Five Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch, To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s next console has been all the rave the past couple days.  Pre-orders are selling out, videos are being released, gameplay shown – and even the list of games that can be expected.  So should you jump on the crazy train and get the Switch?  Here are 5 reasons why


Want to play at home on your TV? Check.  Want to play on the goal via a tablet feature?  Check.  The compatibility and versatility of the console is there.  You have the docking station for at home play and then the ability to move controllers to the sides of the tablet and take it on the go.  One incredibly neat feature is the power cord – it has the ability to plug into the docking base to charge the console, but also directly into the tablet option so that you can charge while you are gaming on the go.  You have Wi-Fi so the ability to play both online and offline as long as you can connect.  Storage is both internal as well as expandable with any Micro card.  Being able to simply undock and continue to play is a huge sell, giving the gamer the option to play wherever and whenever.


The Wii Revisited

Remember how, if you had a Wii – everyone played Wii Sports.  Friends said they were the best at bowling, brothers and sisters said they dueled swords the best.  Nintendo Switch is coming with a slew of party games such as 1, 2 Switch.  So friends and family will be able to play competitive games, try for new high scores, setting records and general trash talk all over again.  Parties will be livened up again in the same manner Wii had.  While it is fun to play some games with friends via One and PS4 – it is just something that isn’t advertised.  The ease of play and content that Nintendo offers allows it to move to the forefront for party style games.


Region Free

It was announced that for more global interaction – Switch will have no region restrictions both on hardware and games.  That frees up a lot of intercountry sharing and doesn’t restrict based on where you live.  Your country have restrictions on a game?  Buy the North American version.  Want that Japanese only RPG?  As long as you can find a way to buy it and ship it – you can play it.  This is a bold move and we will have to see how it pans out, but many fans are happy of this new feature.


Nintendo has been utilizing the App world we live in, and in league with that are numerous app interaction with Switch.  Easy ones such as Parental Controls, with in-depth interaction with the console – such as restricting the amount of time played and even remote shut down of the console if needed.  Chat functionality will also be app based, and on your phone – so independent stable servers can be used for Chat instead of a central core like Sony or Microsoft. I’m sure there will be new and other ideas released in the coming months.

Game Selection

Nintendo fans, heck gamer fans, have been playing for quite a while.  The aging gamers have played many games that Nintendo pioneered the industry like Mario.  So what does Switch offer?  New games from that generation, Mario, Zelda etc. but also HD versions of other games that occupy current One and PS4 libraries.  Games like FIFA, and even Elder Scrolls Skyrim are going to be available– as well as developers like EA and Ubisoft recreating their titles for the Switch.  Essentially there wouldn’t be a need for multiple consoles and still be able to play your old favorites in new and glorious ways.

Switch will be coming this April.  Are you excited to get your hands on the new console?  Have you made your pre-order or will you be waiting for the hype to die down and the library to increase before making the investment.  Will you be keeping your current consoles and continue to use them, or change exclusively over to Switch.  Make your comments below.  And as always follow ThisGenGaming on Twitter @TGGamingReviews for all the news, reviews and commentaries in the gaming industry.

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  1. This has to be five of the DUMBEST reasons concerning this matter.

    You can kiss my ass with reason number 2. People are OVER the CHEAP party games of the Wii era.

    What an idiot lol.

  2. After all the Nintendo lies about supporting Wii U owners until they are satisfied and then pulling this?
    Switch can rot on shelves.

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