How Microsoft Should Handle E3 2017 After A Disastrous Start To The Year


Xbox is starting the new year off on a bad foot with the cancellation of Scalebound, a game that had been in development for several years, and was an exclusive to the platform. The lack of exclusive titles is becoming a real problem for Xbox, and from what I have read lately they are aware of it. Another problem is lack of new IP’s, it seem lately all we get is either sequels like Gears of War 4, Halo, and so on, or remastered versions of games that came out for the Xbox 360. The Playstation 4 is continuing to out sell the Xbox One, this is another problem for Xbox as well, it well be interesting to see if this continues after the launch of the Xbox Scorpio later this year.

This time of year everyone in the business is getting ready for E3, and Microsoft really needs to step it up this year. You have the PS4 Pro that released last fall, and is more powerful than the current model Xbox OneS, and in March the Nintendo Switch drops, and there’s a lot of excitement about it going on at the moment.

Now I mentioned before about the lack of new IP’s, and I get it’s hard to come up with totally new ideas for games, but I get tired of seeing the same old games every year, and it seems Sony has the edge right now in that department, Horizon Zero Dawn looks really cool, not only is it a new IP, it’s also only on Playstation. I do think Microsoft will announce some brand new games at E3, and to be honest they have too. I really want to see something completely new, like Sea of Thieves for example.

Having just mentioned Sea of Thieves, Microsoft has to have some exclusive titles in the mix, I mean thats the reason I own both a Xbox, and a PS4, so I can play the games that may not release on both consoles. Two exclusives I’m excited about are Cup Head, and Crackdown 3. This is even more important now with Scalebound out of the picture.

Let’s not forget about Project Scorpio, this is going to be a really big deal when it releases later this year. The make it or break for the Scorpio will be the price, if it’s much more expensive than the Playstation 4 Pro, I don’t see it doing well, and I think this will be Xbox’s best chance to try to outsell Playstation. One thing they need to do with folks like me, is show me why I should buy a Scorpio if I already own a Xbox One, the games really need to look great. I’m expecting more details at E3 including price, and release date.

The bottom line Microsoft needs to have a killer presentation this year, probably more than any other year. If they can show some really cool totally new games, great exclusives, and a few returning favorites, and have a good showing with Scorpio at a good price point, I think they will be fine. If they don’t then they might as well get used to being in the number two spot this console generation, and look forward to the next one.

Another thing I was just thinking about, it might be a good idea to move up the Scorpio release, I noticed recently that I’m buying, and play more games on my PS4 Pro right now due to the better performance of the system, I was planning on getting the new Mass Effect on Xbox, but after reading that it will take advantage of the new PS4 Pro’s hardware I will most likely play it on Playstation. It’s long time between now, and holiday 2017.

I think both Microsoft, and Nintendo will be the big players at E3 since they both have new hardware this year. No matter what happens I always get really excited for E3, and this year should be really interesting to watch.

What are your thoughts on this years E3, can Microsoft make a good showing? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Your facts are incorrect. Sony had more remasters than anybody else this generation. Last of us, Uncharted Trilogy, God of War 3, Heavy Rain / Beyond 2 Souls, Ratchet and Clank (remake , not remaster) and a few still coming like Crash Bandicoot. All Xbox One had was Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Halo Master Chief Collection and Halo Wars Definitive Edition. Also, while the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, it has been confirmed that The Xbox One outsold the PS4 for the second half of last year. PS4 pro sales have not been mind blowing hence the silence from Sony with regards to Pro sales figures. Xbox Ones not as hopeless as you might have suggested. You also mention Horizon Zero Dawn as a AAA interesting exclusive for PS4 and then mention that Xbox needs something like that but then also mention interesting exclusive Sea of Thieves but your wording suggests that it’s not the same quality as Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m, confused. Do you want interesting exclusives or not? When PS4 had no exclusives last year and showcased games that will arrive in 2017 and beyond, people didn’t say that the PS4 is doomed or that they need to get exclusives or else. What changed this time. It’s okay to be biased in an opinion piece but be upfront about it and not mask it under the guise of “journalism”.

    • Your facts are incorrect. While Amazon sales are not the be all and end all, and do not paint the entire picture, they do give a good indication of overall sales trends in the market. Amazon stats show the xbox one s was the 4th best selling console of 2016, with the ps4 slim being the number one, the ps4 being the number two, and the ps4 pro being the number three top selling console. Also, games for the ps4 take up the majority of the top selling console games for the year, both exclusive and multiplatform.

      There is the occasional multiplat like Madden or Battlefield that performed better on the xbox platform, but it was the exception, not the norm.

      PS4 as usual, had many more exclusives release in 2016 than the xbox platform, and they also were more highly reviewed across the board. These things are not hard to research for yourself, so not sure where you’re getting your information from. You’re trying very hard to convince yourself of things that aren’t true. I will give you some help…here is the 2017/2018 list of announced titles (you can scratch Scalebound off the list)

      • You clearly should be doing your research properly. As you said, Amazon is one retailer. I can guarantee you that they don’t sell ALL the consoles in the United States. I’ll just leave this here NPD out ranks Amazon last time I checked.

        Undoubtedly the PS4 had more exclusives than Xbox One in 2016. No argument there. However, the majority of those exclusives were Indie games. AAA PS4 exclusives in 2016 were thin on the ground with only Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, Ratchet and Clank and Last Guardian being the more high profile. You know Sony had a problem when they were still flogging Uncharted 4 PS4 bundles 9 months after the game’s release during holiday 2016. Whereas Xbox had a stellar AAA year with Forza Horizon 3, Recore , Quantum Break, Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 4. Granted review scores collectively for those games didn’t reach those of the PS4 exclusives for the same here, when you have outright dissapointment and lies that was No Man’s Sky and overhyped but middling reviews and sales for Last Guardian, I would say Xbox had the edge in that category in 2016. Anyways, that was not the point as it was the fact that the article incorrectly stated that the Xbox One had more remasters than PS4 which is something you haven’t addressed either.

        • Number one… as I clearly stated, that Amazon rating is an indication…just as the NPD is an indication…I thought I made that perfectly clear. Meanwhile, global sales of the ps4 are trouncing the xbox one, which is why this is a thing

          cough, cough…superdata backed up by EA’s previous console sales estimates (which match up with superdata’s numbers) outranks NPD last time I checked.

          Number two… Recore? You’re joking, right? Quantum Break? Seriously guy? Dead Rising 4? All games that didn’t sell, all games that ended up being disappointments with sales and reviews. And if you consider the Last Guardian a disappointment in reviews and sales, why mention Dead Rising? That game sold less than half of what TLG did it’s first week.

          I’ll say it again…these are all estimates, but no matter how you want to paint the picture, the numbers trend in one direction, and it’s not a direction that favors the xbox. That has been consistent from the beginning.

          The xbox isn’t selling, despite what you’re trying to convince yourself of. The rest of the mess you cite as “exclusives” are the yearly rotation of non imaginative crap that got Microsoft in this mess to begin with….as in, gamers need more than Gears, Halo, and Forza. The kids are not alright.

          • No one is disputing the fact that PS4 is outselling Xbox One 2 to 1. What I did have a problem with is that the article suggests that the Xbox one is running out of steam sales wise which is incorrect, as I already mentioned, NPD figures suggest otherwise. In fact, although PS4 won December NPD, the margin between PS4 and Xbox One was miniscule which should not be because of Sony releasing new hardware in the Pro. They should have trounced the Xbox One convincingly and not by a couple of thousand units

            So you mentioned VGChartz. You know that they are not reliable at all. They still list The Last Guardian being on PS3 but whatever. ( also on PS3, sure.)

            But ok, let’s use them. So you compare a game that has been in development for 100 years (The Last Guardian, just so that we’re clear) which was overhyped to the extreme and released on a console with approximately 50 million installed to a game announced in June 2016 (Dead Rising 4 of course) to be released that holiday same year (imagine that) on a console with approximately half the install base (here’s looking at you Xbox One) and yet Last Guardian only managed to sell 400000 odd units? Even No Man’s Sky sold more on release and we all know what a turd that game is. Recore and Quantum Break has nothing on No Man’s Lie.

            But I digress, I’m going off point here. If you let your fanboy anger subside you will see that 2 things still remain incorrect about the article:

            1 Xbox One dying at retail.(Far from it. It’s no Wiiu)
            2 Xbox One has more remasters than PS4. (How about making a new Crash Bandicoot Sony? Just saying.)

          • But again, the sales figures you point to are not global sales figures…Microsoft is getting trounced…just not as badly in the cherry picked regions you’re focusing on….

            You’re making my point for me….again, I didn’t bring up “reviews” or “sales numbers”…you did. Yet you ignore the lackluster sales and reviews of some of the very titles you used as “strong” examples of what the xbox had to offer, injecting a lame excuse of lack of console sales by comparison…all the while trying to claim the xbox is selling ok. So is it selling ok, or is it lacking in sales? You can’t have it both ways…you’re trying to claim it’s doing fine in sales then using the excuse of tepid sales when the games themselves don’t sell. Not good enough, not by a long shot.

            But I digress. If you let your fanboy confusion settle you will see that 2 things are correct:

            1 If you’re mentioning the xbox and Wiiu in the same sentence, that should indicate something rather obvious
            2 Sony has more games than Microsoft. Always has. So their remasters are games people love, and want more of. Microsoft simply does not have nearly as many of those, hence fewer opportunities for them to cash in on the nostalgia. Not that they didn’t try…Master Chief Collection, Rare Replay, they even tried to bring Phantom Dust out of mothballs, along with some others, all to small levels of success or enthusiasm for gamers of their platform, which is why you probably won’t see many more of these such attempts from Microsoft. Not to mention Microsoft has been very eager to have the 3rd party remasters appear on their platform, right alongside the ps4 versions of the same 3rd party remasters. You’re giving Microsoft credit where they deserve none. They simply don’t have the back-catalog of hits Sony has, and just as like the past, they aren’t producing as many quality games today that will be the remasters in the future. Hardly worth trumpeting that point.

          • Funny you mention confusion. If you read my first comment you will see that while I mentioned console sales, it was you who actually brought up “reviews”. Where you are also confused is the difference between games selling poorly and consoles selling poorly. Not the same thing. Last Guardian selling poorly had no reflection on the PS4 sales. The same is true for Xbox One. Obviously Sony has a bigger catalogue as they have been around for longer and I didn’t say that Microsoft didn’t dip their feet in the remaster pool. They weren’t cash grabbing like Sony does though. The PS4 didn’t need God of War 3, Last of Us and Beyond 2 Souls so soon after their initial release on PS3. Also btw, Rare Replay is not a remaster since all the games were in their original form with no real graphical enhancements. A collection if you will. Another thing you are confused about. MCC (despite its issues) is the best remaster money can buy in terms of value. If only I could say the same of the Uncharted collection with missing multiplayer. The Wiiu is a great console which is criminally overlooked and if is compared to the Xbox One to it then the Xbox One is in good company. PS4 only wishes it had as many 90% plus games the Wiiu has (ask Metacritic)

          • “Cash grabbing” = must mean the remasters are selling well. Microsoft wishes they could say the same. So the developers win, AND the gamers are getting what they want? You sound a bit salty, and for no reason.

            MCC “despite it’s issues”…. you mean broken as f#%#, even now?? Years later? With the studio offering this to gamers… hell, we might still fix it in January 2017, why not? Wow.


            Yeah, quit now. You’re just digging the hole deeper.

          • Of course remasters will sell because that’s all Sony could offer their customers when most of their AAA exclusives are announced 100 years in advance (Final Fantasy vii, Shenmue 3, God of War, etc.) or gets delayed multiple times ( Horizon Zero Dawn, DriveClub, GT Sport, No Man’s Sky, Last Guardian).

            MCC might still not work like it should but then again it is the most ambitious remaster to date. Cramming the multiplayer suites of 4 different games into 1 package has never been done before and is an incredible feat. What does Sony do? Hey, let’s just take out the Uncharted collection multiplayer altogether. Maybe our fans won’t notice.

            If anybody is salty here it’s you. Why defend Sony so strongly? Neither of us have an invested interest in these companies, we just play their games. After all this you still have not addressed the incorrect facts mentioned in this article. Instead you turned it into a fanboy war that you can find on any forum and site out there.

          • I don’t have to “defend” anything….the records speak for themselves. You know what else speaks for itself? This….


            You say “Sony exclusives announced 100 years in advance… I say 1. not the majority of them, and 2. at least they produce them, and they are usually well received by critics and the community, many winning goty awards and accolades. I don’t recall too many Microsoft exclusives winning goty honors. Microsoft is canceling more games than they are releasing as of late.

            And, if you have the time, the kind of funny guys, particularly Colin, sums up succinctly just what is wrong with Microsoft at the moment….


          • So you reference another PS4 centric opinion piece from a site I’ve never even heard of (seriously, read the comments. That article was not popular) and a YouTube video from the Kinda Funny guys? Seriously? As much as I love them they are known and are unashamedly Sony fanboys. Colin even says that Tales of Graces was an Xbox 360 exclusive (it’s not . He’s confusing it with Tales of Vesperia) and can’t even remember the name of Eternal Sonata (which also came to PS3 later) so forgive me if I take anything they say with a pinch of salt. Once again, that was another opinion piece. Like I said, you going way off the point here.

          • Riigghhhttt…so you expect others to listen and consider YOUR opinion, but have a problem with opinions other than your own. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

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