Why Mass Effect Andromeda Is Going To Be A Great Start To A New Trilogy

Mass Effect Andromeda is about to release in March yet its almost mysterious as to what is to be expected from the blockbuster title. With more questions surrounding the title than answers, this sets up the start for a great new trilogy. One aspect in Andromeda that makes it a great start to a new trilogy is its setting in a new galaxy. This allows the player to disregard any decision made in Mass Effect 3. It gives all players more freedom to begin from scratch, to build up a new storyline, and allows for potential to build even more on the series for future follow up titles.

The series is also beginning fresh with a new protagonist, Ryder, instead of continuing with Captain Shepard. As Ryder, you begin from the bottom and work your up, from colonist to intergalactic savior. This is different from the previous mass effect story line in that Captain Shepard was already well established as a hero. It also takes place in entirely different galaxy, hundreds of years after the events of Mass Effect 3.

The gameplay characteristics are also a fresh start from the previous games. Players will no longer pick an assigned class for their character. Instead, the player is given the freedom to build the character to their liking, assigning skills as they wish. This newfound freedom in the game is definitely a fresh take from the previous titles.

This enables you to get the best of both worlds; you can build a character with the combination of skill sets from both Soldier and Engineer, or Infiltrator and Sentinel. The possibilities are endless. The struggle of committing to a class and spending the first 45 minutes trying to decide is over.

Little is about the details of Andromeda’s multiplayer. The cool thing about Andromeda is that its multiplayer and single-player are designed to line up together through a “Strike-Team” system that was used in previous titles. While playing through single player campaign, the player can also access the multiplayer. Unlike previous Mass Effects, players will not have to back out and go to a multiplayer screen.

The narratives of both the single and multiplayer are designed to coincide with each other create an almost seamless experience by taking place on an in game planet called Helios. Though it is not necessary for players to play the multiplayer to experience the story line. Players can still experience multiplayer story line that connects to single player campaign without setting foot in multiplayer. Not many games attempt to line up their multiplayer with their campaign. This is a very interesting approach to its multiplayer that seems promising.

Also, the title itself suggests that it may be the beginning of a trilogy. Instead of it being named Mass Effect 4, its called Andromeda. It’s discontinuing the previous story line from the last three games, leaving room for development of more titles if the writers wanted to. I know I know there is denial of Andromeda being a trilogy to begin with. But until we all play the game how do we know it’s for certain?

Remember Bungie said Halo 3 was the last Halo game? We played it, saw the ending. Definitely wasn’t the last game. Master Chief in cryo-sleep on a ship left a cliffhanger for us to nibble on and look at how many Halo titles have been churned out since. Yeah I know Bungie handed the series over to 343 Industries but still. The fact is we don’t know for sure if the possibility of a trilogy can be ruled out until we all play the game to the end for ourselves.

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