Resident Evil 7 Review Embargo Date Revealed

Our review is LIVE! Check it out here. 

Resident Evil 7 is very close to release now, and as you can expect, reviews are incoming soon too. Impressions from early gamers have been mostly positive, and on that note make sure to be careful around forums and comments sections as major Resident Evil 7 spoilers are out there, including the ending, so be aware. Obviously we will not be posting any spoiler content on ThisGenGaming.

As for the embargo you can expect to see reviews from various sites popping up from Monday, January 23rd. As for times you can find them below for your timezone.

  • 2PM GMT (UK)
  • 9AM EST
  • 6AM PST

Are you excited for the release of Resident Evil 7? What do you think the reviews will say when they go live next week? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. It got 9999 in Famitsu u dumbasses

  2. Review embargos should be illegal. If a developer can release a game that’s broken as shit then these companies should be able to review a game whenever they want. That or the rules regarding open media need to change where you can get a full refund no questions asked if a game is buggy or in need of a patch that isn’t available at launch.

    • So….. You want to buy something before it’s released, when you know nothing about it, and then demand a refund? How about you just wait 24 hours…. or 12…. or even 5?

      • No, what I’m saying is if a game for example releases on Friday and I buy it Friday and its riddled with glitches and issues I should be able to go back Friday and get a full refund. Why should I need to wait a week or two weeks for the developer to fix it? Using the argument that I could just wait to see how it is is stupid. The developer should actually product test the game and not release it if they’re having these issues.

        • He’s not arguing that you should wait for the dev to patch the game. He’s arguing that you shouldn’t preorder games. You should wait for it to come out and read the reviews.

          • Okay explain Master Chief Collection then. Waited for reviews and it got a 9.0 yet to this day it’s still broken. Why didn’t I get an option for a refund? Reviews mean nothing when it comes to broken features, game breaking bugs etc.

  3. Save your money. RE7 sucks, only one story campaign and nothing else. No other modes in the game what so ever. No mercs, no raid, no nothing. Just the main story and that it. You can finish it in 8 hours.

    • You do realize most people are fine with that? Games don’t need multiplayer and various modes to be considered good.

      • this game only has just ONE mode which is the story. NOTHING else. Is not worth 60 bucks.

        • Glad I paid $30 on 2 weeks ago.

        • Yeah. I get that, and like I said most people that are buying RE games don’t care. It’s not exactly a series that’s lauded for excellent multiplayer. I’d never play it on this game anyway, as if I wanted a multiplayer experience I’d play a game that was developed with that in mind, not something tacked on last minute to check a box.

          Straight single player games are fine as long as the campaign is good which seems to mostly be the case for this game. Also, the value argument is completely subjective. I’m sorry you don’t think it’s worth it, lots of other people will.

    • First of all : DLC. Welcome to modern AAA gaming 🙁
      Second of all : Of all the games I have ever owned, I have not played once any extra modes. Who needs an half-baked mode that’s only about shooting your way through?

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