda? Red dead redemption 2? REVII? FFXV? no? LOL

      • I have them in the collection with all the Nintendo games running on PS4/XBO. Oh wait….

        • Yeah, you forgot those aren’t exclusives didn’t you? So you don’t have Sony exclusives, MS exclusives nor 3rd party aaa games… Don’t wait! That’s a fact lol

          • No one is buying Nintendo consoles for Call of Duty. They buy them for Nintendo games. And I have everything so I’m not missing out on anything.

          • Lol of course not! You should have stopped with no one is buying Nintendo consoles.

            They buy them ONLY for those because those are The ONLY ones they get.

            Oh, you have everything? Who cares? Did you get all the systems for free after buying the wiiu? Of course not.

            If it’s true you are not missing anything it’s not thanks to a Nintendo console (where less than 10% of the games are).

          • No one is buying Nintendo consoles? LOL!! You got some reading to do. Sure the WiiU was a failure. Hopefully Switch will do better. But before that the Wii sold 100 million consoles. Over 50 million 3DS sold. Not counting the new ones and this is over a year old numbers.

            No one is buying Nintendo consoles…LOL!

            I’m looking forward to getting my Switch and getting to play wonderful Nintendo games. Not just at home but anywhere.

          • Well, to be fair, they are pre ordering one. And I have no doubt it will sell better than the wiiu.

            Wii was a hit (not exactly with games but still) a decade ago, and I never said handhelds.

            But wiius? No one is buying them anymore.

            And that you will. There’s no doubt about that.

          • We know a great game when we see it not like trap games like “NO MAN SKY”……

          • exactly! even with all its shortcommings that game was far better than mario tennis, amiibo festival, mario party 10, dr. luigi, mario and luigi tipping stars! pure nintendo garbage! YOU LOSE AGAIN! but you made me laugh!

    • Lmfao

    • Wasn’t there a Vita version too?

  17. well, that was expected! the fact that the game can still be portable is still a win! the real question is, how many wins will the switch can really get?

  18. Your mobile website is Goddamn horrible. I have to scroll through more advertisement content then there is actual article.

  19. Of course it’s a home console. BUT. It’s a home console that has made concessions in order to add handheld functionality.

    So ya, if this is the only price I have to pay to get a console and handheld version in one, and said handheld version is the most powerful on the market, that’s more than a fair concession to make for it.

    What’s up with all the fanboy comments around here that can’t see things from a logical perspective… talking about “losing” as if this is 3rd grade game of kickball or something

  20. There are particle affects in Zelda Breath of the Wild… Just because this one game chose not to employ in a lower rez version doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

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